The Immutability of Truth resides in the body of Christ and what happened on the Cross. To many people have no understanding of the Crucifixion of Christ and the physiology of death.  I have to count myself amongst those who never understood the finality of the Cross.  Most of us have watched other people die our loved ones, others around us that filled our world.  Oh, we cry at the loss of a loved one that is close to us it pulls at our heart and we grieve in our own way.  Empathy exists within us and then like everything else empathy fades back into the Spirit of Darkness that covers our face.

The physiology of death is easy to understand it is all common sense.  Death comes across you, the members of your body, everything starts to die off, little by little, your organs, your limbs, your mind then the last member to die is your lungs.  The lungs supply all your members of your body with oxygen and expel carbon dioxide.  If you cannot expel carbon dioxide then the members of your body all suffocate to death.  The last thing to die regardless of other contributing factors is your heart. the first thing to be born in the womb and the last thing to die outside the womb in a world of death.

I’m facing my own death at the present time it has a way of clearing your eyes to the world that you created since I opened my eyes up to the world.  I searched for the Truth all my life and rested my faith always in Christ.  Down through the years I could never really see him.  I went through the platitudes like everyone else. I did everything you wore supposed to do to appear Christ like.  Threw out scriptures to those around me and proclaimed the Word to whoever I came in contact with.  I did all this with the full assurances of the altars that my salvation was assured.  That my faith was tested in an unseen God.   They never defined the Truth of the Cross or the physiology of the Crucifixion of Christ as.

I’m that thief on the Cross, my whole life was one of being blinded to the truth by life from those that I came in contact with and the altars that preached their concept of Christ.  Like everyone I thought I was going to cheat death unfortunately that is far from the Truth.  The altars are good of deceiving you of the physiology of death that covers your soul and spirit across your face.

Like you I was taught to lie, to cover up my wounds suffered at the hands of others that came out of the darkness. My death is glorious in the fact that it allows me to witness the death of Christ to you in hopes that it will enlighten you to the spiritual ramifications of lies that wrap around the members of your body like a python.

When you are crucified nailed on the Cross.  It will take days for you to die.  The members of your body start falling from the lack of oxygen this is due to the fact as your strength is ebbing.  Your body becomes limp and it starts to press against your lungs.  This is beginning of suffocation and your heart starts to beat faster to compensate the pains of death.  You’re in an out of consciousness, oxygen in your blood ebbs and flows to your brain.  It is during this time with the loss of oxygen to my brain that I go into a semi-conscious state.  I can hear the voices around me but I cannot respond to anybody until the oxygen flows back and I regain my senses.  This goes on every day until one day in the coming future my will to live will give up my heart.  My eyes will close forever to those around me.  This how Christ was dying, this is how I’m dying, this is how you die every day layered with lies from the hands of men that took away your clothes and desensitized your nakedness to the truth, the sons and the help meets of Christ.

We became slaves to the lust of men and to the men stealers of the altars. We sit on a lonely bench with the specter of death behind us and our life is bleeding out on the ground congealing around our feet.  Mixing with the blood of others this has been my whole life and yours.  You could lie to me to cover up your nakedness, but you cannot hide the pain in your spirit.  I know I hide my pain that men had caused upon me for years.

Then the Roman Centurion took a spear and plunged it into the heart of Christ.  As it is written His blood flowed out like water.  Blood is the spirit of life that only the Creator gives you in the womb, your heart.  This is the nucleus of the Cross and Resurrection the mercy to take our pain away for eternity in a twinkling of an eye.

I was like you at a young age going around telling people I was a born-again Christian not forsaking the assembly of others with like beliefs.  You will walk around proclaiming the miracles in your life to others all your doing is making yourself feel good just putting a band aid on the problem. Man’s gods has always been about making you feel good.  I know when you are alone, and the noise of life has gone silent that is when the images of men swirl around in the darkness of your soul and spirit.  All you are doing is masking the problem and you sit with others throughout the day that are masking their wounds.  Then you assemble at the altars with others that are wounded as you are never hearing the Truth of the Cross. Then you hear that if you backslide that is ok, you just need more faith.  Faith is not a tangible object, but the nucleus of faith is revealed through my accounts of my death conjoined with the death of Christ as witness by others.  Where there are two there is the Father.  Take the two accounts of the Cross and Resurrection and transfigure it in the spirit and embed it into your heart and soul.  This is the two witnesses in your life the second coming of Christ the first was revealed in the second verse of Genesis one.  The next time Christ comes it will be for judgement against the altars that carried His name in vain and made money off your wounds making you feel good, these are the money changers.  You give them your money and they tell you for 20yrs or better that they dug a well in Africa or wherever.  Then they sit in multi-million-dollar homes and build their kingdoms off the stripes and wounds that cover your body.  You lay in bed crying and sleep evades you.

It is a fact of life that you have to cross the desert with your wounds until as a general rule of thumb, 40 yrs. old, you come to grips with your mortality.  This is halfway through your life, three and a half days from your creation.  You have heard of wars and the rumours of war in your soul for half your life.  All things must come to pass but the end is not yet.  There are three and a half days left in your life.   You are at the epicenter of the Alpha and the Omega the nucleus of the Cross your heart.

Very few of you will ever understand the nucleus of the Cross because you mimic the words of the altars. The miracles faded away after the Roman Centurion plunged the spear into your heart.  A few of you will understand the Cross and in a twinkling of an eye it will come to you what the Resurrection means and what it means to be reborn.  A third of you will never see the Alpha and the Omega the epicenter of God, your heart.  I will cry for y, all as will Christ, death has its own finality and you will suffocate to death the rest of your life and you will take others with you.  That is a given.