The Triad of Darkness

The Roman Empire spawned two children from the Hariot of Rome a pair of twins born into slavery, Christianity and the Muslims the pair of eights the rank of spades this makes up the Dead Man’s Hand.  The pair of Aces, the Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic Church simple as that.  Fear of the Lord is knowledge of Christ, but it is rooted common sense.  Christ talked to the common man not the kings of the Church. The common man me and you that is how you overcome death.  Daniel wrote that as knowledge increases the end is near.  I took me a long time to figure out what he meant.  What Daniel was saying, like going to college, the more knowledge you gain from the teachings of man, the further you get away from common sense.  The stronger man’s teachings becomes it wraps around your soul and spirit like a python.  A python kills its prey by wrapping its body around the weak like your soul and spirit and constricting it to death.  The victim suffocates to death no different than being crucified.

Your life is measured in seven days of your creation you have already used up three and a half days, spent in darkness and you have now arrived at the division between darkness and light.  The land between the Old and New Testament this is your time of Crucifixion.  Do you believe in Christ or do you not believe in Christ?  You have spent a day and a half wandering around the darkness of the desert that seared your conscience to the bone.  You have one decision with two outcomes spend the last three and a half days suffocating to death or spend it in Paradise.

The mother of the Roman Empire is the Vatican they maneuvered politically to take over the Pontius Maximus the collage priests the Rex Sacrorum the kingship of religious life. Then they massacred one scripture Matt.18:18 to create a Christian religious church to control their beliefs, the definition between Petra and rock. Citing that Petra was mentioned a hundred and fifty times in the New Testament.  Pick up a Strong’s Concordance and count how many times the Word Rock, rock is used in the Old Testament. They built their church on the Imperialistic policies of the Roman Empire expansion through slavery to follow Christ.

The only good thing that came out of the Reformation was the King James Bible the only thing I would recommend and a good dictionary.  You have to remember that the Reformers broke away from the Vatican in the 1600 hundreds or so. They did not like the indulgencies of the church the pope’s.  They were no different then the Vatican or the Roman Empire. They wanted control of your wealth and control of your life.  They created a Vicar the father of everybody and the Holy Mother of the gods, the Virgin Mary.  Then they created 10,000 saints to give you a sense of spirituality.  There is no spirituality in man it is nothing more than darkness the body of Man. The Dead Man’s Hand the yoke of Rome.  Then the Protestants walk around all high and mighty and cover your eyes to the glory of Christ.

The Roman Catholic Church made it law around the late 1600’s that a 10 percent was to be given to the indulge their immorality.  The Reformist went along with it, the Baptist and the list goes on forever.  If you are having trouble in your life it is because you do not believe. They want your money they do not care about you.

The Roman Catholic Church made tithing a law somewhere around 1682 that is Old Testament law and you will die by the law because your sins are on the books.  Nowhere in history did Christ ever tell you to confess to a man.  You confess to Christ not to man. After the Catholic church made the ten percent law the nation states of Europe incorporated the same tax the poor. No where in the New Testament that it tells you to give a tenth.  The precepts that flow from the Old Testament to the New Testament is about giving with a cheerful heart, but it does tell to not to burden yourself for others.  Christ never asked for money, He never asked for a room at the Hilton.  He stayed with whoever gave Him shelter. He rode into Jerusalem on the back of a barrowed donkey.

You can believe in the Roman Catholic Church or the smaller siblings the Baptist, the Mormons or whoever they all lied to you. For them Christ is a joke they want to maintain their lifestyle to excerpt their control over the world.

When it says to preach the gospel around the world that is a hypallage statement it is the world that you live in and the people that you come around, nothing more or less. You save the people around you that is your control your God, Country and your Family.

This is the Omega of your life, you were born and then you die. The Alpha of Christ lives for eternity through you and your children.  The Alpha and the Omega body of man dies in the end there is no paradise but headache and despair. I accept Christ as who He was just a prophet from Nazareth that had a divine mission the redemption of mankind. Remember He showed you his hands from the crcxification.