The Yoke of Rome

I spent years looking for Christ in the crowd and finally found Him.   The problems we are having in America specifically is a  direct result of the Imperialistic Policies of the Roman Empire, who created slavery ,that has its roots in Mesopotamia.

In the first century the Roman Catholic Church wrestled control, through political maneuvering to gain control of the pontifical college in Rome and claim the title Pontius Maximus, or Rex Secorum which means king.  They created a church by manipulating the scriptures as simple as that.  They are the Whore of Babylon that Paul is talking about, the Popes fed the poor that they wore the only church based on the interpretation of two words.  Mat.16: 18,That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church;

Peter in the Greek is masculine gender for rock, Christ acknowledged Peter when Christ in the previous verse asked him and the disciples that were present, Who am I and Peter answered Christ.  Then Christ told Peter that only the Father in heaven could have revealed that to him, i.e.Peter. Then Christ speaks upon this rock, female gender, I Christ will build my church.  This falls inline with the centrality of the Cross and the Resurrection, the New Jerusalem .  Jerusalem is built upon a granite rock.  Christ is building his church, the body of believers, on a granite rock.  The Truth is a hypallage of the word rock.

The popes bolstered their claim to fame by stating that Peter was referenced a 151 times in the Bible more than any other disciple. If you look at that scripture Peter out of all the disciples acknowledged Christ simple as that, at that particular time and point in his life.  You have to remember the people of the times did not know how to read.  We all relied on the priesthood for interpretation of religious matters.

The Vatican took the stance of Imperial expansion, from the Roman Empire, into the world and subjected everyone to yoke of slavery to the walls of the Vatican, the smallest city state in the world that owns the most people  put into slavery for over 2000 yrs.  MY eyes opened to the truth a long time ago.  The altars of America are still under the yoke of the Holy Roman Empire.  The only thing good that came out of the Reformation was the King James Bible for all to read this is why I endorse it .  This is the closest translations to the Greek language that comes from the Hebrew language.  It is your choice to remain blinded to the truth that is on you.  Me I see the glory of Christ.  The fruits of the Spirit of Rome are manifesting itself everyday in America.  America is dying because the yoke of slavery on the necks of the children they are seeking the paradise of man and not the Paradise of the Cross, “This day you will be in Paradise.  This is the Paradise of Christ not man made by the Whore of Babylon, the Holy Roman Empire.

This is part of a diary from, General Miller, called In the service of the Republic of Peru written sometime around early 1829.  He was a General representing the kings of Spain.  This is just a portion of what he wrote, he was concerned about the treatment of the Negroes and the Indian populations in Peru.  Negroes were not indigenous people of the America’s.  So where did Spain get them?  Under whose authority the kings or Rome or both?


well-constructed code fixed the fate of these coun-
tries. Just and salutary laws, founded on natural
right s, the essential basis of all legislation^were com-
piled or enacted expressly for the future government
of America: but the character of paternal solicitude,
and kingly interference, which they subsequently
assumed, either for the suppression of offences, or
the prevention of irregularities, in conjunction with
the gold which America produced, brought about an
entire change in the fortunes and institutions of un-
happy Spain.

” From that moment nothing was intrusted to
individual interests; the hand of government of-
ficiously interfered with the most simple and private
acts of domestic life ; and such was the indiscretion
of legislators, that laws were published regulating the
texture and dimensions of the dress of the people,
and the hour at which they were to return home in
the evening, or leave home in the morning. No one
was permitted to exercise his own will ; and the
riches which America furnished, by putting it into
the power of government to multiply its agents,
brought about a real and serious oppression. This
progressive increase of oppression and of oppressors
furnished the kings of Spain with the means of
destroying the moderate or representative mon-
archical government, which had raised the nation
to the summit of greatness and of power, and which
had gained for it the respect of the whole world.
Supported by the clergy, and by a few bold and
venal moralists, and more especially by the detestable


inquisition, they assumed the direction of public opi-
nion ; to themselves alone was it permitted to appeal
on political subjects; and these false principles being
on all occasions repeated and sanctioned by the
church, we receive them in our infancy with as much
reverence and respect as the sacred doctrines of the
consoling religion of- Jesus Christ, which we happily

Hopefully you can comprehend what he is telling you. Hopefully you can hear his words.


See a few of y’all in Zion.  The rest continue to worship the body of Man on the Cross left of Christ and you will never hear the horns of Jerusalem.