Question of the Day  involves two questions that will explain the divisions in America which affect the rest of the world.  I going to pose it today to all my followers on WordPress and those on Facebook.  I will repost this blog mid-week.
  1. What Empire, today’s date, June, 23, 2018 for the better part of three thousand years creates more slaves in the world than the combined total of all killings by murder or war combined?

  2. What Nation, today’s date, June, 23, 2018, for over three thousand years never had slaves?
The Empire and the Nation are still present today both exist both are real.  There will only be a remnant that will be able to answer both questions correctly.  The answers lie in Truth not in sleight of hand tricks.  I would not do that to you.
On a Micro-level, this concerns the divisions in society of America and the surrounding Nations , North America, Central America and South America.  The world I live in.
On a Macro-level, these two questions are applicable to the Nations of the World, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, China and Russia, India, Nepal, Pakistan to any country not listed.  The world you live in.  I would love to hear from the people of Palestine and Israel.
Do not answer back unless you know the answer to both questions and then I would like to see your comments to justify your assertions.
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I leave the doormat out for President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence , the Black leadership that complains over about two generations of slavery here in America and to the altars of America.  To the atheist, to the gun running children of Parkland, to the elite of HollyWood, to the theological colleges and secular colleges.
All comments at my discretion will be collated and put in a book, chapter 7 only to highlight the remnant of people who will know the answer to both questions and their reasonings. Don,t answer back if you only have one answer, I will not respond.
I will repost this blog mid-week and on Friday I will give the answers to both questions.

Love to see your comments.


See y’all in Zion the gates of Truth.