Ignorance is Euphoric

           Ignorance is Euphoric ,

like cancer it spreads throughout the body and kills off the other members.  You spend time looking at one issue instead of exploring the totality of the situation for a cure.  In order to fight any disease with truth you have to understand the underlying causes of the illness and then create an immutable cure.  Everything in life, everything, in life in the world you were born in takes on two paths it is born in truth then it has to morph into darkness the day of reckoning.  It can be measured in unit of time, seven days.  From the birth of you, the birth of molecules, diseases to truth it all morphs into another form with the ending result being death.  This is an immutable truth one cannot escape like the series Star Trek always began with the following statement, “Space the final frontier”. Death the final frontier we change course or continue our trajectory into oblivion the euphoric body of ignorance.

America was born in the womb sanctified by Christ, birthed into truth and in 3.5 days morphed into the darkness of ignorance. There is only 3.5 days left to relight candlestick in the darkness, America is in right now, 84 hours left not much time to change the outcome of ignorance, death, of America.  To understand what happened after the birth of America we have to look at the first two days of her birth. The Genesis of Creation.  How did the children become ignorant to the truth after just 48 hrs., 2 days?

It is truth that America was born, a Republic, patterned after the Republican form of government of the Roman Empire. That is only a part of the truth.  A half truth does not make an immutable truth something the altars of America do every Sunday.  They are into social engineering, of Christ, to accommodate their lies, to produce a euphoric drunkenness of Salvation.  Simple put to keep their attendance levels high in order to maintain their opulence living at the expense of the poor. So, the offspring can adapt to the changing fabric of America as they fit her with new linens.

To understand the Alpha of a Republican form of government you have travel a couple of hundred thousand years and arrive in the lands of ancient Mesopotamia the year is 2234 BC.  Let me introduce to a chap, his name is Sargon the Great and his Akkadian Empire.  The birth of Americas spirit in 1776.  Just for a sidebar concerning the slave issue today pay attention.  Sargon was of the Arab descendants out of Africa it you are into that narrative.  The point being Sargon the Great did not make you slaves, but the Holy Roman Empire did so quite blaming the spirit of America. Understand history and the truth becomes like the Resurrected body of Christ, you can see it, but you cannot touch it.  Anyway 7 days of truth the birth of the Republic.  Sargon the Great was the first known Empire in the known world that combined multinationals into one cohesive empire.  He created a set of Laws that are still in use to this day.  The greatest one is that all men are equal, that in itself did not come from the Holy Roman Empire.  Everyone had the same rights as Sargon the Great, the only difference between his government and Christ and America was the worship of gods.  We worship one God not multinationals.

We now board, the International Airport of Babylon destination the International Airport of Rome with connecting flights to the International Airport of America, baggage is limited travel lite,  the city of Rome, time is the early first century AD. It has been an 72 hour flight from the Empire of the Akkadian.  You land at the International Airport of Rome,  Julius Caesar has just declared himself, Pontius maximus, god, the supreme ruler over the fabrics of society that cover him and his Empire, slavery had 55 different occupations, we deplane and make our way to the food court we have a 2 hour layover with a connecting flight,  then a 10 hour flight to the International Airport of America.  Enroute to the food court we  the advertising on the marquis that line the hallways of the International Airport of Rome.  We read one that embellishes the sayings of Christ and others that advertise the Pontius Maximus and Julius Caesar, the Triad of Gods.  Just for clarity sake the ignorance of the truth was birthed under the umbrella of the Pontius Maximus and Julius Caesar, the Vicar, the father of the gods with the holy mother, also known as the Vestals. In the Word they are known as the menstealers.  Before I could finish eating my lunch they called us to board our flight.  Ten hours back to the International Airport of America who has on her forehead , ” Men are created Equal “.

I land finally back home and enter my sanctuary on whose forehead is written,” Men are created Equal”.  I don’t kneel to the gods and goddesses of Rome or to their kings.

Ignorance is Euphoric because it worships the gods of multinationals the Harlot of Rome that sits on 7 hills.

So the children go on a nationwide concert and shout, “The Resistance is Coming”, and the demons come in droves.  Meanwhile back at the ranch, HollyWood the animals are starting to get restless, snorting and bellowing out shrieks of pain they want out of their pens to dash across the plains of America.  Day and night you hear the gnashing of teeth and the butting of horns. Being fed by the ranchers that came from the International Airports of Europe with connecting flights to the Pontius Maximus and the Caesars the Vicars of Rome that starve you of the truth.

Me I kneel to Christ that built His church on the granite rock that Jerusalem sits on and not a man named Peter.  I do not allow the gods of multi-nationals past my door frame.

I have only 12 hours to live and Truth will live forever in me.  Ignorance has only 6 hrs to live or die can’t wait to see the hand of the Lord in these matters.  One vessel is made to glory and one to dishonour.


See some of y’all in Zion in 3.5 days when you see and hear the rumors of war and the earthquakes you will know your time is near.  Me I will be gone in 12 hours where I go you can’t go, it is not your time.