Gods and Kings


Gods and Kings

Since the dawn of time man has always looked to the heavens in search of a god that controlled their lives.  To give them meaning and purpose to control their social, moral and economic aspects of their every day lives.  Life in any context is a harsh environment that ways down the spirit within a person.  God created, in the first verse of Genesis, gives us a singularity and a purpose and a path, a role for the man and women to follow all the days of their lives.  There is one God of Creation which is evident because the word God is singular in this first verse.  It does not matter to me who wrote the book of Genesis it provided hope and clarity for the events that affect my everyday life.

When man came into consciousness he created gods and goddesses to absolve his responsibilities as a parental figure.  This was the birth of the Dead Man’s Hand, if man makes a bad decision and it turned out bad, socially, morally or economically it was easier to say those negative events happened man pushes it off to a created god.  You can see the same phenomena in modern day societies if a tragic event happens.  You hear the same rhetoric, nobody knows why god let those things happen it is not for us to know but to accept. This comes from the altars that are supposed to make sense out of the harshness of life around us.  We fall into the same trap that has been played out for thousands of years.  We look to the altar as if that man is closer to god then we will ever be.  Spirituality is a made-up word to make us think our own salvation is lacking in faith and we become blinded to the truth.

Faith in God forms our worlds from things which appear and not from things which do not appear.  Spirituality has no form, shape or mass it floats around on the teachings from the altars of men that are controlling your destiny through the colorful clothing they wear they look very authoritive and we are blinded and crippled by that perception.  This goes on everyday around the world.  Paul warned the Christians about the idea that one person was more spiritual then the next person.  If God sanctified us in the womb then common sense would tell me that none of us our more spiritual, then the next man.  Spirituality then has to fall by its own logic it does not appear it has no faith from things that are created.

When man first appeared, it was constructed around the family unit very close knit.  Parental in nature, the man had the onus have making sure the needs of the family structure was met on a daily basis.  You can still see this dynamic in play with the lost tribes of the Amazon.  Small family units all banded together for survival of their children and their race.  This plays on a micro level, as time went by and the population grew then they elected kings and goddesses and placed them in the hands of one man.  Controlling the social, political and economic affairs to facilitate the daily needs of the community on a macro level.

Once man realized his power in governing, over the populace, in order to make himself look good at all times in the eyes to the people, he created and ark of Good an Evil from gods that do not appear.  Everybody has an innate instinct that there is a god the problem lies in the fact if we cannot see a god we manufacture a god.  So, one day man created hundreds of gods and goddesses he created out of rock that have no redemptive purpose but served as an image to the poor to control their every step.  Images are just as powerful as words and actions in the eyes of the poor.  They went so far as to wash the statues on a weekly basis and if the nation was in danger they would remove the statues to a safe place until the danger passed by.  This bolstered the personification of the piece of rock and gave it a lifelike image.  You can see the proliferation of gods and goddesses created by the ancient kingdoms of the Greeks, Egyptians to the Roman Empire.  They all built the Ark of Man, to placate the poor, to their concept of gods and goddesses in the heavens. The Alpha the Ark of Man, Dead Man’s Hand, had its beginnings long before Genesis was written.

Man has an Alpha and a Omega a beginning and an end and one day in the night like a thief it will overcome him and he will die for eternity. It is in God’s redemptive mercy during the seventh day , the four hundred years of darkness between the Old Testament and the New Testament that man has the chance to drop his Ark and pick up the Ark of the Covenant by understanding the Cross and the Resurrection.  The time to choose between the two thieves.  Two paths to follow one is Christ and the other is Lucifer both are eternal.

Christ in His humanity had two divisions, a soul and a spirit just like me and you, plus he had a body which everyone saw after He resurrected from the dead by over five hundred witnesses. The soul is your mind and the spirit is your heart without the heart the body dies. Your brain is divided into two parts the left side is the analytical side, logic, the Judgement side the right side coordinates the activities of the left side of your soul.  The left side of the Christ body is the Judgment side of Christ the area that man dwells in, hence the Ark of Man, whereas the left-side is the Woman the Grace, Mercy of the Creator. His love for all children even the most harden woman will still love her children unless she has been turned into an animal by men.

She is the messenger from the Creator, the cherubim that attends to affairs of the Lord: His children, the witness to the power of the Creator the King of Kings our Lord. The other witness is Christ that appears in the first three verses of the Genesis.  So when you opened your eyes to the world around you, you either made the choice to become one in spirit or to uncover her nakedness children that surrounded you within your eyesight. You destroy the help meet of the Lord there is an awful price to pay.

The divisions of the body are outlined in Hebrews and throughout the scriptures;

For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

Here you have the division of the body of Christ. The soul (mind) belongs to the realm of the man and the love and mercy of Christ belongs to the Woman (help-meet). In a family unit the man and the woman are to be joined together in spirit to protect their children who belong to the Creator.  With the two witnesses, Christ and the angel,the help meet, the Woman.

However, the Ark of Man has only one body, one soul, one spirit which Paul outlined it in Revelation.  This is going to be the eternal Judgement of man if he disregards the Truth about the Cross and the Resurrection.  This is the Whore of Babylon and it two has two paths. One from the times of ancient Mesopotamia to the Imperial Roman Empire the Caesars of all kings. Tis whole discord I am writing about hinges on one scripture and one comma and one word.  If you do understand this, you will be lost forever.  The scripture is Matt.16-18:

And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

From this scripture including the reformers that left the Roman Catholic church in the fifth teen hundreds or so they never got you past this one scripture. Thou art Peter, comma pause, conjunction, and, then Christ speaks again, upon this rock I will build my church. If you cannot get past the comma, pause and rock lower case you will forever be blinded to the Glory and Resurrection of Christ.  Christ never tells Peter he is the church much less the Reformers of the fifth teen hundreds.  This nothing more than a power grab to gain your wealth under the banner of Christ.  Redistribution of wealth into the coffers of the Harlot of Babylon.

We will look at the body of the Whore of Babylon and the blood of the saints she spilled over one comma, one conjunction and the word rock.  Jerusalem for the sake of argument rest on a rock of granite the placement of the New Jerusalem when Christ comes back.  It is simple as that it is not rocket science20180513_143857.jpg

See ya in Zion I hope, one comma, one conjunction and one word rock is all that keeps you from seeing the Glory of Christ it is simple as that.