American Walking Dead–Dead Man’s Hand


Morning to the children of the world another great day watching the mindless children scurry around like rats.  This is going to be like the Tower of Babel, everyone had their own language but only a few spoke the Word of God. Thats the confusion of languages around the world.

And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death.

These are the people that lie in their tombs dead that refuse the Truth and will suffocate to death for eternity.  Let’s see who is in their caskets today;


Samantha Bee returned to Full Frontal on Wednesday and issued an angry apology for her controversial remarks regarding White House senior advisor Ivanka Trump, saying “it is a word I have used on the show many times hoping to reclaim it.”

BS apology she used the word several times, just trying to save her show, crocodile tears. Fake, Fake,Fake.


Kathy Griffin Defends Calling First Daughter ‘C*nt’: ‘I’m Putting TBS on Notice’

These are the faces that lie in their graves their sins show in their faces.  Take a sip of coffee and see what else I can find.

Teen Reality TV Star Jazz Jennings Celebrates Sex Change: ‘I’m Going to Have a Vagina’

My Father creates life, Man creates death, something to think about.



Sporting a sparkling blue off the shoulder Pyer Moss jumpsuit, Rae’s black belt served as an eye-catching contrast. But more noticeable was the slogan emblazoned onto the belt. “Every nigga is a star,” it said in white script letters.

They say she was insecure. I think it is full of bologna.  This should offend every child around the world.


The Nation Endorses Cynthia Nixon: The ‘Progressive Champion’ New York Deserves

The Nation has endorsed activist and former Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon, to be New York’s next governor. Citing her career as an “advocate” for “workers and citizens,” the liberal magazine described Nixon as “a proven fighter not just for education, but for marriage equality and women’s rights.”

New York was the same state that took prayer out of school in 1962.


Bill Clinton to Colbert on Lewinsky Remarks: ‘I Was Mad at Me’

Tuesday on CBS’s “The Late Show,” former President Bill Clinton once again backtracked on an earlier appearance on NBC’s “Today,” in which he appeared to some to say he didn’t owe former White House intern Monica Lewinsky an apology for inappropriate

This is the same President that legalized Oral sex in the White House and destroyed a young girls life forever. Yet the walking dead pay to hear his garbage.


Jim Carrey Rips Trump’s Immigration Policies: ‘We’re Worse than Animals’

Actor Jim Carrey ripped President Donald Trump’s immigration policy in a politically charged painting posted to Twitter on Tuesday, describing the behavior of government agencies as “worse than animals.”

A washed up actor who can,t sell a movie now he is looking for attention.  Simple as that.

The image, from photographer Tyler Shields, ignited a firestorm of controversy when it was first published online by TMZ in May. (Tyler Shields/TMZ)

West Hollywood to Honor Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin will be honored Tuesday by West Hollywood for raising more than $5 million for HIV/AIDS services and LGBTQ causes

Another washed up actress that promotes death.  Funeral homes are going to fill up fast.  That is a severed head of President Trump, by the way she apologized for that after she lost her gig.  Good picture of a Dead Man’s Hand.


Seth MacFarlane Compares Not Baking Gay Wedding Cake to Discriminating Against Black People

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane and A-List director-producer Judd Apatow reacted with outrage at Monday’s Supreme Court ruling in favor of Christian bakers in Colorado who refused to decorate a cake with gay wedding motifs on the basis of their religion

If you ask me McDoodle should talk to Issa Rae why she called every black children in the world, stupid.  Makes a hard case for discriminating.

Lets see what happened in Texas with the illegal immigrants that the Demo party embraces;

Rigoberto Caballero Escobar mugshot - Harris County Jail

Police in Houston, Texas, released video that shows the lead-up to a man allegedly running over his ex-girlfriend three times, leaving her dead in the street. Officers say the man, a previously deported Salvadoran illegal immigrant, also ran over three men who were standing near her at the time.

You children over there in Parkland, I think you should ban cars instead of the 2nd Amendment.

Angel Rogelio Borunda Parra

Border Patrol Arrests Deported Prison Gang Member in El Paso-Juárez Metropolitan Area

Border Patrol agents arrested a Mexican gang member after he illegally re-entered the U.S. in the El Paso-Juárez Metropolitan Border Area. The Mexican national has a history of violent crimes and at least one deportation.

What’s funny about these gang bangers they all have the Virgin Mary tattoo usually on their body.  I guess they pray to beads and other sub-gods for absolution of their sins.  The Imperial Decree from the Caesars of Rome and the 7 major altars of the world that fornicate with Her.  Man can redeem your soul even the Italian and American Mafia believed this that is their belief.

Javier Vega

Border Patrol Agent’s Killer Sentenced to Death in South Texas

Six days after convicting one of two men responsible for murdering a U.S. Border Patrol agent who was fishing with his family in 2014, a jury found that the man should die by lethal injection. The other defendant is still awaiting trial.

Border Patrol agents arrest previously deported criminal aliens.

Border Patrol Agents Arrest Sex Offenders, Gang Members in South Texas

Border Patrol agents assigned to the Rio Grande Valley Sector stopped sex offenders and gang members from making their way to their U.S. destinations over the weekend. During a four-day period, agents arrested four child molesters and three gang members after they illegally crossed the border. The arrests include fugitives who fled the country to avoid prosecution and previously deported criminal aliens.

This is a snippet of the Walking Dead in America since 1962 and the images are present to the children of the worlds you live in.  You have been indoctrinated by the hands of the Roman Empire for thousands of years the Caesars, the harlot of Babylon.  Her fingers have drinked the blood of the children for years, the Walking Dead.  They live in your world. Arise from your graves, leave the altars of death, live, breathe, and consume the Word of Christ.  If America falls you will never rise from your graves, because the hands of the Caesars uncovered your nakedness, with their hands, your Temple.  Let Christ touch you and arise from your tombs.  Walk away from the altars of Lucifer and into the bosom of Christ.

To the wanna be christians of the world and America you have lied to the children for thousands of years because you followed the Caesars of Rome. Your fools you have no idea who Christ is.  You throw around scriptures like water they have no life in them. You will die like the thief on the Cross who denied Christ. You will suffocate to death because you did not hear or see Christ on the Via De Rosa.  Man crucified Christ, Pontius Pilate the hand of the Roman Empire.  Death will not kill you, you will still be alive for eternity.

You did not see Christ when Moses came down from the mountain, you scoffed at Him. Christ is sitting on the White Horse waiting for the Father to pass Judgment on the christians that carry His name in vain. You scoffed at Him when He walked down the Via De Rosa. Your Judgement will come in the Great White Throne room when that book opens up.

To the children of the world leave the altars of Rome and turn your eyes to Christ before the Judgement comes upon you.  Rome crucified you for thousands of years.

That as they say is the news of the Day the Walking Dead playing the Dead Man’s Hand.


I’m just an old man from Texas who will wait for the remnant of children that escaped the hands of the Caesars.  I sit under the Tree of Life just past the gates and welcome you into my bosom and the Father will rejoice.

These things said he: and after that he saith unto them, Our friend Lazarus sleepeth; but I go, that I may awake him out of sleep.

Those that hear you have the power over death thru Christ not the altars of Rome.