Good Morning everyone time for the MORNING NEWS let’s see what we find today;

First up is part of a transcript from a Rabbi in America that can’t figure out why there is a divide in America.  Then Ms. Swift pandering to the Imperial Decree of the Roman Empire.  Mystery the whore of Babylon on their forehead, 666 the sign of man.

The African-American experience in the United States has been tragic and exploitative. It is hard to believe that the greatest country on earth, and the world’s first modern republic, was selling God’s children on the block like cattle just two centuries ago. It is equally painful to accept that when I was born in the 1960s, there were still places in America where a black man would have to walk to the back of a bus and a black woman could not rent a hotel room.


Triggered! Student Praising communism ERUPTS Over Anti-Socialist Booth On Campus

What do all three news items have in common they all carry out the Imperial Decree from the Roman Empire from the Lady who sits on the seven hills.  Today I will take you on a short tour of the American-African experience from the pages of history.  The kings of Europe discovered North America and South America in the late 1400,s.  Even if you believe that the Vikings were here first in America they to carried the Imperial Decree from the Vatican. In the eighth century the Vikings borrowed the precepts the religion of Germany.  We can argue tit for tat all day long who discovered America but at the bottom of the rubbish you will see scribed on parchment the Imperial Decree.

Roman Empire created the Imperial Decree.  It read that the Jesuits were to colonize the natives, subjugate them to the building of their mission’s and have a strict adherence to the god, saint Peter. The statue who to this day, in the Vatican, is an image of Venus, kiss her feet, and you are paying homage to the shining one the bright star Lucifer a pagan god.

When the American Constitution was ratified in 1787 by our forefathers the country was already divided.  In the North was the modern-day Republicans and in the South was the modern day Democrats the menstealers that came from the Caesars of Rome.  The popes who carried the Lord’s name in vain in the name of the Caesars. The Crusades.

To the American African’s it was the Imperial Decrees issued by the Caesars of Rome and carried out by the kings of Europe that colonized you in Africa around the late 1400’s when they were expanding their control.  You arrived on ships on the shores of America in 1619 and served to establish the missions and plantations of the South who wore adherents to the Caesars of Rome that carried the banner of saint Peter, lucifer, the god of Venus.  The kings of England, Germany, and France around 1862 all rushed to Africa to impose the Imperial Decree from Rome.  They put you under slavery under the chains of the Roman Empire.

The kings of Europe consigned you into slavery not the forefathers of the Constitution. It was the Roman Catholics of the South that carried the banner of the Caesars, they even enslaved Irish settlers.

To the American Mexican you were subjected into slavery somewhere around the early 1500’s  by the Jesuit priest’s of Rome. Three hundred years later over 10 million Mesoamerican Indians died the Sioux, Apaches, Comanches, Mayans and the Aztecs.

To the believers of Truth lay siege to the Caesars of Rome like Jericho and tell your Truth. My son’s covered my nakedness years ago even thought I was not telling the Truth.  They knew that.

I stand in the tents of our forefathers the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and my son’s stand with me. My sons both served with honour to defend , God, Country and Family.  I ask them today to stand with me and march against Rome.  Lay siege to the walls of Jericho the whore of Babylon the walls of the Vatican.

I have three are there any others out there who know the Truth.  From the homes of the American African’s, American Mexicans, are there any others to stand with me?  My son’s David and Christopher will always stand with me until the Lord takes me home.  They have always covered my nakedness as my wife of yrs, I just did not see it.

You want to save America then I need 300 warriors to lay siege against the walls of the Vatican and America will be spared against judgement.  The 15th Roman legion laid siege to Jerusalem in 70 AD and the blood flowed through the streets ankle-deep.  When the slaughter was done.

I will not let the blood of Rome destroy my great grandbabies life, my grand children or my son’s and their wives.  and especially my wife of 49 yrs, she is a  combat Vet dealing with my antics for 49 yrs that I ask forgiveness, I did not see the Truth. She told me years ago to search for Christ.  I have found Him in the crowd and touched His hem.

So I pulled my sword and drew a line in the sand, You want to save America, you want to save your children join me in the siege against the walls of the Vatican.  Or get outta the way pray to your gods of Rome.  There is no redemption of your sins talking to man.  You are praying to Lucifer.

My son’s will always stand with me and my wife.  It is up to you the American African the American Mexican the American Anglo to fight for your country. You want to call racism then throw it against the wall’s of Rome.

So out the millions of Americans draw your sword in the sand and defend America from the chains of slavery that come from the Roman Empire.  If you are a wanna be christian don’t fight and go to the gas chambers and die. The Lord asked us to our part , belief in Christ and His hand will come to those who believe in immortality.

Looking for 300 soldiers to defend America from the whore of Babylon that is the real fight for your spirit and soul.  Draw your sword and tell the Truth. If not, you are a crowd and let your children die.  The Roman Empire has been enslaving people for thousands of years.  The Democratic party is an extension of the Imperial Decree.

43. Overthrow all colonial governments before native populations are ready for self-government.
40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce
26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

If I need prayers it is to those children from around the world if America falls you will fall next in judgement because you do not know who Christ is,  Simple as that it is not complicated.

Well that takes care of the News today a walk around the mindless people of America who kiss the feet of Venus and feel good about themselves.


Welcome to Paradise through the gates and sit under the Tree of Life it is not complicated.  You can stay chained to the Caesars of Rome or you can break the yoke through your faith in Christ.  Your choice.  See ya in Zion.