I write this letter to the children of the world that follow my voice. It is done in all sincerity and  humbleness by the mercy and grace given to me by the hand of Christ. I have been writing letters to the children of Christ that lay dead before the altars of the temples of the Pharisees for a long time now. Now your Father is calling you to rise from your slumber in the grave and meet Him in the air. My next series of letters by the Grace of God you will hear His voice to build your temple around the Crucifixion of Christ, on this rock I will build my church.

Because of my medical condition every night before I go to sleep, I have to put on, what is called a CPAP machine.  I put on a plastic cup, that covers, my nose, my  head, held in place by straps around my head.  There is a two foot long plastic hose that leads from the cup to a little air compressor that forces air in my lungs to keep me alive.  Without it I will stop breathing 51 times an hour.

I went to sleep last night and I the angels of the Lord visited me.  In the darkness there appeared hands, I could not see a body or face that were trying to pull the mask off my face.  I started flailing my arms around to keep the hands from cutting off my air. Then I heard the voice of the  angel in the darkness telling me to wake up, wake up.

I ask the angel of the Lord to explain what I had seen. He spoke There are no mysteries In the Word, Satan has a hole in his heart and blinds the children of the Father he wants revenge not the day of reckoning that is coming soon. For the day of the Gentile has almost been fulfilled.  Then the angel left my spirit.

I was shaken as I always do, I made a cup of coffee went outside to my easy chair looked up at the heavens and communed with the Father.  This was 3:30 in the morning when the noise of the city has abated.  I understand how Christ and the disciples were given the Truth to raise the dead and what hell will be like to the unbelieving children of Christ that do not hear His voice.

You can start rebuilding your temple today in three days.  Open your Bible and look at the Crucifixion, look at Christ and the thief.  The answer to raise you from the dead lies in the center of that truth.  Dwell on the Cross, Crucifixion and Christ and the thief.

The ones that follow me you know that I do not advocate any church but I would encourage you to go to YouTube and look for Pastor Doug Batchelor.  He is a great teacher of the Word.  Watch his sermons.  I don’t suggest you to go to a 7th day Adventist church unless you are in Sacramento, Ca.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand the great truth of Christ and the thief.  Satan, man make it complicated.  There are no more mysteries in the Bible it is not complicated.  Next time we will rebuild your temple according to the Word of Christ.


See you next time in Zion at the Cross just past the gates.  Have a great day in the Lord.