I started my walk in Christ about 40 yrs ago in the footsteps of the Apostle Thomas.  Just like Thomas I to doubt the Resurrection of Christ.  As a young man of the age of thirty my life was like and airplane wreck no direction and only because of the persistence of my wife to go to church I succumb and started going to church.  I hit the ground at warp speed my body and luggage were scattered for miles around. After a while I raised my head up and realized there were other people with me that suffered the same fate. The emergency response teams from the Pharisees were quick to response and came to my aid and dressed my wounds.  After a year or so I still was not healing.  I was emancipated and growing weaker by the day.  The church failed me as it does others around the world.  For that I pray for you that your eyes may open to the truth and hear his words. As children of Christ which is our spiritual lineage we are directed by His word to become defenders of the Word.  As Christ taught His disciples 2000 years ago.  We as children of Christ rely on the shepherds of the Temple to teach us the truth.  They go by the names, father, bishop, deacon priest and other names.  My comments today will be focused on the children of Christ and their lack of righteous judgement. because you have been taught this from the pulpit.   This teaching come from the shepherds of the Temples of the Pharisees from around the world even to this present age.  Like the theory of evolution, the body of Christ has morphed into various sects that go by various names.  You have the Catholics, Episcopalians, Lutherans, Protestants, Baptist,  non-denominational and a host of other camps. Billions of Christians have been fed lies for so long it is hard to withdrawal from their taught preconceptions from the Pharisees (modern-day church).  We all hear the same spill from the church. drugs are addicting, alcohol is addicting ect.  You are never taught that lies are addicting as drugs. Most times we know the truth but we push it to the side as long as they addiction does not belong to me.  Man is built on lies to absolve their responsibility to Christ.  We all need to be like doubting Thomas and raise your hand in the sanctuaries and ask questions. Let me give you a crash course on who the Antichrist is. It is those shepherds that tell you to lay your guard down and become like a sheep because God is going to protect you from the wolves that roam the world to devour you. Here is an example of the Anti-Christ from a want to be shepherd.  Sheppard’s are supposed to watch over the flock. This is the antichrist Want to be shepherd copied from the temple where she teaches the word; Worshipers at the temple were keen to bring presents of sweet perfumes to be burned upon the altar of God. But Israel, in the time of her backsliding, became ungenerous and made fewer offerings to her Lord. This was an evidence of coldness of heart toward God and His house. Sweet perfume, is a figurative expression, it is the absence of sin.  Father would rather smell the absence of sin then the smell of sin at the altar. The one that backslid here was the House of Jacob which means Israel . Jacob put conditions on the Lord.  The Lord made a covenant with Jacob and told him in a dream; And, behold, I am with thee, and will keep thee in all places whither thou goest, and will bring thee again into this land; for I will not leave thee, until I have done that which I have spoken to thee of.
Then a couple of verses later, Jacob speaks
And Jacob vowed a vow, saying, If God will be with me, and will keep me in this way that I go, and will give me bread to eat, and raiment to put on, (Gen: 28; 15-20) Basically what happened here is that Jacob put conditions on the Lord, you serve me and I will serve you.  Had nothing to do with offerings or money but Faith in Lord.  The evidence of coldness of heart is a lack of Faith
1. Reader, does this never happen with you? Is it not possible that the complaint of this text may occasionally, if not frequently, be brought against you? Those who are poor in pocket, if rich in faith, will be accepted even though their gifts are small; but, poor reader, do you give in fair proportion to the Lord, or is the widow’s mite kept back from the sacred treasury? The rich believer should be thankful for the wealth entrusted to him but should not forget his large responsibility, for where much is given, much will be required. The problem here is the reference being poor in pocket.  Christ isn’t the least bit concerned with what is in your pocket.  He deals with your heart, your intent, why are you giving.  The widow’s mite, anybody know how much a mite was worth?  She had two mites worth a half a penny into today’s exchange rates so it was not about money. It was simple faith in the Lord as simple as that, all her needs would be taking care of.  It was about faith never about money.   Read the Rich man and Lazarus and get back to me. She mentions the poor and the rich and should you keep your mites from the sacred treasure.  First off the word sacred does not exist in the King James, Strong’s Concordance. Scratch out the word sacred and you end up with the widow was giving the half penny and putting it into a banking account, treasure.
2. But, rich reader, are you mindful of your obligations, and is your giving to the Lord proportionate to the benefit you enjoy? Jesus gave His blood for us; what shall we give to Him? We are His, and He has purchased us for Himself—can we act as if we were our own? O for more consecration! O for more love! Blessed Jesus, how good
it is of You to accept our sweet cane bought with money! Nothing is too costly as a tribute to Your unrivaled love, and yet You receive with favor the smallest sincere token of affection! You receive our poor forget-me-nots and love-tokens as though they were intrinsically precious, though indeed they are but as the bunch of wildflowers that the child brings to his mother.
Blessed Jesus, how good it is of You to accept our sweet cane bought with money!
(Isa. 43: 24) Thou hast bought me no sweet cane with money, neithe
r hast thou filled me with the fat of thy sacrifices: but thou hast made me to serve with thy sins, thou hast wearied me with thine iniquities.   Two thoughts, here she is quoting one verse out of Isa, 24.  If you read 21-28, let you eye rest on 28 if nothing else.  Therefore I have profaned the princes of the sanctuary, and have given Jacob to the curse, and Israel to reproaches.  Princes refers to the priest and teachers of the word a figurative expression.  Sanctuary refers to your Church. The second thought she changes the meaning of the scripture by leaving out the word no
and substituting accept our  and then the last word money she ends the sentence with an exclamation mark.  So all she is doing here is putting you on a guilt trip. She is fixing to take that sniper shot at your mind. 3. Let us never grow stingy toward You, and from this hour may we never hear You complain of us again for withholding the gifts of our love. We will give You the first fruits of our increase and pay You tithes of all, and then we will confess, “of your own have we given you.
Pay all you tithes
this is a Marxist ideology the whole article is antichrist . This ideology was birthed in the church hundreds of years ago.  This is called redistribution of wealth.  My Lord tells me to feed the poor, widow and the orphan.  My Lord also told me when He was preaching the word, he would stay at people s homes, believers feed Him, walked a lot and asked someone for a donkey to ride into Jerusalem.  Faith was never predicated on money or Christ would have told the thief on the Cross to give Him a hundred dollars before he went to Paradise. This is a female teacher of the word.  She works for that restaurant that serves you food in a Golden Toilet bowl that I mentioned in a previous paper.  It is rubbish. Tomorrow I will finish this paper and show you the antichrist from a major Christian religion talking to a sexual abuse victim. If you put your salvation in the hand of the antichrist out there your holding the Dead Man’s Hand.  Funny thing Wild Bill Hickok got shot in the back of the head before he was able to lay all his cards down. So if you show up at the gates of Zion and you had to pay for your Faith, Salvation and Redemption, Christ is going to turn you around because you never heard His voice or saw Him.  See you tomorrow Pt 2.