The 2nd Amendment as well as the rest of the Constitution was written by the hand of God, perhaps by imperfect men.  It is my God-given right to defend myself, family and others, the weak, against the tyranny of man, foreign and domestic. The same applies to the few in Christian camps that understand the Old Testament, the covenants that are enshrined by the hand of God.  To defend God, Country and Family.   To be a true Christian is akin to joining the Marines, “The Few and the Proud”.  I’m proud to be an American, I’m proud to be a Texan, I’m proud of my family all cloak by the word of God. As it is written only a few will enter the gates of the Marines or the gates of Zion.

I grieve for any loss of life, all life. Life was created in the Laws of Entropy, randomness and confusion that leads to chaos the end result is death. This is evident in the fall of man in the Garden. Man broke the law and cast his responsibility to others around him in this case woman.  Mankind has always created (ideologies) gods and goddesses to mitigate his guilt of or to enhance his superiority blinding himself to the glory of God.  Ideologies are the idols of man what they worship. The nature to feel important and to gather praise those that sit in his camp.

Mankind’s weapon of choice is Circular Reasoning, if the premise is logical the end is logical as illustrated below;


  Over the last couple of months the voices flying through the wilderness are all the same, Guns kill people. So I have been sitting here waiting for that gun to move.  It moves I,m going to shoot it.  That should complete the circle of logic. Circular reasoning appears in all aspects of moral issues in America the mouth of the dragon that comes out of the sea. This is what I call, in Poker, the Dead Man’s Hand, these reasonings of logic will ultimately fall on their own logic.

Christians remind me of the Moabites, Ammonites and the Edomites they all believed in Yahweh and as in all legal contracts they learned to put in their own disclaimers.
They all gathered to eradicate the Jewish people from the land of Canaan.  Before they even got into battle with the Jewish people they turned on themselves and killed themselves off.  They killed each other off with their own weapons of ideologies.

Like king Nebuchadnezzar  , Christians can not read the handwriting on the wall. One of the  judgements of God against, king Nebuchadnezzar ,  he would crawl on all fours, eat like animal for 7 years before being restored.   Daniel in the later chapters made this comment, “When knowledge increases then the end is near”,  I ask the Father for the longest time what that meant. He told me common sense, simple as that nothing magical or spiritual.

An analogy to king Nebuchadnezzar and the various camps of the christians;

There is a very prestigious restaurant in the world that requires you have a reservation to be seated. It is my understanding that the food is great, service is great, the food will definitely satisfy your palate and it is very expensive.  They serve it in a Golden toilet bowl.  Human waste always ends up in a toilet bowl, circular reasoning. What the patrons fail to see is the harlot of Babylon drinking your blood from a Golden chalice and  the Dragon that has come from the deep devouring your children. He has been devouring the children of America for the last generation.  Children killing children.

The anti-gun crowd led by the two children in the Parkland shooting (where it began) are gathering their armies from coast to coast led by the older children from the shores of the West coast to the East coast.  Led by the elders of the Moabites, Ammonites and the Edomites. The starlets, actors, progressive democrats to billionaires and millionaires the likes of Bloomberg. Progressive christians and others all the way to the shores of the lady that sits on the seven hills, the whore of Babylon.

Before they go into battle they are all going to eat from the Golden toilet bowl of human waste and drink the blood of the saints. Then the fowl of the air are then going to come down and feast on their children, of the kings and queens, lying beneath the altar scattered around America.

For me the 2nd Amendment is guaranteed by my King, the King of KIngs.  All you have to do is look at the history of the Jewish nation. They have for over 5000 yrs defended themselves against the odds.  They themselves use guns don’t figure.

So I will stand resolute and defend my convictions, God, Country, and Family enshrined in the word of the LORD. Paul told me one time that in the end they were going to come and cut my head off, that’s ok.  I will never give up the Truth or my weapons of choice, come and take it.

For the  2nd Amendment crowd we carry the battle cry, ” Come and take it” birthed from two great battles of history, Texas independence in 1835 in the city of Gonzales and the battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC.  300 hundred Spartans defeated the overwhelming forces of king Xerxes armies in three days.  Common sense will defeat the children’s logic every time on immutable Truths., circular reasoning.

There is a saying out there that only three percent of America will defend it.  The same truth holds for the Jewish nation.  I have in my hand 3 Aces, King High and two queens , the III percent of the Jewish nation and America that will defend our God-given land.

To the christians in the camps of the Moabites, Ammonites and the Edomites.  That yell God is love, God has a bank account and then sell their Faith, you have nothing in your hand to show.

Dead Man’s Hand

Call my bluff on the poker hand I’m holding, 2nd Amendment, and I will always lay down the same cards dealt from the Creator.  Three Aces, King High and two queens , the III percent of the Jewish nation and America that will defend our God-given land the “Few and the Proud”.


So we all are waiting for your arrival. Take the mile marker to Zion 40 miles distance before the fowl of the air feast on your bones. Remember turn right at the Olive Tree also known as the Tree of life.  Tonight we are dining at the table of the marriage of the bride and the Lamb.  Wear something nice and do not be late. Ample parking for all.