The Law of Entropy is an interesting little theory that resides in the world of the second Law of Thermodynamics.  Entropy definition, as it pertains to humans, it is a lack of order or predictability that you will gradually decline into disorder over the course of time. The end result is being chaos in your life which for us results in death in both realms physically and spiritually.  Human beings are microorganisms of His creation.  In order to stabilize chaos in our lives.  God created women for us to give us order and predictability to keep chaos at bay for a time.

When it comes to the immutable Law of Entropy.  Micro-organisms do not come into random existence and automatically function as designed.  They need the help of other microorganisms to perform their function in order to grow.  The Law of Entropy exists under the umbrella of the  Second Law of Thermodynamics that also states that you can not create something out of nothing.  Easy example lightning hits a mud puddle it will not produce life.  Scientist have never been able to produce life they can clone it.  They can not create life that is a given.

Recently scientist have been studying the Octopuses an Colepids (squids) and have found a disturbing quality.  They are able to rewrite their DNA.  Their DNA has two strands, the other one is called RNA,  that they rewrite on a constant basis.  According to biologist evolution does not work that way.  It has always been asserted that microorganisms mutate into other life forms. Colepids have been around for thousands of years and never have mutated into another form.  They regularly rewrite their DNA to survive in changing water or temperature conditions.  How this ability to adapt or what triggers this rewrite is not known.  Scientist in order to keep their jobs they fall back on big word ,“Panspermia theory“, big word that only means that the ability to rewrite their DNA must have come from outer space fell to earth in a primordial soup and sparked life.

Panspermia theory falls in the realm of Circular reasoning.  Before I explain the theory of Circular reasoning.  It must be noted that in the middle of the word,“Panspermia” is the word sperm.  Circular reasoning means arguments are logically valid because if the premises are true, the conclusion is true.  So what the evolutionist are saying now that sperm flew through space at a blistering speed no heat shields like a reentering rocket to protect it and it hit the water to produce life.  If that argument is true then you would have to create another theory called, “Panwomanegg theory” that the woman’s egg flew at blistering speed, hit the water and smacked into the sperm within a protective womb and a minnow was created.  The logic falls on its own merit.  If I was to drop a bowling from 62 miles up if the reenter did not burn it up, when it hit the water it would disintegrate.

If you look at picture of the modern-day horseshoe crab. Look at the horseshoe crab in fossil records they still look the same after thousands of years.  They did not mutate into another life form.

Scientists are not willing to submit to the idea of creative design.  If they agree to a creative design then they are admitting humans did not come from apes, fish or whatever.  They would be out of a job because they rely on grants. Scientists know the chemical compositions of  DNA but do not know what sparks life.  Darwin the author of evolution in his travels around the world looking at all kinds of animals and people. Even he realized that some kind of creative design was involved.

Human beings are the most highly complex of microorganisms.  With the women being the most advanced of all.  This is because of her reproductive system that has the ability to create life.  Scientist know the chemical composition of man’s sperm and the women’s egg.  They do not know how the sperm or what causes the sperm to attach itself to the woman’s eggs and in that reaction how the spark of life is manifested in a microsecond a twinkling of an eye as it is written.  The womb protects life.

The centrality of the Resurrection is that Christ rose from the dead and walked the earth.  This was witness by over 500 people.  It is like watching the World Trade Center get hit by the airplanes and people jumping to their death.  This was seen by billions of witnesses from around the world.  We all saw it on TV.  The statistical probability that 500 or billions of witnesses were wrong in their perceptions of what they saw are none existent.  The only unknown variable to that equation is the what caused that event.

It is easier to believe in Creation by divine design.  God created the world and everything in it. then he created man and he created woman.  This was to bring order into their life to stabilize chaos and decay.  Everything God created was designed to reproduce itself. Nowhere in the world is their any microorganism that does not recreate itself this is by design.

When you get to the arguments that man came from apes it does not fly.  Everything stays within its designed DNA.  When you get into the arguments of homosexuality( Man) or lesbianism(Woman) that will not fly.  God created both to reproduce itself.  He did not after thousands of years decided to rewire the DNA in a small percentage of the population to just die off.  He did not give man or woman the ability to rewrite their DNA.

The other caveat to that is that they have proved that humans are the only micro organisms that have the second chromosome that produces logic and reasoning.  No other organism in the world can do that.

Creationism or Evolution I would go to Creationism. Since we are dealing also with the Law of Entropy the Father gave us the book to starve off disorder or predictability of chaos and death. By sending His Son to give us proof of His existence and the manual to guide our lives for eternity.

If you are an Evolutionist and playing cards you are holding what is called a, Dead Man’s Hand”, Ace of Spades, Ace of Clubs, eight of spades and a eight of clubs. Named after a famous gunfighter in the Old West , he was shot in the back.  Sort of like when Cain murdered Abel.  Call my bluff, I have a full house, two pair and three of a kind. Me and the wife and the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost.  This is the covenant of the Father to His children.  I will win everytime.  The bet is high but I will always win the pot, knowledge and wisdom.  Thats my riches in heaven and my wealth not money.  It was never about money.

So the next time you are flying down the freeway on the Via De Rosa perhaps you should take the next mile marker and follow the signs to Zion, 100 miles not to long of a distance.  The Interstate to rebirth.  Learn to rewrite your destiny as it says by faith, Heb. 11:3.  Create your eternity by the word of the Lord.  Or you can play the” Dead Man’s Hand”.  We can’t rewrite our DNA but we can rewrite our destiny by the mercy of the Father.  Death or eternity the stakes are high on the table.  Show me your cards.  I will call you on your hand. I have Three of a kind and a pair. I call you on it and win ever time because I,am a son of my Father.

To the four major religions of the world including Christianity.  I would suggest you look at the cards you are holding before I call you on it.  This is not directed to the saints that have been grafted into the Olive Tree of the house of Judea. They know how to dress their brides for the wedding feast of the Lamb. To the rest of the gentiles and so called Christians, Muslims subjugating the woman you are going to kindle the angry of the Creator.

You will find me sitting under the Olive Tree just past the gates of Jerusalem, playing cards with the 12 tribes of Israel, the council of elders, the 144,00 thousand.  Just between you and me I think the deck is stack. Got to wait to see how the cards play out.

Got to go now.


Drive up ample parking go through the gates to your right and sit with me under the Olive Tree and take a rest.  I know it has been a long journey.  But the Father will come and quench your thirst and hungry, no problem.  Glad you finally made it.