I heard a rumour yesterday that you are the one called the “MONEYCHANGER”.  The same money changer that Christ overturned the tables in your Temple today?

Sorry forgot my manners.  Good morning to you how have you been doing since I left?  Family doing good , your brothers and sisters OK?  Yea I’m a little mad this morning grab yourself a big cup of coffee we are going to be here awhile. Get yourself settled on the sofa because you know as well a I do that when the LORD speaks you better listen.

Have you ever heard of Hermeneutics?  Do you even know what Hermeneutics is?  You kinda know what Apologetics is look next door and introduce yourself.

Let’s look at one verse that the money changer was selling yesterday;

No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and Mammon.

I have been around the world, Can I see a raise of hands?  If I ask you what the WORD Mammon means, 99 per cent of the time you are going to tell me its money.  I know you picked up the dictionary and looked up the definition for mammon and one component of the definition mammon is wealth.  I saw you do that yesterday. The Pharisees of the Temples of the worlds went one step further.  What is one synonym of the word mammon.  There it is in black and white, The Almighty Dollar and wealth is the possessions that dollars create.  Possessions, the acquiring of boats houses, jets ,building enormous Temples around the world not to leave out personal attention to yourself.  Sound about right you think?  I will let you stew on that a minute, Tick,tock,tick,tock times up.  Let’s see what just happened?

You just effectively raped that scripture that Christ spoke, spoke to Him by the Holy Spirit, framed by Father.  There are 592 synonyms for the word Rape here are some,

  • attack
  • molest–refer to the Ten Commandments, look at the word covet
  • ruin
  • corrupt
  • abuse

All you did was pick up the cat-o-nine tail and whipped that scripture to death and then had the audacity to sit in the crowd on the Freeway, “Via De Rosa” and cheer His death.  Chew on this morsel for a while, if Christ,the Holy Spirit and the Father are one, who did you just rape?  The Word or the Creator or both.  Tick, tock,tick,tock.

Don’t blame me because you did not hear the voice of His son, council of elders or His Son.  You ever been or seen a courtroom hearing. It’s very quiet and formal.  Lets pretend you’re the defendant. You enter the courtroom dressed conservatively and the Cherub motions you to your seat.  You look to your right and their sits your Prosecutor, on his lapel you read,“Thou art snared with the words of thy mouth, thou art taken with the words of thy mouth”.   If that did not scare look at the jury, you see 12 men selected from the council of the elders of the house of Judea. Then you let you gaze turn to the Judge , He is wearing a Crown and on the Wall you see the words, “King of Kings”,  you notice that He is dressed  in a robe of white linen.

The gavel comes down and the Cherub announces to all Court is now in session.

You watch the King of Kings open a big book and finds your name although you at the time are not privy to that.  It is called exculpatory evidence. He looks around at you and the prosecutor .  The Cherub ask you to please stand for the reading of the charges.

The King of Kings presents the charges to you; ( this is called inculpatory evidence that proves guilt),

Cherub read the charges, Defendant and counsel please stand.

You are hereby charged with four counts of accessory to murder and four counts of intentional rape one count of accessory to defraud; count two being the word tithing it is not in the New Testament charge on this count has also been changed to murder and accessory to rape. Count Three is a misdemeanor, Fraud , there is no Hebrew word for pastor in the New Testament, Case Law as follows;

Count One–Mt.6:24, Luke 16: 9 & 11 & 13

Count Two– Tithing only existed under the Mosaic Law. There is no Case Law for it in the New Testament.

Count Three– Fraud there is no word for Pastor in the New Testament

The Cherub looks at you, How does your client wish to plead.

Issac your counselor looks at you and speak,s , How do you want to plead?  You don’t know, your scared, I would be scared out of my pants too. I was facing 10 years in a Federal Penitentiary on a weapons charge years ago. Well this is just an arraignment hearing against you; you can plead not guilty, jury trial by your peers or you can plead no contest and the King of Kings will judge you in closed court.

Isaac counsels you and turns to the Judge. Sir, my client pleads not guilty at this time and would like the court to entertain the followings motion, Proceed counselor;

  1. I motion that my client be released from jail, no bail set, she is a viable asset to the community prior to this incident.  She should be released to my custody.  I don,t consider her a flight risk.
  2. I motion that at trial my client reserves the right to change her plea to no-contest.
  3. I motion that before we come to trial that my client be allowed a co-counsel.
  4. I request a mistrial on the grounds that the statute of limitations has run out on Count One 33 AD, Count Two 1300 BC, Count Three ,Fraud, there is no word in the Hebrew language for pastor. I believe the prosecutor changed the unidentified Hebrew word to Pastor at the council of Nice around 325 BC. Case Law cannot be based on one scripture.  There would have had to been established Law to properly use the word Pastor in the Old Testament, there is no statute

Counsel for the State you have any motions present them now; Ishmael stands up and speaks,

  1. On motion One,  I request that the defendant be held in confinement till trial date and bail be set at a half million dollars.
  2. On motion Two , I object, the defendant cannot change her plea at trial.
  3. On motion Three, The State reserves the right to know who the defendants co-counsel name is.
  4. On motion Four, Fraud was committed and should stand.
  5. On the issue of a mistrial, Sir, by you own words you made the Case law

It is so quiet in the courtroom you could hear a pin drop———————————————————–Then He spoke, Would the counselors for the State and the defendant please stand.

He looked at Ishmael and spoke, I know your Father Abraham , good man but you did not hear your mom , Hagar, pleaded for your life in the wilderness. You did not hear her Shame I heard you.  I see you represent the gentles and the Muslim nations—- I,m going to release the defendant into the custody of her counsel no bail set at this time.  The defendant at a later date will be allowed to change her plea if we go to trial.  On motion three I will grant that request, Isaac you have any objections to that No Sir, I,am going to let the fraud charge stand.——–He then speaks to Isaac I know your Father Abraham and you mom Sara-I don,t know if she told but I talked to her one time—-I see you represent the house of Judea and those that are grated into the olive tree as it is written—-I,m going to release the defendant into you custody—Your motion for a change of plea—I will bind that over to trial—–I will grant the states right for you to divulge the co-counsels name before trial—-Count Three will stand—-As far as a mistrial objection overruled.

Any objections–this Court will set trial, Docket number: #Rev.20,11,12,13—-time and date to be set by Me sometime in the future.

Courts adjourned.

Hermeneutics is the common sense approach to PROPERLY again emphasize PROPERLY  interpreting the scriptures. You, you have to follow some criteria when reading the New or Old Testament.

  1. Who’s doing the talking?  Christ, Apostles, Disciples
  2. What is the authors intent
  3. Is the scripture backed by other scripture.  Large portions of the gospel comes from the Old Testament,
  4. What was the time period 33 AD. The Jewish people were still under the Mosaic Law and the Rabbinical Law.
  5. The Jewish people were and agrarian society. Use of money was penalized under the Mosaic Law.  You were to tithe 10 percent of your food produce and your animals on occasion.

Case in point;

  1. Look at Luke 16:13 , This red-letter which attributes it to Christ talking. He refers to the word Mammon  If you look at verse 6,7, Christ is talking about oil and wheat. Look at the other verses in Luke 16, ie, 11, and Mt. 6:24. Here you have two chapters on mammon. They both support an agrarian society, oil and water. If Luke was quoting Christ then why did not Christ allude to money?
  2. The word Pastor Eph. 4: 11, the word under Pastors the Heb. language in that scripture was of unidentified origins. Most scholars think it meant Sheppard until the 3rd Century Church 325 Ad and they put the greek word pastor in that scripture. I would go with the word shepherd, you see that in Abel ,Gen. 4:2, the first keeper of the sheep.  This is an image of Christ around 3200 BC.  Adam was the first before sin, Man after sin.  Abel was the first keeper of the sheep.
  3. Tithing does not exist in the New Testament.  When Christ died on the Cross the Mosaic Law, tithing, died when Him. We are under different precepts under Grace built upon precepts of the Old Testament.

In the temples today tithing is nothing more than a tax on your faith instituted by the lady on the seven hills around 1682 AD.  The European states at the same time also instituted a 10 percent tax on their people.  Following in the steps of the church.

Anyway I am going to leave for now.  Take care and say your prayers. Just a simple man from Texas waiting for you in Zion.


If you ever find you way back to Zion ample parking outside go through the gates and to the right you will see an Olive Tree , come sit down and rest awhile.  We have all been waiting for you. Especially your Father, he,ll be back in a minute.  He had to attend to a court case.