Mesoamerica the Question of Illegal Immigration– Was Mexico here in Texas first?


txdistctyIntro;  Morning to all.  Hope you are doing good.  You per say do not need your Bibles today this infusion of mans indulgences with the weakness of people.

Today we are talking of course whose land is it from a Texas . What is an illegal and the contest over disputed lands.  A point of view which correlates to the current situation in Jerusalem.  For those who believe ( Camp One) Jerusalem has been the capital of the Jewish people for  3000 yrs as ordained by the Lord.  The argument that the lands belong to the Arabic nations (Camp Two) resides in the fact that the Arab nations controlled the lands of the Jews for a couple of years way back when.  Under the Muslim thinking even though they might have lost the land they still claim it.  The same argument persists in the question of illegal immigration here in present day Texas.  American Mexicans claim they own a piece of Texas.  Therefore the word illegal becomes mute in conversation or does it lets see.

American Mexicans in South Texas will argue that they were here first therefore we, Texans, should take everyone in from Mexico.  The same argument prevails in modern-day Israel 3000 thousand of years later who owns that small piece of land.  Do the Jewish people claim Jerusalem or does the Palestinians?   The argument in the history of land  in Texas revolves around quadrants 10, 11 and 12, look at the inclosed map.

What land did Mexico own and when.  The  centrality of the argument surrounds quadrant 12 known today as the lower Rio Grande Valley.  A small piece of land like Israel today.

So the argument goes who was here first.  Camp One (the lineage of Isaac) knows that the Lord through king David established Jerusalem as the habitation of the Lord, 3000 thousand years ago.  Camp Two ( the lineage of Ishmael) argues the  land belongs to the Arabic states. These are the ancient lands of Mesopotamia.

For the sake of austerity the kings of the harlot of Babylon (Spaniards) arrived on the shores of Veracruz in the late 1400s.  Prior to that time the Aztecs roamed what is known as modern-day Mexico.  How far they pushed into Mesoamerica is lost in the history books.  Mexico city was their capital hence the name was absorbed into the name of the country.  It is noteworthy that the Indians of Mesoamerica pushed into Mexico and into Texas prior to the Spaniards coming into Mexico. So there was a fusion of cultures.

When the Spaniards arrived in Mexico city around the earlier part of the 1500,s.  They brought with them the concepts of the harlot of Babylon and incorporated them into the Aztec culture.  They had a caste system (rich and poor) basically we know better than you how to run your  lives. They replaced the gods and goddesses of the Aztecs with the god and goddesses that the lady that sits on the seven hills instructed them to do so.  They took the goddesses of the Aztecs the mother of all and replaced it with the image of the goddesses the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe.   This was done so as to absorb the culture under their subjection.  It is noteworthy all cultures from the days of Mesopotamia, the land of your forefathers all created a mother of the gods. Rome actually in the 16th century created a statue, Virgin Mary, to market their brand of Christ.

So in 1821 , Santa Anna, an opportunist politician both, liberal and conservative, depending on which way the wind was blowing, broke away from the Spanish rule and hence created what we know as modern-day Mexico.  A mixture of indigenous people a mix of Aztecs, Spain and the great tribes of Mesoamerica. The Comanches, Sioux, Apaches and the Lipan Apaches that pushed south into Mexico and into south Texas.

Prior to the revolutions around 1821.  The Spaniards with the help of the Franciscan monks forged missions east of the Rio Grande and created a series of enclaves as far as San Antonio Texas.  Which today sits close to the apex of quadrants 10,11 and 12.

Before 1821 the Spaniards forged into the Rio Grande Valley and further east to present day San Antonio, they brought with them the hardy settlers of the frontier with a contingent of soldiers and subjecting the native Indian tribes to build their missions. Trading labor for food subjugating to their style of religion. Paid for by the taxes imposed by the king of Spain at the time.

So when Presidente  Santa Anna came on the scene in 1821 and wrestled control from the Spaniards, the missions and the settlements that  had already been built.  The problem that faced Santa Anna , Mexico was poor and Santa Anna could not afford to subsidize the protection of  these missions and settlements with his own soldiers.  He could not subsidize new settlers into the region.  So somewhere around 1821 he sent word to the , Anglo Americans, as they were called  to emigrate to the areas that are contested today, quadrants 10,11 and 12 refer to the map.  They had to it come into quads 10,11 and 12  legally not illegally.  He knew that the Americans were used to the hardships of the frontier and could survive and adapt to any condition that lay in the South Texas region. It was a new source or revenue for Santa Anna.  He did not have to send troops to protect the settlements against the attacks of the plains Indians.

Between 1821 and 1835, Santa Anna started imposing taxes on the settlers in the region  to subsidize the frontier and guarantee protections from the great Indian tribes of Mid America.  The Comanches, Sioux and the Apaches and particular the Lipan Apaches.  For sake of austerity the Lipan Apaches roamed the lands about 30 miles from present day Laredo.  Further south of them were the Indian tribes of the ancestors of the Aztec and Mayan cultures down to the coastal regions of Texas.  Quadrants 10 and 11 respectively.

It is noteworthy that the inclusion of Spain into the regions of quadrant 10 and 11.  Seventy per cent of the native Indian tribes died out within 10 years due to the diseases that the Spaniards brought with them and the constant threat of the Lipan Apaches that attacked them.  When man tries to control his destiny and the world around him without Christ it always ends up in dismal failure at the expense of the poor. The Lipan Apaches liked their freedom on the vast prairie lands of the mid-America they would not  succumb to the whore of Babylon that was carried across the water in ships by the Spaniards carrying the cross of the whore of Rome to the New World.  True Texans have that same spirit like a wild stallion, you can not control her.

So from 1821 till 1835, Mexico can claim they controlled quadrant 10 composed of Americans that fled the churches of Europe.  When Santa Anna started imposing taxes on the inhabitants of the region.  That is when the people started to revolt and as Paul Harvey used to say now for the rest of the story.  High taxes  imposed by Santa Anna contributed to the battle of Gonzalez’s in 1835 and the revolution for the state of Texas.  This battle for Texas was cojoined by the Mexican Land owners across this area.

It is noteworthy that the settlers that came out of Mexico into this new frontier were escaping the oppressive taxes of the king of Spain.

Santa Anna only held the contested area for 13 yrs the Spaniards held on for about three hundred years.  Like Jerusalem today that contested land was guaranteed to them for over three thousand years.  They have the right to control their sovereignty it is a God-given covenant as does Texas.

Noteworthy the Battle of the Alamo lasted 13 days by all accounts a pivotal event in the battle for Texas.  Santa Anna only held the contested quadrant 10,11 and 12 for 13 years.

Illegals bring with them ideologies made by man who are based in mythology of the past. This in itself will divide the house if they do not understand the simplicity of the man from Nazarene that died on the Cross for you and me that America is founded on.

Faith in Christ is like putting your clothes into a washing machine.  You put all your brightly colored clothes your dedicates.  The washing machine separates the chaff from the wheat it runs its cycle. This could take thousand of years, to years, to just a couple of days or hours. Then when the cycle is done you grab your pre-conceived notions your dedicates and put them in the drier. Like the blazing Son of the desert it burns out the lasting effects of chaff.  My wife when she does laundry and puts the clothes into the drier.  She always throws in the hem of Christ to soften the Truth of Christ.

If you are like me when you look in the washing machine all you are seeing is the mismatch of opinions swirling around mans ideologies from far away lands.  It is the dryer the of breath of the Son that dries your Faith, Christ, the dedicates that are close to your heart Faith. The things that are precious to you that no man can see except your Father.

So sovereignty is a God-given right, a covenant ,to the Individual, State or Nation that is founded on the body of Christ . You do not let illegals come into your framed world unless they assimilate into the body of Christ.  All they will do is throw dirt into the washing machine and it becomes harder to dry.

America was founded on Christ south of Texas is mired in gods and goddesses the mythology of the ancient Aztecs, Mayans and the Spaniards.

Tomorrow we will see how you can frame your own god or goddesses with just a few items from your local hardware store.

Reflects of Christ through the eyes of a simple man from Texas.


See y,all tomorrow on the other side of the gates of Zion.