Good day to you all.  The Holy Spirit has enjoined me to write about the issues of America that affect us all. The political issues of the day that separate people into two camps of thought.   Politics, by its nature, is a science that by its nature births two trees.  The Tree of Life, this is Camp One.  The Tree of Good and Evil, this is Camp Two.

Definition of Politics: It is the ethical governance of nations, states or individuals against foreign control or conquest.  The preservation of a citizen’s rights to their safety,  peace and prosperity.  With the improvement and preservation of their morals. 

For the sake of austerity, both trees were located in the middle of the Garden. Men that eat from the Tree of Good and Evil are in Camp Two.

Men that accept Christ, eat from the Tree of Life are in Camp One.

Ref:  (Gen. 3:22) If man ate the fruit from the Tree of Life, then man would live forever. So God kicked Adam and Eve out of the Garden so that evil would not reign for eternity.

Trees have many branches; one being called politics.  Men in Camp One predicate their governance of nations,  states or individuals on their arrogance with a side order of pride and a glass of gluttony to wash it all down with.

Men in Camp Two predicate their governance of nations, states or individuals setting aside their arrogance and pride and sit at the table of Christ and eat a hefty meal of the Word served by the Holy Spirit and washed down with the blood of Christ.

All nations of the world have the two trees growing in the middle of their country.  So Biblical applications of politics apply to all.  Anyway.

The central theme of all my dissertations will revolve around King Solomon son Rehoboam.  When Rehoboam came into being, Israel divided into two Kingdoms, the Northern kingdom Camp Two (Israel) and the Southern kingdom Camp One (Jerusalem). The people were tired of high taxes and preferential treatment of the tribe of King Solomon.  Sound familiar, Anyway.

America is a vast broad land and it stretches 3000 thousand miles from coast to coast.  The midwest is the center of America and the people in Camp One (Christians) live in this area. The people of Camp Two (antichrist) live on the east coast and the west coast.  It is a known fact that the midwest is the Bible belt of America.  America  will die if we let the people in Camp Two spear your heart like the Roman Centurion that speared the heart Christ

You always heard the lie that Politics and the Bible are not compatible with each other  like mixing oil with water . I beg to differ.  Like olive oil infused with spices the Word is infused with politics.

Like Col Travis at the battle of the Alamo. When surrounded by the armies of Santa Anna, 1836, and death was imminent. It is rumoured he drew a line in the dirt, those that would stay and fight crossed the line, stood by his side. Those that wanted to leave could.  Its you time and place in history to decide which camp you are in, who you are siding with.

I am an ardent defender of Christ and our current president, President Trump. My dissertations will be on the issues of the day concerning immigration, border control, second amendment rights, abortion and the other issues that spring out of the pit of darkness as they pertain to the heart of Texas.  These dissertations are applicable to wherever you live  in the world.  Draw a line in the sand and choose your camp and draw the sword of truth from your scabbard.

Like the simple man from Nazarene, I am just a simple man from Texas willing to cross the line and stand side by side with Christ.

If you comment back please identify which camp you stand in.  I will continue to lead you to Jerusalem and on to the lands of your forefathers.  It is a very narrow road to travel.  Becareful of what you ask for.  The heart of America dies it will affect everyone worldwide.  Keep that in the  back of your mind.

Keep your trust in Camp One.