Good morning everyone across the fruited plain.  The is Mothers Day here in Texas and the day looks like it is going to be another hot day under the sun. This morning is going to be my first letter infusing the Word with politics.

Woke up early this morning and the rest of the clan decided to sleep in .  This gives me a great time to be with the Lord.  Grabbed me a cup of coffee and watched this morning news.  Humanity never fails me there was a report on Fox news that California passed a bill this week in the house, they are going to drop the paid holidays of Washington and Lincoln, the founders of America, and put in a new paid holiday,  International Socialist Workers Day”.  Antichrist, I think so, California like Pontius Pilate they are scouring Christ with the “cat o nine tail”.  Tearing into His body and putting a crown of thorns on His head.  The Roman Centurion is being recalled upon to shove a spear into the heart of Christ.

People who believe in Liberalism reside in Camp Two.  They are showing their true faith this week in California.   International Socialist Workers Day is nothing more then man’s arrogance that they can create a garden of paradise for all a Karl Marx philosophy born  in Russia.  The golden calf at the feet of Moses.

Camp Two people are the same people that got tired of waiting for Moses to come down from the mountain.  They went down to the local bookstore and got a manuscript of Karl Marx and started teaching the children about slavery to oneself reminiscent of the apple on the Tree of Good and Evil.  Karl Marx was the golden calf that they built, a slow moving stupid animal, the golden calf, that Moses saw when he returned from the Lord.  It took California only a generation to build the golden calf and they are just about done with their version of the tower of Babel.

I recently wrote a blog about a walled city surrounded by darkness.  They withstood the darkness for two years during World War ll.  There only  weapon was faith that the Lord had armed them with.  That speaks volumes of faith about the power of the Lord.  In case you’re wondering the walled city was Warsaw in Poland.

Sin like murder is death and accordingly to the law you can be charged with an accessory to the charge of murder.  The same law holds true in regards to the institution of sin.  The priests of the temples and parents of California stood in the courtyard for a generation and let Christ be crucified.  Your teenagers walk around with skin tight jeans and large hoops in their ears and pointed shoes.  A generation feminized the boys so they could lay down their instinct to fight.  I saw this same phenomena years ago when I trained with a Jager Battalion, infantry, in central Germany.  They had no clue or fighting instincts of any kind, they had already been feminized.

So to all the Moms across the world Happy Mothers day I hope you are one of the women from Galilee that are in the crowd that are looking up at Christ.  Somewhere along the line the unidentified beloved disciple of Christ will reveal himself to you and lead you to the city of Jerusalem.

For my followers tomorrow I will visit Heb. 11: 3, When faith creates worlds like the city of Warsaw 1942.

There are spiritual battles being fought in the air above you.  Those that are not used to the confusion of war and the smell of death this is what it looks like;


The lingering smell of cordite