You Sat and Watched Truth die Today, Christ 33 AD

Rise and shine time to wake up sleepy head.  It was a great day yesterday, you saw the dove descend out of heaven and it carried you off to the lands of ancient Mesopotamia.  You did not have to walk across the bridge back to the Old Testament.  I know that helped you because it was hotter than blazes yesterday.

The Holy Spirit took your hand, crossed the lands of your forefathers and revealed to you that in 2200 years, (that would be BC) only a handful of people would ever listen to Christ.  Paul wrote about these concerns in Romans 9.

Then you stood in the small crowd watching Christ being crucified.  Remember one unidentified disciple and a slightly larger contingent of women (Mary, Mary Magdalene and Mary of Clopas and the women from Galilee),  who were representing the Bride of Christ.  All around the group they heard His voice piercing the darkness around.  This is  no different then some of you out in the wilderness today.

The Bride of Christ is extremely beautiful, faith created the worlds they believed in, Heb. 11:3, from your Father circa 33 AD.  Let faith create your worlds.  Faith created the worlds of Ruth, Esther, Sari, and the Marys of the world.

Make yourself a cup of coffee and  curl up on your sofa, wait on the Holy Spirit to sit next to you.  You don’t necessarily have to open the Bible just hear His voice.

Me?  Well the spirit is going to take me to Germany 1942 AD.  I will see you there when you arrive.

While we are waiting try and remember the commandment that states, Thou shall not take the Lord’s name in vain,  in the Hebrew language it translates, Thou shall not carry the Lord’s name in vain.  What does that means to you.  You feed people rubbish that does no good for the ones that have fallen into your snare. You call yourselves christians, but you are like the moneychangers in the temple.

Well I see you made it.  Did you have a good trip?  Come and sit under this olive tree for a while and hear the voice of the One that brought you here.

You may ask, why I am here?  All I see is the confusion and noise of spiritual battles that are being fought and the smell of cordite in the air.  The stench of death is hanging heavily in the air like curtains covering the inner sanctuary of the temple.  The Pharisees standing in the temple that never let you see what is behind that curtain.  Fires were burning everywhere and the smoke reaching to the heavens.

Years ago the spirit carried me to this same olive tree.  He descended out of the clouds and a man appeared before me.  He came like the wind, I could hardly see his form.

He spoke these words; She became like the whore of Babylon that sits in a city surrounded by seven hills.  She adorned herself in fine linens of purple and scarlet.  She wore great jewels on her hands and on her walls lay gold and silver and her brilliance would blind your eyes.

Kings, merchants and traders from around the world flocked to her and knelt before her to show their respect.  They brought her gifts and meats from their worlds to pay homage.

From a golden chalice she drank the blood of those that fell under her spell.  Her chalice was never empty.  The kings of the world made sure she never lacked of fresh blood.

The kings went back to the worlds they came from.  They told the people of this scarlet woman that  her beauty would blind their eyes.  The miraculous things she could so.

I asked why I was being shown these things, especially in the year of 1942 AD?

He spoke and they heard the voice of the Lord; they were few in number.  He showed me a walled city and the people that lived there.  Like the days of your forefathers only a few in number heard His voice. They prayed everyday for the Lord to deliver them from the darkness of their world.  They knew that Christ would deliver them at any time so they were always prepared.

The king that came from the seven hills did not stand up for these people and allowed their candelabra to be extinguished by the darkness two years later 1944 AD. They all vanished into the fires but they did not die.  They all went to Jerusalem in 1948.

I had to sit and think about what He had showed me.  In bewilderment,  What does this have to do with me and you?

The spirit spoke to me; Because you like the others watched your Lord being crucified and said nothing.  You were at the Via Del Rosa that hot day and yelled at the prophet of Nazarene.  Condemning him like the whores of Babylon that came into the city. You along with others celebrated His death.

With that He departed like the wind and went back into the clouds as quick as He came.

We both fell to our knees and cried; Father forgive us for we did not know what we were doing.  We wish to be with you. Christ looked at you as said; this day you will be in Paradise.  Dry your tears all is forgiven the Father is not angry with you.  He sent one of His sons to sit with you on the couch today.

Then I left leaving you on the couch and returned to the wilderness where I came from.

Remember when you were in the crowd with Mary and the other women and the unidentified disciple at the crucifixion of Christ.  I know his name it was Schindler in 1942 AD.  The unidentified disciple in 33 AD.  I do not know his name but I believe his name is many.

So next time you are in the temple listening her and she is dressed in robes of scarlet, purple, black or a golden gown with candles at her feet.  You hear a commotion behind you.  Look around perhaps it is the simple man from Nazarene or just a simple man from Texas overturning the tables of the merchants.

If you hear my voice go outside and take the path to Jerusalem 33 AD and to the site where He is being crucified and look up at Him. When it is time the unidentified disciple will lead you across the bridge into the lands that the Lord made a covenant with your forefathers the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Perhaps I will be with you or Father will send another yet to be identified beloved disciple. Either way He will never forsake you.

Faith creates darkness or it can create light.  Faith is a double-edged sword cuts both ways.

Me I am going to leave you now and head back to the lands I dwell in. I see the storm clouds gathering on the horizon just came across the news. The kings of the four corners of the world led by the harlot that sits on the seven hills are gathering for battle as we speak. The armies from ancient Mesopotamia are arming themselves. Great tribulation is coming soon against the Jewish people and again the confusion of war will permeate the air. The stench of death, the smell of cordite and the fires will burn for eternity.

Take the Sabbath with your families invite the Lord to sit at your table and listen to what He has to say.  The great war that is coming soon will rock your world where ever you live.  That is a Truth.

See y’all next week all those that hear my voice. Have a great weekend.


The smell of cordite can not cover the stench of death only the blood of Christ on your forehead the mark of faith.