Pharisees Blacklist Jesus the prophet from Nazarene circa. 33 AD

If you are wondering about the image of the Fox on this page this is an animated character named Rocket. He was a highly evolved cyborg animated computer animal that excelled in all areas of endeavor.  He was part of the cast of the Guardians of your Galaxy that came out on the movie circuit worldwide.

Rocket stood side by side with a motley crew that fought against evil that threaten the existence of worlds throughout your galaxy.   He was a cute, funny little critter but there was a dark side to him .  He like to steal things that belong to other people thought nothing about stealing from others.  Rocket was a predator that preyed on the weak.

Rocket brought back memories of my time in Jerusalem many years ago.  I had just moved to Jerusalem in the summer of 32 AD.  It was hot and dusty during the day and cold at night.  It was a crossroads for all traders coming from Egypt, Africa, Middle East,  Far East and Rome.  The streets were narrow and crowded with the hustle bustle of people and ox carts all day till sunset when the noise of the city died down.

I managed to rent me a two room hovel just down the street from the Jewish Temple the center of all life in Jerusalem.  Every Saturday I would go to church because we did not work on the Sabbath.  Ok I know some people might say the Sabbath was on Sunday.  I personally think the Sabbath is anytime you spend quality time with your Father.  You shut out the noise of the city and commune with the Father.  Anyway.

When service was over we would come out of the doors into the large courtyard and in the courtyard were all these merchants with their tables.  You had merchants that sold holy water by the pint for two shekels, others sold prayer rugs for two shekels and four mites. Others sold colorful shawls for the women for around one shekel.  One merchant in particular had a table set up and was offering interest bearing salvation accounts.  Open an account up with ten shekels and in a matter of time the sum would grow.  The more shekels you put in the more (shekels) your amount would grow. You were guaranteeing your salvation for eternity by banking with the Lord.  All accounts were protected and guaranteed.  If your shekel did not grow it was not the merchants fault but yours.  You did not water it with enough faith.   For three shekels you could confess your sins to a man, another sold the original staff that Moses used when He guided the children out of Egypt hundreds of years ago.  That one was out of my price range it cost around 1000 shekels but the experts authenticated it.  If I had the money I would have bought it. There were those that sold doves if you bought one the Holy Spirit would dwell with you as long as the dove did not fly away.  Cost 15 shekels.  All merchandise sold was approved of by the star of David so they said.

April rolled around and the Jewish people were preparing for Passover it was a week-long celebration.  The Jewish people were celebrating their release from slavery from the Egyptian nation hundreds of years before as it had been prophesied hundred of years before that event.  That Saturday, the start of Passover, I was standing in the Temple courtyard.  I remember watching a gentleman that was riding an ass (donkey) wearing white linen  approaching the Temple.  “A great multitude spread their garments in the way while others cut down branches from the trees to straw( cushion) them”.  I started hearing the multitude crying,” Hosanna to the Son: Blessed is he that comes in the name of Lord; Hosanna in the highest”.  The whole city took notice of the ruckus and asked, ” Who is this”.   I was staring down the street at the coming caravan and heard the multitude say, “This is Jesus the prophet of Nazareth”.   I am thinking ok another prophet last we week we had a prophetess give the service.  Two months ago we had a man show up with a black robe and we had to call him father accordingly to the chief priests.  I remember Matthew saying one time, “And call no man father except your Father, which is in heaven”.  (Mt. 23 : 9).  I know Matthew was talking to the Pharisees who ran the Temple , allowed the money changers in the courtyard and convicted Christ for telling the Truth.

Jesus the prophet of Nazareth ,  he finally arrived in the courtyard, got off His donkey, entered the Temple and cast out all the priests (Pharisees) that sold and bought in the sanctuary.  He then went into to the courtyard an overturned the money changers tables and ran them out of the courtyard. The multitude look on with astonishment they were so quiet you could hear a pin drop.  Nobody noticed but Rocket the Fox, Guardian of your Galaxy disappeared in the multitude. Anyway.

Jesus the prophet of Nazareth, spoke these words,” It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a house of thieves”.

He then went into the temple and healed the children that were blind and lame crippled by the lies that the Pharisees had taught about their Father.  After awhile you could hear the children crying, “Hosanna to the Son of David”.  Of course upon hearing the cries the chief priests were displeased for they had just lost their income. Then “Jesus the prophet of Nazareth”,  quietly left the temple and went to Bethany and found lodging for the night.

Whew, that was too much, I got up from  my easy chair went outside to get a breath of fresh air and I looked across the land.  I could see the fires raging in Sodom and Gomorrah ( temples, churches) and I knew that as soon as the stench kindled the anger of the Lord.  He would send Christ the second time and destroy all that lied to the children.  Christ was going to be pissed as it is written in Revelation.  I can almost hear Christ telling the Pharisees,  You called down the thunder and hell is coming for you.

So to the Pharisees (priest, father, money changers) and Rocket the Fox who call themselves the  Guardians of your Galaxy your days are numbered.  As soon as the stench of  your lies and deceit reach the nostrils of the Father.  Your going to kindel His anger.  Christ will come back the second time to save His children.



A Fox is a cute little predator that feeds on the weak just like the chief priests.The Pharisees still run the temples with the money changers blinding and crippling the children of the Father.

If you are blinded or crippled by the antichrist in the church.  Open your eyes by reading the Word.  Don,t let the Pharisees (chief priests) mark you with the number 666.  The number of man.

Read your Bible and let the Holy Spirit bathe you in Truth, Mercy and Grace and put on the garments of Righteousness.

Say your prayers for wisdom and knowledge.  See you again soon on the streets Jerusalem 33 AD.