I was reading an article that a christian lady wrote about the confession of sin.  She used a Bible scripture and a story followed after that to illustrate the verse, 1Jn 1: 9.

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Her premise was that if you feel you offend someone you should confess that sin to Christ and move along with your life.  Case rested.  On the surface that seems to be what John is talking about to us the believer.

I will ask a question.  Can anyone see what is wrong with her premise and the use of that verse?  Ask yourself how many times do we confess to Christ?  Once, everyday, or every minute of our existence;  perhaps for eternity?  Is this what your Father requires of you?

She put those words out in the wilderness for all to read, to confess your sins if you offend someone.  She like other millions of believers veil the glory of Christ; the simplicity of Christ.  The lady misinterpreted the scripture and caused others to stumble by her interpretation.   The scripture is correct, but the intent of the author has been misaligned.  So many christians have been blinded by the simplicity of Christ.  Man muddies up the waters for his own gains.  This deceit took hold in the early church and continues to this day.

Google search that particular letter that John wrote.

  1.  It was written to the church of Ephesus.
  2. The author was concerned about the heretical teachings of the teachers of the word.  Such teachers are considered anti-christ.  You still see the heretical teachings in the church to this day.
  3. The teachings became heterodox which means it is at variance with the teachings of Christ and the gospels.
  4. The teachers at the churches that John directed his letter to were teaching what is called Docetism,  which means Jesus appeared to be human but that was just an illusion.  It denied Jesus humanity.
  5. They were making Christianity acceptable to accommodate the pagan beliefs of the first century church.

What modern-day church still allows that to happen?

Note: Docetism was finally rejected in 325 AD by the council of Nice.

When you put scripture out in the wilderness you have to know the author’s intent and who the letter was directed to.  Knowing the history of the times that the author penned the letter helps too.  You can’t just pick a scripture out and use preconceived notions about what you think the scripture is referring to.  You are creating a disconnect with the author, the author’s intent, and to your audience.

John was writing it appears to the people in the church that were being taught just the spirituality of Jesus and not the humanity of Christ.  As it is written, a house divided will not stand.

Many believers sit in church and fall prey to the antichrist’s teachings about Christ.  They veil the simplicity of the message.  One Faith, One Confession, One Christ.  We are not told to confess to our Father every second of the day, but to reconcile our mistakes to the offending party.  Rest assured Father will be watching.  To confess to a man is heretical and anti-Christ, like the teachers of the first century.

One Faith, One Confession, One Christ.  This is the body of the Cross and Resurrection.  A simple exchange between a thief and Christ on the Cross.  You are being crucified for being a thief all your life.  However, the Jesus hung for you, being crucified for being the Son of God.  You both know that death is going to grip your soul soon.  If you are like me, you want to live, for death is the final frontier if you are not a believer;  it is for eternity.  You have heard the stories of Christ from afar for years.  So as you listen to the simple man from Nazarene, He is speaking to his Father.  He is more concerned for mankind then His own death, because He knows that His spirit will go to be with the Father.  His pain does not come from the nails in His hands or His feet,  nor from the bleeding, but from the insolence of the children that mock God.  You feel the pangs of death and in the twinkling of an eye, you speak to the man from Nazarene,  I am not sure who you are but don’t forget about me.

Jesus looks at you and says, ” Today shalt thou be with me in paradise. The pain of death slowly dissolves over time and you close your eyes and awaken with Jesus on the throne.

If you willy-nilly pick out scriptures and attach a story to it, make sure you know what the author was referring to and who he was talking to and its application.  Was he using references to the Old Testament?  You have to know intent and context of the letters.  Don’t pick out a scripture and attach an event to it without knowing the content and intent of the author.  All you are doing is putting a veil over the Cross and Resurrection.  You will never see Christ in His simple message.

This is no different then when Moses came down from the mountain with the stone tablets with the ten commandments.  Ten commandments and the people could not see the glory of God.  They had been taught preconceived notions about the worship of the gods and goddesses that roamed their world.  Akin to the mantra of the late 60’s; Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll.  There is a line from an old song and it goes like this, ” The road goes on forever and the party never ends”.  The party that started at the foot of the mountain before Moses came down continues to this day.  Only the names and faces have changed.  It has been like that since man sinned in the Garden of Eden.  Technology is the only thing that changes in history.

When you misinterpret the scriptures and misconstrued events, all you are doing is putting a veil over the believers eyes so they can not see the glory of Christ.  As a Christian it is your duty to defend the faith through apologetics and hermeneutics, the interpretation of the scriptures.

If you take a scripture like 1 Jn. 1: 9 and apply it to your individual event, then you are missing the intent and context of that scripture.  John wrote 1 Jn. to the churches at Ephesus that were teaching that the humanity of Christ was just an illusion and not rooted in reality.  He was writing to the believers as a corporate group, to renounce the heretical teachings of the antichrist crowd and to follow Christ.  1 Jn. 1:9 has nothing to do you yelling at someone or whatever the case may be in your individual walk.

Understand the scriptures the author’s intent and the context of the scripture in concert with the corresponding verses.  Let  the Holy Spirit guide you not the heretical teachings of man.

Can anyone answer the question which modern day church teaching is heretical?

  1. None
  2. Some
  3. All

Remember read your Bible and understand the intent and nature of the Word.  Bathe yourself in truth and dry yourself off with wisdom and knowledge.