Who was Christ ?

I have been sitting here pondering that question.  First of all you have prosperity theology and then we have the theology of evangelicals to  turn your back on sin.  Then we have the new one I guess something called Enneagram as a tool for spirituality.  Seriously!  Christ did not preach spirituality but an adherence to the commandments. How you get spirituality out of the Word is beyond me.  We all want something to motivate us toward a certain plateau . I understand that . However that is not enmeshed in reality.

I come across a young lady a couple of days ago and she was talking about sin and quoted scripture ie, look at the plank in our own eye before we judge someone.  We are to turn our back on sin and not say anything to the person in sin.  Her premise was wrong in the context that , that particular scripture was talking to the Pharisees and not the gentile. Paul talks to the gentle.  She was equating that scripture to pertain to all gentiles and that is not the case.  For the most part Christ was talking to the Pharisees and not the gentiles.  Paul talks more to the gentile and thier walk with Christ.

When dealing on the internet and we ascribe to a certain belief.  We have to keep in mind that there are children in Christ trying to learn. If we bring light to darkness on the internet then we are wrong.  All judgements are regulated to a one on one conversation.

People miss the point in the Bible if you teach someone a wrong doctrine then the blood of their sins are on your shoulders and yours alone.  You have to be careful what you say and what you tell others.

American Churches have become pompous.  I would like to see any of these so called sheppards to cross the border in Mexico or any of the other poor countries and live there under these circumstances for years and explain how Christ is in their lives. All the churches do is build a better mousetrap to capture the hurting people out there.  Then they wonder why their membership is declining.  The only reason is that they lie about Christ.   I see the younger generation gravitating towards the latest appetizers that crosses their tongues. You ask any young person where Christ lives.  That cannot tell you. Who is Christ?  They cannot tell you.  But if you ask them what church is all about.  You are going to get a basic answer.. They have songs, then they want money, then they say something about the  scriptures.  Me I would be asking, tell me about Christ. Who is he ? Where does he Live?  The last time I asked a youngster where Christ lived he pointed to the heavens.  Sorry wrong answer.  This is why so many people do not understand that sins are forgiven.  The Holy Roman Church and the American Churches put Christ out of reach to the average person.  That is why they cannot comprehend that Christianity is simple, Love God as you love your neighbor, paraphrasing.  There is no spirituality in that commandment, nothing you have to do but treat others as you want them to treat you.

The American churches send you down a rabbit hole and everybody feels good.  Go down to Laredo and look across the Rio Grande and look at the housing situation.  Look at the government that has been corrupted for hundreds of years.  The poor cannot defend themselves they took away all the firearms. The murder rates are high and the innocent die every day.  People are starving in Mexico and America and around the  world.  Christ requires responsibility.  Nonetheless your paradise and freedom lies in Christ and that is what should be preached.

Is this righteous angry! Yes. Americas Christians the ones that know the Truth have keep silent.  America is like Christ the Pharisees have convicted America and are crucifying her the Cross and the blood is dripping.

So to the Evangelicals that believe turn your back on sin and to the prosperity believers and to the other forms of Christianity.  Your blood is dripping along with America because you sat in dumb silence and let it go.  Because you listen to the Church instead of the voice of your Lord.

Like I said all you pompous christians go down to Mexico and eat what they eat, use the bathroom like they do, wash like they do  and live in squalor.  Then come back to me with your pompous sayings and the ability to write scripture. Clothe yourself with there clothes.

I am not a progressive socialist christian.  I walk alone with Christ and understand the mechanisms of the devil.  I help whoever Christ puts in path and seek no recognition. I understand Christ and life for my sunset is coming soon.

Read your Bible and wash yourself in righteousness and dry yourself with the Truth.