Can I Trust my Bible

Due to today’s secular attack on the Word one has to be able to defend the scripture against the onslaught of huminisam.   We are increasingly being ask to prove the trustworthiness of the Bible.  Can you answer that question?  Should we even begin to ask that question as Christians.  The answer should be a resounding yes.  Why do we believe the Bible.  The answer can not be because the pulpit says it is true.  That would be a wrong answer.  You have to be able to defend the Word.  Do you know why as an individual you believe the Word?

Let’s start first with the following question.  Can you prove the Bible is trustworthy?  The answer would be no.  Can you prove the existence of God ? Can you prove that God does not exist? Again the answer would be no. Just like creation and evolution you can not prove either one happened.  All belief systems are faith based and can not be proved  in the overall scheme of things.  However the flip-side of trustworthy is that the Bible is a rational coherent argument for the validity of Word that holds together.  We are going to look at cohesive arguments for the Bible. 

When we were younger our parents told us perhaps as children that the Bible was true. We took it for granted but as adults those days are over.  There are two many false teachers running around loose giving Christianity a bad name.  So it behoves each of us to be able to defend the Word with a rational argument.  It is one thing to believe but another thing to be able to defend that belief.

Holding fast the faithful word as he hath been taught,  that he may be able by sound doctrine both to exhort and to convince the gainsayers. (Titus.1:9)

First we are going to see if Christ actually lived using historical accounts that are non-biblical.  We will be looking at those references  tomorrow.  So get your pens and paper ready to take notes to defend your position.