Apostasy of the Church II

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The Apostle John is attributed to writing five books of the Bible and of course including Revelations.  He was one of Christ disciples and walked with Christ during His ministry.  So John was aware of the spiritual influences of gods and goddesses that influenced everyday life in the first century.  These same gods and goddesses made their way into the early Christian church corrupting the body of Christ.

The Roman Empire when they captured a new land like the the Kingdom of Israel.  They had a policy of letting the inhabitants worship their own gods or goddesses as long as they paid tribute to the Caesars.  No different with the Jewish people.  Your submission was to the Roman Empire.

The Holy Roman Church came along and created its own brand Christianity they incorporated a lot of the gods and goddesses into their temple and preached their deception to the masses.  Over the years you had to pay tribute to the church. The papacy assumed their supremacy as the only church by twisting one scripture.  The Protestant churches that came along in the 16th century are just a watered down version of the Catholic church.

They both celebrate the same pagan holidays with very little variance. They both allow celebrations in the country they occupy like the Day of the Dead in Mexico and South America. This was the goddesses of death practiced by the Aztecs thousand of years ago. The papacy calls this folk “Catholicism”.  The Protestants call it keep the coffers full.  The Holy Roman Catholic Church and as lot of American churches accept Islam but reject Israel.  You can see this in the current pope’s actions towards the muslims and his disdain for the Jewish people. Most American churches do not teach that we are to be grafted into the tree of Judea.  So who is anti-semitic ?

So during the time of great turmoil in the first century the Messiah comes back and pronounces His kingdom. Christ walked among us and the Apostles preached the great news.  The great news is simple it resides in the first and only commandment in the Bible;

 A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.
    By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.

There are no gods or goddesses involved there is only one commandment to achieve in your lifetime. It is also the hardest to achieve with empathy. We however do this with faith that the Holy Spirit will guide us. Faith is all it takes.  That is the great message the Creator loves you as you are.  There are no hurdles to attain, no spirituality to attain just simple faith in one God.  Walk with Him one day at a time.

Love is the only commandment that we follow and the only one that has to be taught by the Holy Spirit.  Man made churches can not teach love and satan knows this.  We are taught to love by what we see in our parents , society and perhaps on the internet. That kind of love will lead to death in your spirit that is a given.  This is what John was talking about the Roman Catholic Church that lets the gods of old flow through the temple and desecrate the Love of Christ simple as that.

Turn your backs to man made religions and follow the voice in your heart.  Accept Christ by faith as the ultimate God, the King of Kings your Creator.

Faith in a Creator is all it takes and let the Holy Spirit guide you.  That is the good news, one God, one creator who loves His Children.  Come back to the fold before the darkness befalls you.

See you tomorrow.  Love Ron.