Murder by guns as of today is Two thousand two hundred and fifty, Murder by abortion stands at Two hundred seventy-five thousand and seven hundred and seventy-five as of 12 o’clock central time, March 13, 2018.  They are killing a baby every 30 minutes in America.

Where has the church been for the last 40 yrs? Nowhere to be found.  Everything in life is taught to you from your parents, school to the church. The church has always taught you to be meek and turn the other cheek.  Part of that is true.  However there has to be warriors in christianity be it women or men.  Our Lord will use women when the men can not fulfill their duties.

All you have to do look at Num.25:1-5, especially verses 5, Moses told the judges to slay the men who followed the god Baal-peor.


The Israelites killed their children to the god Chemosh or you could call it Baal-peor.  They worshipped the sun-god and sacrificed their children to appease a made up god.  There was also cannibalism and every deviant sexual behavior you could think off.

The blood of the children flows through the altars ankle-deep and you are complicit in the murder of children.  You are asleep in the pews  because of the same old restaurant menu they serve you.  The Lord always calls leaders to defend the Trinity of the Lord.  Apparently 58 million children later your Lord has found no one righteous.

The day is going to come when  the Council of Elders (pastors) are going to stand before the Father and He is going to ask, How come you did not stop the killing of my children?

What are you going to say?

To the children that want tougher gun laws maybe you should protest the killing of children by abortion.

Like it states in the book of Daniel, you will be ruled by children as knowledge increases the end will be near.

Remember God loves you and wants you to come home.