The Few, The Proud, The Chosen

Morning fellow travelers on their way to Zion. Hope you all sat down last night at the Last Supper and spoke your spirit unto your Father , Elohim. There are interesting parallels between the Marines and the Bible that requires discussion.

I must admit I was never a Marine but in the heyday I was around a lot of Marines and I had the same Esprit de Corps, Duty , Honor, Country.  Their names are written in stone on the wall in Washington D.C. ( 4th Marine Recon).


Before I get started , I wish to take time out to explain the picture on my front page. This is the American church as I see it. The skull is the half-truths they teach you, the blood flows from the altars and the children suffer. It is not complicated.

Young people that join the Marines, they chose to be Marines for a variety of reasons. They go through a 13 week, suppose to be rigorous training to understand, how to survive in combat. It used to be rigorous until the socialist communist got their fangs into the Corps. However in the day it was brutal.  It had to because combat is brutal. It was the combat veteran ( Drill Sargent’s) that taught these young minds how to negotiate the complex landscape of the battlefield.  If you were not taught right you would die on the fields of battle. Their truth is exemplified by the sword.  Failure is not an option.  Their personal protection is their rifle.

Elohim who created you, gave you the election in the New Testament, to choose by freewill to join in spirit Christ to become Christ like.  You got tired of spilling your blood on the battlefields and on the walls of your heart. Like me you sought refuge in the arms of your Father. Boot camp for the Christian lasts for eternity. You should seek counsel from the combat veterans that have been in battle before you. Your weapon is the breast-plate of Faith and your sword is Truth. It is your Duty not mine to read the Word and hear the instructions of Elohim. Or you will continue to die inside and when you see your Father, He’s going to ask, Why you did not seek His Son, by then it is too late.


The Marines fought an epic battle for Okinawa , they went to the mountain and planted the American Flag. They shed a lot of blood to get to the top. The same is for Christ, he shed a lot of blood for you to save your life. Bandaids will not stop the bleeding but a salve of Truth applied over your wounds and you will heal in three days.

Here is a homework assignment for you. Get you a good KJV bible open it up to Matt. 16: 18. Where you see the name Peter put your name in it (male or female).  Tell me what the Lord spoke to you.  I already know what He told you.

The Holy Roman Church predicated their church, as the only church, on that one verse and because the name Peter is found more times in the New Testament then the rest of the disciples.

If you put your name in that verse, then you have to realize that Christ is talking to you. It is not complicated.  You’re the Temple, your heart is your rock, the Truth is the Word.

The Protestant churches reminds me of the draft dodgers of long ago. They shrieked their duties to God and Country and found an easy gig to make a living off others.  Both churches teach you only the basics of christianity not enough to survive life. They keep you illiterate.

When Christ spoke, “I will rebuild the Temple in three days”.  He was talking about building it in your heart not some organized religion. He never spoke to the Holy Roman church or the numerious Protestent churchs that they were only church. This is evident in the Leviticle chruch who after awhile became corrupt with money and idolatry.

When Moses came down from the mountain, the people had a veil over their eyes they could not see the opulence of the Lord surrounding Moses.  Organized religion keeps that veil over your eyes.


You elected to join Christ as the rifle is the weapon for the Marine.  The Bible is your weapon for the Truth.  Like the Marines go to the Mountain, Jerusalem sits on a mountain and Christ dwells in your heart.  It is not complicated.


God loves you and wants you to come home. It’s not complicated.

The Few, The Proud, The Chosen