Duty , Honour, Country these should be the hallowed words that echo from the pulpits of America. This will never happen the pulpits of America are the children of the Harlot of Babylon (Rev.18). They worship of gods and goddesses when times are good and ask Yahweh for help when times are bad. The Jews in Samaria ( Samaritans) worshiped a god of the sun and a goddess, the queen of heaven. When times were bad they turned to Yahweh.

Every wonder why the Holy Roman Church is cozying up to Islam? The Holy Roman Church, God’s, God and the sub-gods are Christ, and the virgin mary with over 10,000 saints, you can pray to.

Islam’s core belief is God (Allah) the sub-gods Christ and the virgin mary.

Going to any Church in America is like going to your favorite restaurant.  The ushers hand you a menu, you sit where you want and you look at the menu. You see they have appetizers, main menu and a selection of desserts. You receive your manna pay for your meal and you go home.  Say you do not come back for 6 months. You come back the usher hands you the menu, you sit, you pay for your meal and go home. In my town there our lots of different restaurants you can visit with very little deviations in the menu.  Every now and then they offer a new item to excite you.  After awhile the food tastes bad so you look for another restaurant that will fill your appetite. After awhile it is the same ol manna same ol menu.  You lose interest, the feel good theology can’t seem to get rid of the desperation in your heart.

If I ask any christian in America to explain the Trinity to me, odds are they cannot explain it correctly.   The pulpit always told me, we just had to accept their explanation  of the Trinity and it was beyond your comprehension.

The core of Christianity is the Trinity there is only one God. Unlike the illustrations above that have three gods.  If you miss this, you miss the whole point of the Trinity. The core essence of the doctrine.  Unlike a human being we have only one person. , God has three persons.  He is one being, Yahweh in three persons: Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. If we say God has only one person then we are making God in our image.

To help you understand the Trinity clearer we go to quantum physics. This is the study of how sub-atomic particles react to other particles. Simply as that. In the 1920’s they did an experiment along the lines of the Trinity. To illustrate, get a piece of chalk, break it in half , put a piece on either end of the table. In the middle of the table put an electron (energized particle). To their amazement the electron in the middle took on the characteristics of the chalk.

That is the Trinity it is not complicated.  You see the Trinity throughout the Old Testament.  Why the churches do not teach you that escapes me.  The very first verse in Genesis 1:1 ,” In the beginning God created the heavens and earth.  God translates to ,ELOHIM, which is plural in the Hebrew language in  this verse it is singular because of the use of the verb.  This is the first instance of the duality of Yahweh.


This is a mailer I got the other day. If you go to this church you could win 4 tickets to see the NBA finals . These are the merchants in the Temple they teach you nothing but what is on the same old menu.

The churches prostitute themselves and sell you tickets to basketball games or like the mega-church north of me where they put in a 100k fishbowl to pay homage to Christ.  This is one reason Yahweh has removed His blessings from America. The so-called pastors, for which there is no word in the Hebrew language for pastor) lead the children away from the voice of the Lord.  Every time the Jewish people were led astray, the Lord punished them.

The next time the pulpit tells you they are going to have a revival or march madness. Raise your hand up and ask, Can you tell me who my Father is ? See what kind of answer you get. The worst that can happen is they kick you out of church.

Duty, Honor, Country it’s your Duty to understand the Word, it should be an Honor to have a loving Father that sent His Son to die for your sins, Country, to defend your being against the prostitutes of the Word.

In the days of the ancients paternal lineage was a big deal. If you look at my front page the image of the tree. We are by adoption to be grafted into the tree of Judea with our lineage going through Christ, to Jessie, to Abraham and Sarah. If you do not know these things you are not reborn. You are like a child without parents. You are trying to find out who you are, what your parents were like ect. It is half truth to know Christ but it is another to know your Father. If you do not know your Judean lineage, how can you be reborn?

You can either sit with the prostitutes of Babylon or walk back to Zion to find your Father through Christ. Christ will lead you to your Father.  You are welcome to walk with me or you can walk on your own but you need to get back to Zion; before judgement befalls America; the Harlots of Babylon walk across this land.  Soon Christ will release His judgement across the land and the Women and the dragon will be thrown into the pit.

Remember God loves you and wants you to come home.