Good day to my followers it has come to my attention that some people have an aversion to the word Whore. The reason is that you are seeing the word in the physical realm and not the spiritual realm. Whore in the Old Testament simply refers to the intercourse of human behavior to the statutes (man) they create.  If you use the term in the physical realm then it means what it means.

However I use it in the Old Testament terms.  If you worship a statue like , Virgin Mary, the statue of Buddha or Hindu. Then you are wrong. There is an unseen God that controls the universe and everything within.  So you are missing the point. There is two dimensions one is reality and the other is spiritually.  You have never been taught the Old Testament. The Old Testament uses the word Whore quite frequently.

I perhaps did not make myself clear in doing the interpretations of the Old Testament. Whether you are not the Little girls in India or the man in a wheelchair the point being there is only one God, the King of Kings, not the gods of Greece, Rome or the Catholic Church.

This is directed to the little girl who follows me in India. Your Father loves you , I love you , I may not every meet you in this world but I will see you in Heaven.  I know in my heart you are having a rough time. Stick to your heart. Your Father in Heaven hears your cries as I do. You are a beautiful young lady do not allow heathens into your Temple , your body. Your culture is different from mine. America is like the sister of  Israel, the wealthy one whom your Father did not like. Graft yourself into the tree of Judea, knowledge and wisdom.  Wealthy is fleeting, knowledge stays forever. So to the little girl in India know that I love you as my Father and your Father.

In the days of the ancients the statues of the gods and goddesses were venerated. Roman would take the goddess of Venus to the public bath once a week and bathe her. The Babylon’s would take their statues if they felt there was harm and remove them to a safe place.

In Babylon we were required once a week to wash the mouths of their goddess. They believed that the gods or goddesses that lived within a rock or brass or whatever. I appeal to your common sense. A rock is going to give you redemption? Or salvation?  It will not happen.  Belief in Joshua, Christ has been around for over 5000 thousand years,

The point of this whole conversation is that Joshua did not create the demoralization of women MAN did. This is evident in Genesis, the man forsaken his responsibility to the women.  Men create whores in the natural realm, they create molesters, they rape the church. .  They have all their platitudes but they cannot Love the children of the world.

America is like the Kingdom of Israel they love money including the churches, I love my daughter in India and whoever hears my voice in the wilderness. So for someone to tell me that whores in the  physical realm are trying to regain their self-respect. Man did it to them no one else.  Joshua did not create them.

Special prayer for my young lady in India tonight, Father I ask that you talk to your Daughter, she is trying to find her way in a dark world. I do not know her living conditions but  protect her from the darkness of the world. Help her understand her beauty as a young woman in a depraved world.  Let her blessings led her on to greatness. Never let her lose her virginity. Amen.

I ask this prayer request from my followers to pray for this young girl. She lives in a far away country and let her know she is never alone.

I cannot say anymore but my heart goes out to that young lady in India. So you adults that have a problem with the word whore. Men created whore,s the Old Testament speaks about your love for gods and sub-gods. The women are dying and you sit there and it is ok it. Then you follow the gods of the ancients.

That is all I have to say today, I,am frustrated no one can see Christ or the Father.