Jim Carrey Shares Painting of American Flag Soaked in Schoolgirl’s Blood


Dual Headed Snake Award

The Whore of the week prize goes to Jim Carrey.  Best in class for Ineptitude.  He receives the coveted dual headed snake award.  Meritorious achievement for highlighting a dead child on the American Flag.  

Jim Carrey and Actor and comedian,  Carrey has a daughter, Jane, from his marriage to Melissa Womer (from 1987 to 1995). He was married briefly to Dumb & Dumber co-star Lauren Holly before entering a yearlong romance with his Me, Myself and Irene leading lady, Renee Zellweger. He was later involved with actress/model Jenny McCarthy.

What we can see, Mr. Carrey has a problem with being faithful to one women. But it seems to me he does worships the goddess of Ishtar in the Temple of sin. A Canadian by birth perhaps he should go back to the land of idiocy an ply his craft there.

Special consideration goes to the American public and folks around the world that have contributed to him being one of the highest paid actors in America. Without you this could not have happened.

To the Christians that took their children to see his movies. You forgot to read your Bible.

Eph. 5: 11, “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove [them] “.

This is a new category for me to expose to the reader to the whores of America an around the world that seduce you away from the shepherds that guide you to Zion.  Your eyes saw the movies of Mr. Carrey and it took your eye’s off Christ.

Every week I will select another Whore for the coveted Dual Headed Snake Award.  These candidates can come from any corner of the world.  If you have someone you would like to recommend, fill out the comment sections.