The Lord’s Supper V addendum I

To the watchmen, the women, children that travel back to Jerusalem with the Ark of the covenant.  We have been traveling from Babylon for a couple of months now and a couple of days ago we left the city of Mari. As usual we set up camp for the night and the elders told us , What was, what is, what will be.  After the fires died down everyone returned to their tents, tomorrow would be another exciting journey, carrying the covenant of the Ark.

I fell asleep in my tent and the spirit of the Lord came upon me in a vision.  He spoke, “Arise my Son and speak to the bones of the gentiles and they will arise; those that can hear and those that can see“, a parchment flared out before my eyes ; the Lord told me to read the Words therein.  I have seen the parchment many times before but did not understand the words it contained. Speak these Words.

Lies always hides behind a veil and lurks in the darkness like a slithering snake, coiled, ready to strike the weak. Lions tracking their prey will always attack the weakest of the images (3)flock, separate them from the watchmen, and kill them.  Satan comes to you as vision of imagesbeauty to draw you into his claws.  Like the Roman centurion that thrust the spear into Christ heart.  Your spirit will drain from your flesh and the lion will devour you with all her cubs.  Far to long the priests of the heathens have led the children of the gentiles astray and fed them to the Lions and her cubs.

When we were led in exile to Babylon, after the fall of the first temple, in 605 BC.  The first thing we noticed in the city was a temple called, the Temple of Belus, we knew it as the


Tower of Babel. This was the Babylonians high goddess, the queen of heaven.  Inanna the goddess of love, beauty, sex, desire, fertility, war, combat, justice, and political power.  She was a Sumerian goddess brought to Babylon where she became known as Ishtar. She produced every deviant sexual ritual that man could come up with.  Homosexuality, transvestite, homosexual transvestite priests, masturbation, oral sex and sacred prostitutes that would at times walk around the city naked.  They venerated her in rock, the queen of the heavens, her name changed years later to Mary.  Rome also knew her as Venus. This is what John’s vision in REV. 17 & 18 concerns.  

The Samaritans had their own Gods, hundreds of them and hundreds of sub-gods that they venerated.  Their fertility god was also Inanna. That is another story tomorrow on the continuing series of the Last Supper VI.

You remember hearing stories of Noah and the Great Flood that swept across the known world. The Lord told him to build an Ark, protect his family and all clean animals ect. Remember the story being told when you were younger?

You are like the Ark, just look at your stature, we are all shaped like a rectangle, you have a front, a back, and walls, at the center of our bosom lies the living quarters, where the spirit of the Lord resides. The tablets inside the Ark are the Ten Commandments.  The Lord put the  Ark of the Covenant on the walls of your heart.  imagesOnly those that are righteous can enter your living quarters.  As Jeremiah spoke, Jer. 3, There will come a time when you will not see the Ark no more. When Christ spoke to Peter, On this rock I will build my church, that is your heart, Christ lives in your heart where no one can see.

For the Holy Roman Empire to claim they are the only church is bogus and a lie. My church lies in my heart, Christ is my rock of salvation.  The Jews never built a statue to venerate their God. We worship in faith.  They built symbols ie, The covenant of the Ark, a faceless object to signify the greatness of an unseen King of KIngs.

Ishtar (Inanna) is still alive with her dominions. The culture of deviant sex has been around for thousands of years starting with the Greeks.  That belief continued well into 2db34b6a2008620a0fb91dfc236bb60athe 18th century. If you look across the land she is still alive in the hearts of men. I hear all the time that god created homosexuals, transvestite’s, cross dressers, transgender, lesbians ect. That is true, the goddess of Ishtar created these unclean animals thousands of year ago. She loves them so does Satan. Unclean animals are not to be allowed in your Ark. You will fall into the downloadabyss of desolation and darkness the bosom of Ishtar into the heart of Satan. Ishtar ,the Queen of the Heavens, changed her looks and got a facelift.  The shepherds of the flock allowed this in order to lead the flock astray from truth of Christ.  Christ overturned the merchants in the temple because the shepherds of Israel allowed the gods and goddesses to reveal themselves to the flock to devour them.

So if you feel the need to worship a statue anywhere in the world, remember they were created in the minds of men to justify their power. Reminds me of the mantra’s of the 60’s, Sex, drugs and rock n roll and the party goes on forever.  Like the song say’s, ” Ride captain ride to the land of El Dorado”.

Me I hear the voice of an unseen Creator, “on this rock I will build my church”. Be still and you will hear the voice of our Creator through the His Son, Christ. God love’s you and wants you to come home out of the wilderness where you have been lost.  He hears your cries and see’s your wounds buried in your heart.

Tomorrow we make our way to Samaria located in the kingdom of Israel. So pack up and let us journey back to Zion back to Jerusalem the Last Supper with Christ.