The Last Supper V


To the watchmen of the Word that guard the body an essence of Christ. We have been traveling with the Jewish people since their exile in Babylon. We made the ancient city of Mari and marveled at the ruins. Everytime you leave the Lord judgement will follow.  This is true about the city of Mari. Over the course of time the city had been destroyed three times, never to be rebuilt.  However with the mercy of our Lord the Temple will be destroyed twice and then rebuilt in your heart.  Do you build or do you go to the fields of half-truths?  I suspect the latter is true.  Only a remnant are grafted into the branch of Judea.

We packed up and started our journey to Canaan to drop off the shepherds and tillers of the field. This part of the journey will take about a month to get to the upper parts of the Jordan river.  Just like ever morning after the elders conferred with the priest and discussions took place with the Lord, we were ready to leave.  The priest carrying the Ark, then the elders and the rest of us.

The lands of Israel and Judea have always been considered holy since before the time of King David, 1000 BC.  However the land has always been called Palestine. No one knows who gave the land this name.  If you look at the map, that small slice of land is known as Philistine. They think the people who came and settled in Philistine named the land. If you remember King David waged a war against them and they were vanquished from the history books.

We proceeded on our trek that day knowing full well what lay ahead of us.  The upper end of the Jordan river region was a mountainous area. That ran rampant with thieves, robbers and tribal chiefs. Once we got out of the mountains, the lands flowed into lush valley’s and plains.  The sloping hills were great for grazing sheep, planting vineyards, fig tree’s and the golden oil, olive oil. This was Canaan, “the land of milk and honey”, as noted in our teachings.  This is where part of our caravan would stay and till the land, so as to fill the warehouses to support the building ,of the temple, the poor, the widow and the orphan. The four precepts of the Lord for all eternity.

We finished our march that day with no major problems.  We had to stop once because one of the ladies born a son unto our Lord. This was a glorious event because we had heard of a certain woman who was going to bear a Son called Jesus, that would rebuild the third Temple in three days in the spirit, in our heart  and mind.

That night when we were sitting around the table, at the Last Supper, the talk centered around the mercy and grace of our Lord for providing us a safe trip. One of the elders told us about a saying, “If anyone that wishes to be rich, let him go north; if he wants to be wise let him go south”.  The material wealth of Galilee was well-known in lore and the supremacy for academics that lay with Judea. Some have purpose to tend to the fields and some have a purpose to build.  I know that to be my purpose, to build a church, in the hearts of the elect. 

My son asked one of the elders why we observed the Last Supper? He knew that it was prophesied that the Messiah would be with His disciples before events began to unfold the next day.  Why do we celebrate now? An elder stood up and spoke, We observe the Last Supper to become acquainted with the Lord, to understand the trails and tribulations that may come upon us. To have His blessings and mercy to steer us to Jerusalem where the Temple will be built within us.

At the time my son did not understand what the elder had said but I knew what it meant.  The fires died down and everyone went to rest with the Lord in the tents and the watchmen protected us. Could hardly sleep the excitement was building.  The Lord was going to send His only Son to save me and love me.

Tomorrow we reach the city of Shiloh and the tillers of the flock will depart for the fields an plains “in the land of milk and honey”.  From there it is only a short  journey to Jerusalem.

We went to sleep with this prayer;   Esther4:14  “For if thou altogether holdest thy peace at this time, [then] shall their enlargement and deliverance arise to the Jews from another place; but thou and thy father’s house shall be destroyed: and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for  [such] a time as this”?

Ask Christ into your heart and rebuild your Temple as a dwelling for the Lord.

Pray; Lord I am a sinner, I’ve done things in my life that I am not proud of forgive. Help me rebuild my house to honour your Love. Forgive those who have brought harm against me in the past and guided me down the thorny path of desolation and despair. Heal my heart, and mind, and body. 

I believe at this juncture in your life your Temple will be reborn in your heart.

Well this is the weekend so I will see everyone Monday as we get the first look of Jerusalem. Celebrate the Lords Supper before you go to sleep at night.