The Little Girls

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To the watchmen of America the carpenters the engineers the people who build cities.  For too long there has been an absence of builders in America.  If you have been following my series on the Last Supper IV, there is a difference between those that plant seeds and those that build the Temple. I am in the later, I like to create and build. This is dedicated to the young ladies in Florida that think they know how to be a mother.

So this is directed against Emma Gonzalez and Cameron Kasky of the Stone Mason High School.  This is the shooting that left 17 children dead.  You rail against DANA LOESCH,a conservative Bible believing woman.  Questioning her ability as a mom and a parent?

She will be a better mother then you will every be. She was raised on the milk of Christ where as you have been raised on the breast of Saul Alinsky , diversity, multiculturalism and other assorted B. S.  You obviously like the taste of that milk. 

The murder rates in Florida are outstanding. According to a study done. The three most sinful states in the union are Florida, California and Nevada. So for these children to tell me how to parent is baloney.  Or for that fact to tell Dana Loesch they can parent better is B.S. Depending on who you talk to , I was a bad parent but my sons and grand sons and great grand sons are going to better than I every could attain. Me and my wife broke the generational sin so our children could excel. That is our greatest accomplishment for the Lord. I have taken my stripes and the wounds and the bloodletting so my family could live.

These young ladies do not have a clue of the bloodletting, the wounds our the loss of life. They are reacting to the meals that have been served them. Which is nothing more than slop.

One young lady has her hair shaved off. What is she butch? I don’t care about that ? She want’s to fight let her go in combat and lose 900 hundred soldiers then see what she has to say.  The children will not stand up for America they do not have the wisdom or knowledge or the maturity to stand up straight.  The illegals do not have the will to defend this country. They feed off the breast of entitlement.

I was privileged a long time ago to visit Auschwitz the German concentration camp.  I saw the gas chambers, the meat hooks and the graves. It was a moving experience.  One I will never forget. I always wonder why the Jews did not fight back ? Over the years I realized that most of the folks were old and that the German Government took away the guns.  The only Jews that tried to fight the Germans occurred in Warsaw.

To long the churches in America have down played our history in Judaism, to long have they told you half-truths.  Just like Hitler they are leading you to the gas chambers. This is why I will fight the churches of America.  We have lost our culture, our values, our morality and the principles that this country was built on. To be a carpenter like Christ requires a sense of responsibility. Nobody is entitled to anything. Christ gave us the rules and the churches have pushed them aside. They do not believe in Christ bottom line. From the Catholic church to mainline Christianity.

If you want to be led to the gas chambers so be it.  To those young ladies, meet me at the wall and see if you can figure out how much blood was let for your insolence mouth. To your parents I would put you across my knee. Your fools raising fools. To the church you are leading everyone to the gas chambers that is the bottom line. It is one thing see Christ but another  thing  to live it. Responsibility overrides socialism.

You want to die then listen to your learned folks and take a number to the gas chambers.

To the young girls in Florida may our Lord spare your soul.