Last Supper IV

Morning to the goodmen and goodwomen that guard the Temple of Christ.  We are on a journey to rebuild the second Temple of Christ. A journey through the land of Canaan,” the land of milk and honey”. This is the upper parts of the river Jordan noted for its lush valleys and slopes and agriculture paradise.  

Historical note:

A hundred and fifty years before King Cyrus birth, the prophet Isaiah foretold of the birth and the task that the Lord had predetermined for him to accomplish.  King Cyrus  was an extremely important person, because God destroyed the Babylon empire and brought to close a 70 year punishment of the Jews for rebellion against the Lord. This started the 70 week prophecy about the Messiah’s death and resurrection and the end of human rule.  King Cyrus tomb can be visited in Iran to this day. (Ish.45:1)

King Cyrus made the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem in 538 BC possible–he replaced the old Assyro-Babylonian policy of transportation( the intercourse of deities across the empire) by a policy of toleration. To allow the Jews to resuscitate their …religious institutions.  Inspired by Jehovah, he returns to the Jewish people their golden vessels which had been carried off by king Nebuchadnezzar.  This happened when Nebuchadnezzar laid waste to Jerusalem and destroyed the first Temple.

Last note the Babylon’s in addition to the tower of Babel they also had a temple called the Temple of Sin. They worshiped a moon-god that was tied to the months concerning a womans fertility.  The Babylonian women created medicines that prevented conception. Interesting fact hmmmm…..

We finally made our way to the ruins of the city of Mari,


Between 3000 BCE and 2900 BCE, an unidentified, but well-organised, complex society selected an inhospitable area near a bend in the Euphrates River to build their new capital. They likely wished to corner the market in trade and metal goods production in Northern Mesopotamia. After digging a canal to connect two bends of the river, they used the earth from this to raise a perfectly circular area that would form the heart of their new city and through which this canal passed, making the uninhabitable location habitable. Fortifications were constructed, and a grand capital enclosed within two concentric circles took shape, a design it would retain for its entire 1,200-year history.

We made camp around the ruins of the city.  Throughout the thousands of years this city has been rebuilt and destroyed three times. Reminds me of our Temple been destroyed once now and we are going to rebuild it, the second time.  The third time the Messiah is going to rebuild the Temple in our hearts in three days. No one could see that.

Anyway we set up camp, the watchmen were posted, the fires were lit, supper was made and as always we sat around with the elders and listened to the stories of long ago, now  and into the future.  What fascinated me was that a certain someone was traveling with us to Jerusalem. The elders told us that the prophet Daniel was going with us to Jerusalem. How awesome is that. I have read his prophecies and it just blows my mind.  The elders also told us that parts of the caravan , the shepherds and the farmers would stay in the land of Canaan and the carpenters would go on to Jerusalem.  Reminded me of Christ , he was a carpenter Hmmmmmm……….

 Anyway according to the map we should make Canaan in about a month drop off some of the folks and then on to Jerusalem.  The beauty of all this we were the vanguard of the seventy weeks that Daniel spoke about .  We would become part of history.  
Seventy years , seventy weeks no one knew exactly when the Messiah was coming back.  We all hope it would be in our lifetime.  The fires drifted up to the Lord as a sweet smell in His nostrils. The watchmen were set, tomorrow we head south to Canaan. We all broke bread had wine said our prayers and drifted back to our sleeping quarters, tomorrow was a big day . The Last Supper of the night with the Lord.
When you sit, as a Christian with the Lord  at His supper this is an awesome event.  You have chosen to follow Him and break bread with Him.  Instead of following the ways of the world and servitude to the many deities that float around your mind.  You’ve turned your life over to Christ an not some ordained religion. This is a personal decision for only you to make. Drown out the voices in your ears and listen to the sweet voice of the Lord. Only Christ can save you from the trails and tribulations of your corner of the foreign land you live in.  We are all strangers in this world.
 To the women that are abused by a drunk husband, to the abusive relationship perpetuated by a so-called Doctor. To the affairs because you are looking for attention. To the women that have carried the stench of death all their lives inside their hearts.  If I can see it how much more can the Father see ?
Come into the bosom of Christ and your life will change perhaps not overnight but become the Daughter, the Church your Father wants for you.  Take your place at the table in the throne room and dine with Christ and the council of elders.  You will dine with the Lamb clothed in the righteousness of the saints. Your choices live or die.
 Ask the Christ into your heart, Just say, I’m a sinner forgive me and forgive those who have sinned against me. Help me lift the burdens from my shoulders and straighten up my walk. I ask Father you cast out the demons that surround me in my house and make me a vassal of your delight. Amen
I believe at this point you are born again but like a baby you have to relearn how to walk. That is being reborn from the womb in the spirit a second time.Tomorrow we pack up and travel “to the land of milk and honey, Canaan”, then the carpenters go on to Jerusalem for the Last Supper to be with Christ.
Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Christ a carpenter? ………Hmmmmmmm

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