Morning to the elect Christians hope everyone is having a great day in Christ. Today my Lord has put in my spirit to take a journey to the Last Supper with Christ.  Before we get there we have to understand the history behind the Biblical narratives. This is one thing the churches fail to teach the Christian.  the social and economic strata that affected everyone from the times of the ancients.

So yesterday we got just a snippet of what life was like for the Jewish salves in the year 538 BC.  Just like to-day anywhere in the world , you go into a city and you get the noise and the smell of the city. You walk into Babylon in 538 BC , you have the smells of animal waste and human waste and garbage in the streets.  The houses had no windows for ventilation no indoor plumbing no way to take a shower.  No toilets, no hot and cold running water. This still occurs today across the world.

Before we leave Babylon to journey with the Jewish people back to Canaan.  We have to insert a little snippet of history.

  • 3761 BC – Creation of Adam and Eve
  • 1100 BC The Jews leave Egypt
  • 1000 BC The second King of the Jews David declares Jerusalem the capital.
  • King David divides the kingdom into two parts; The Kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of Judea.
  • 538 BC we are in Babylon fixen to journey back to Israel.

The city of Jerusalem has been inhabited since the copper age which occurred roughly around 3500 to 2300 BC.  Is it just me our does anyone see the timeline, Copper Age, and Adam and Eve. So the capital of Jerusalem has been there for thousands of years it does not belong to the Arabs. The Pope is wrong to call for a two state solution, that is another subject for another day.

The land of Canaan was named Palestine but it is lost in history how the land got that name. They think it was because the Philistines inhabited the coast of Israel back to the time of king David.. They were seafarers from Crete that migrated.  Constantine the Great (legally) named the land Palestine around 330 Ad to slight the Jews.  Story for another day.

Some timeline here in the dusty streets of Babylon it stinks to high heaven and you are doing your thing to the king of Babylon washing out the mouths of deities. You had a confluence of Greek gods and Sumerian and Babylon gods. You are a Jew who had faith in an unseen god. It must have been a time the smells of the city, where was your Lord?

Well for whatever reasons the Persian king of Cyrus the Great conquered Babylon around 538 BC and gave permission for the exiled Judean’s to return to Judea.  This was decreed around 539 BC.  The Judean Jews were allowed to go back to the Land of Judea and build the second temple of the Jews. The first temple was destroyed in 1100 BC. The building of the second temple began around 537 BC.  The third Temple was restored upon the resurrection of Christ around 33 AD.

Wow what a day, we just learned we were going home to Canaan the Land the land of “milk and honey” spoke by our Lord.  It reminds me of my time in the military when I was told I was going home finally.  The excitement was overwhelming. The same excitement must have been for the Judean Jews.

The word went out through, Babylon, tomorrow we were leaving and going home to our ancestral home Israel. Start packing we leave tomorrow only pack what you can carry and enough food for a four-month journey back to Jerusalem (900 miles).  We are going to build the second temple.

That night when I got home, the excitement was overwhelming, everyone was packing , my wife cook a meal of Lamb, we had squash and bread, we always break bread with the Lord. To top off the meal we had the finest wine the region produced, tomorrow is a big day.  Goodnight for now.  See ya tomorrow.

Look at Christ on the Cross and tell himI am a sinner, I want to follow you, forgive me for my sins and the sins of those committed against me I believe at that point you are reborn and Christ will advocate for you in the Throne room.

Remember to dine in the Throne room with your Father, ask questions and say your prayers.  If you do not know Christ, ask Him into your life.

In the Hebrew Bible, the captivity in Babylon is presented as a punishment for idolatry and disobedience to Yahweh in a similar way to the presentation of Israelite slavery in Egypt followed by deliverance.

Archaeological studies have revealed that not all of the population of Judah was deported, and that, although Jerusalem was utterly destroyed, other parts of Judah continued to be inhabited during the period of the exile. The return of the exiles was a gradual process rather than a single event, and many of the deportees or their descendants did not return.