I woke up this morning and got dressed and went down to the local restaurant to get some breakfast.  I sat at the table of the Council of Elders and listened to their debate about the events of ; ” What was, What is and What is to come”.  The gest of the heated debate was concern of how the goodmen of America, on their watch, failed to see the thief that had come in and broke into the heart of America.  The thief started scouring America with the equivalent of a cat- o- nines tail.  He put a crown of blasphemies on her head.  Nailed her hands and feet to where she could no longer move. Her robes of purple and linens of white became stained by the blood of the saints.  There were a few goodman and goodwoman that watched this event. They heard her cry to someone,MY God, my God why have you forsaken Me”? (spirit of America).

It made me reflect on stories passed down from generations to generations, stories that were taught to the children of America and how the Judean Jews were exiled to the house of Babylon.  They became servants to the deities of the heart of Babylon.

So I asked the elders, how did we get exiled into the house of Babylon?

One of the elders looked down and took a sip of coffee and spoke these words to me. The kings of the East and the kings of the west came ashore and joined with the beast that came out of the sea.  They laid siege to the outer sanctum of America and in time her walls of protection fell.  The beast and her kings enter the inner sanctum and blinded the eyes of the priests and also caused them to become deaf.  They like the priests of the Jewish people led the children of America away from the voice of the Lord.  Their bones became scattered about the altar .

I listened to elder and took another drink of coffee. I asked him a question, “When will the temple be rebuilt?

He spoke to me in parables: “beacuse they seeing not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand; nation shall rise up against nation, kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines and pestilences, and eartquakes in diverse places; the day of Lord will return and the goodman, the goodwoman and her children will be swept up into the heavens and reside in the new Jerusalem; fear not”.

I heard his words and took another drink of coffee and looked up the Elders were gone as quickly as they came.  No one in the resturant seamed to have paid attention to their comings and goings. I was dismayed , paid my bill and went home and told my wife of such things.

If you have not askChrist in your heart perhaps it is time. Just tell the Father, I’m a sinner forgive me for my sins and the sins of those commited against me. Lead me on the path to Jerusalem to understand who I am in Christ, Amen.

I believe at this point you are saved. Read a good Bible, ask questions and say your prayers.