Christ has been Cruxified

Morning to the remnant of Christ. Today I am going to interject my thoughts on the recent shootings at an highschool here in America.  I normally don’t do that but today it calls for an explanation of events that led to this shooting.

America was founded upon the belief in an unseen God, the Hebrew God, Jehovah, people came from Europe to America, to escape the tyranny of the papacy and kings because of the  high rates of taxation on the poor. The papacy made it law around 1588 AD for the poor to give ten per-cent of their earnings to the church and the kings followed suit and did the same thing.  This was all done under the guise of Christianity.  This is also why the Judean Jews were returning to Jerusalem where there were no taxes, (Last Supper series) 538 BC. The Kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of Judea lived by the Mosaic Law. The mosaic law required a tithe on the first year then the third year and then on the seventh year.  This was ten per-cent of your agriculture or animals that your land produced.  Money was forbidden only in migrating circumstances and then there was a penalty on top of that of five per-cent.

If you been following me on the series about the Great Whore.  A little clue the great whore is money. She sells her goods and you pay the price, then you want to drink more of her blood because she looks beautiful. Just like the apple in the Garden take a bite of her beauty and you are predestined to filthy clothes .

So for all you demons out there telling folks that tithing is legal and tie it to someones salvation. Your only telling a half-truth.  A lie from the Devil.

America in the 1800’s taught their children the Word Of God at an early age all the way into highschool. Somewhere in the 1900’s the families ( churches are culpable) strayed away from the teachings of Christ. Every time the Jewish people strayed away from the Lord there was a price to be had, a judgement.

In 1963 they took prayer out of the schools the final nail in Christ. America’s blood and life was flowing down her dress of righteousness.  The Roman centurion plunged a spear into her heart. It is only a matter of time till she falls. America was dressed in righteousness now it is turning to filthy rags.

The late mid 60’s the children decided to become anti-establishment, sex ,drugs,rock and roll was the new god. Burn your bras, defy your government and the list of new idols grew.  Parents could not discipline their children anymore. Social media took over the parental controls of the parents and the churches figured out new ways to fleece the flock preaching all the right pundits. When you go fishing in order to catch the right fish, you need the right bait.

America today, you have adults running around protesting something about rights, all the while they wear a pink hat on their head that resembles a vagina.  You have the anti-american youngsters that want to overthrow the spirit of America. You have the Black Lives Matter group advocating the killing of police officers. Many police officers have been killed since the first of the year. Then over the years the Government has been tearing down the Constitution of America.  California is going to release 10,000 sex offenders on the streets.  This is just a snippet of life in America.

The Churches let’s see.  A pastor in Arkansas gets a standing ovation for sexually assaulting a 17 yr old after apologizing to the congregation. A church in Texas spends 100k on an arching aquarium that cost six thousand dollars a month to maintain. A Catholic college in Ohio is going to build a dorm for transsexuals and have decided to take out the pronouns he and she from the Bible and make them gender neutral. A women Rabbi decided that our Father sexually assaulted Eve. A pastor in Florida sexually assaulted two seventeen year olds.

A 18-year-old kills 17 kids and the pundits can’t figure out what the cause is for children killing children.  What’s funny is that you do not see this in the Bible belt states like Texas.  Is Christ important, Yes.  Progressive socialism just like the Roman centurion  driving a spear into the heart of America.  She will only bleed so long and our Father will release the 4 horsemen for judgement.  Her death is only hours away won’t be long now.

I belong to Christ not a made up religion. I refuse to be dressed in filthy clothes or to bait children with gimmicks or half-truths of Christ.  tomorrow we will leave Babylon and travel to Jerusalem.  Last Supper II

Look at Christ on the Cross and tell himI am a sinner, I want to follow you, forgive me for my sins and the sins of those committed against me I believe at that point you are reborn and Christ will advocate for you in the Throne room.

Remember to dine in the Throne room with your Father, ask questions and say your prayers.  If you do not know Christ, ask Him into your life.