Good day to my followers it has come to my attention that some people have an aversion to the word Whore. The reason is that you are seeing the word in the physical realm and not the spiritual realm. Whore in the Old Testament simply refers to the intercourse of human behavior to the statutes (man) they create gods and goddesses.  If you use the term in the physical realm then it means what it means.

However I use it in the Old Testament terms.  If you worship a statue like , Virgin Mary, the statue of Buddha or Hindu. Then you are wrong. There is an unseen God that controls the universe and everything within.  So you are missing the point. There is two dimensions one is reality and the other is spiritually.  You have never been taught the Old Testament. The Old Testament uses the word Whore quite frequently.

I perhaps did not make myself clear in doing the interpretations of the Old Testament.  The point being there is only one God, the King of Kings, not the gods of Greece, Rome or the Catholic.   America is like the sister of  Israel, the wealthy one whom your Father did not like. Graft yourself into the tree of Judea, knowledge and wisdom.  Wealthy is fleeting, knowledge stays forever.

In the days of the ancients the statues of the gods and goddesses were venerated. Roman would take the goddess of Venus to the public bath once a week and bathe her. The Babylon’s would take their statues if they felt there was harm and remove them to a safe place.

In Babylon they were required once a week to wash the mouths of their goddess. They believed that the gods or goddesses lived within a rock or brass or whatever. I appeal to your common sense. A rock is going to give you redemption? Or salvation?  It will not happen.  Belief in Joshua, Christ has been around for over 5000 thousand years,

The point of this whole conversation is that Joshua did not create the demoralization of women MAN did. This is evident in Genesis, the man forsaken his responsibility to the women.  Men create whores in the natural realm, they create molesters, they rape you the church.  Men create gods and goddesses out of rock and tell you they have power.

America is like the Kingdom of Israel they love money including the churches,  So for someone to tell me that whores in the physical realm are trying to regain their self-respect. Man did it to them no one else.  Joshua did not create them.  Joshua did not create the darkness man did it to himself.  Man creates whores in the natural realm and whores in the spirit realm.

The snake in the garden represents the dark side of mens soul.  From day one men have ignored the commands of the Lord.  Man created death like the 58 million abortions, 1 baby every 30 minutes.

That is all I have to say today, I,am frustrated no one can see Christ or the Father.



 We have crossed the deserts and now we are encamped just outside Samaria. We started our fires early, got the Last Supper going and sat with the elders and listen to their knowledge and wisdom concerning the times we were in.  You could feel the excitement in the air according to the map we were only 30 miles north of Jerusalem.


The hills of Samaria reach 2,000 feet above sea level in places but were intersected with mountain passes, making a lively trade with the coast possible in ancient times. Plentiful rainfall and fertile soil helped agriculture thrive in the region. Crops included grapes, 450px-גבעות_יצהרolives, barley and wheat.  When the country split, Samaria became the capital of the northern portion, Israel, while Jerusalem became the capital of the southern part, Judah. Sandwiched between Galilee to the north and Judea to the south, the region of Samaria figured prominently in the history of Israel, but over the centuries it fell prey to foreign influences, a factor which drew scorn from neighboring Jews.

Gods in Samaria:

Samaria before our exile had a large concentration of Jewish people.  However when we returned in 538 BC. they had hundreds of gods and sub-gods brought in from all over the known world. We are only going to reveal the prominent three.

  1. Asherah, “Queen of Heaven” the mother of all gods, the goddess of fertility, the queen consort of the Sumerian god Anu. Centuries later the name would changed to the Virgin Mary.
  2. ANU, sky father, king of the gods and the constellations.
  3. Yahweh, the God of Israel and Judah. 

It should be noted that,  Yahweh in the Bible commands the destruction of her shrines so as to maintain purity of worship to Yahweh Himself

We left the city of Samaria in the morning and made our way to Jerusalem.  


When we got to Jerusalem the city was in ruins and the Temple was destroyed.  King Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the city and took us into captivity around 680 BC.  This starts the second building period of the Temple. The first Temple was built by King David around 1000 BC. and finished by his son King Solomon.

It should be noted that the name Joshua is only seen 3 times in the Bible, means the Lord Saves;

  1. The first time he led the Jews out of captivity from Egypt with Moses to the promised land. Remember Moses did not see the promised land.
  2. Joshua led the Jews out of Babylon to the promised land what you have been reading, The Last Supper series.
  3. Joshua shows up at the Last Supper in Jerusalem 33 AD to lead you to the promised land, paradise as he told the thief on the Cross.  You will visit Jerusalem 33 AD tomorrow.

If you notice the first century map of Jerusalem you should notice some oddities;

  1. The tomb of Christ ( Christ is the latin translation), Joshua, is to the left of city. Remember there were witness to the ascension of Joshua. The name Jesus for convenience sake came from the Greeks to describe Joshua. The same as pastor, there is no word in the Hebrew language that has the word pastor.  In Eph.4:11 it uses the word pastor but in Hebrew it is of uncertain affinity. They do not know what it means.  The Roman church put the word pastor in order to establish their infallibility.
  2. The tomb of the King of kings, like the Egyptians, actually is the tomb of Queen Helene of Adiabene in the first century AD.  She was a convert to the Nazarite Jewish religion. Joshua was a Nazarite.
  3. Tomb of the Virgin Mary, known as the mother of Joshua. If it has not caught your attention there is an intercourse between the Greek – Roman goddess as being the mother of fertility and the goddess of all gods. The Holy Roman empire concludes that when Mary died they rolled away the stone and her shroud was not even found. Sound  familiar hmmmm…… However the Holy Roman Empire states that the Mary dropped her girdle from heaven to attest to her accension.  Unfortunately there are no witness to these occurrences.

This is what John wrote in Rev. 17 the Whore of Babylon, he was telling you the intercourse of the Greek goddess into their doctrine, the Holy Roman Empire, through the dogma of Mary.  The sexual misconducts of the early papacy is well documented. Continues to this day in the sexual molestation of children around the world. In the day pope Francis sold babies to the Argentine army years ago during the civil unrests, that is well documented.

To the young ladies of the world. Man created sexual immorality , deviant practices with each other and with women, they hid this behind the goddesses they created to justify their godless practices. They gave you statues to look at to reinforce their complicity they were doing no wrong.  They justified it in your mind that this is the way it is. Put a charcoal cross on your head, put a circular bead on your forehead, to bathe in a unsanitary river to proclaim allegiance to a statue.  When the man in the Garden saw the nakedness and the beauty of the woman, it aroused his sexual interests and the flood began. You have been blinded for a lot of years. In the eyes of man you are just a toy to be played with. To be raped of your beauty.  Islam is the descendents of Ismael of the bible they control your body, no different than Buddha, Hindu and the Protestant religions. Todays name is Isis which is funny because Isis is a  name from antiquity,

Isis was a major goddess in ancient Egyptian religion whose worship spread throughout the Greco-Roman world. Isis was first mentioned in the Old Kingdom (c. 2686–2181 BCE) as one of the main characters of the Osiris myth, in which she resurrects her slain husband, the divine king Osiris, and produces and protects his heir, Horus. She was believed to help the dead enter the afterlife as she had helped Osiris, and she was considered the divine mother of the pharaoh, who was likened to Horus. Her maternal aid was invoked in healing spells to benefit ordinary people. Originally, she played a limited role in royal rituals and temple rites, although she was more prominent in funerary practices and magical texts.

The flood of the world is still here, they used your bodies to create their own lusts. Build your Ark unto Joshua and protect those you Love. When the Judean Jews carried the Ark it was always covered in skins and other clothes. Like Jer. spoke there will come a time when no one can see the Ark because it resides in your heart. Everyday you carry the Ark in your heart and if you search you will land on the shores of Zion. You are in a sea of sexual immorality, oral sex and the list goes on. President Bush allowed the Koran the Whitehouse, Bill Clinton had oral sex in the Whitehouse.  Homosexuality, women laying with women and the men watch. Transgender,s allowed to join the Army in America, a reality star that is going to eat the placenta of her baby.  Animals do that to clean their young, you do not let unclean animals into your Ark, women. You are the Church the rock, you teach the children how to be warriors. Your role has been diminished since the Garden.

I do not court the religions of America because they lie to you no different then the papacy who claims infallibility and the same with her dominions, Protestants, Baptist, non-denomination, Lutheran, Episcopalians and the list goes on forever. 

I follow Joshua the true god from the beginning of time, there are no statutes created by man.  It is faith in an unseen God, the creator that has been around for 5000 thousand years. There is no goddess, sex includes fornication with the goddesses of Ishtar, and Venus , Mary gave birth to the gods .  Who impregnated them?  Man’s depravity impregnated you. The lies of the devil is like a light taste its fruit. 

Far to long I have been blinded by man, I ask forgiveness of that from Joshua. I am a born again Gentile that belongs to the tree of Judea. The words, Christ, Jesus are words made up from the Holy Roman Empire, Eastern Orthodox and the Protestant Churches of the times of the ancients.

I am just a Sheppard that is trying to tell the church to get on the path to Zion and graft your congregation into the true King. 

To the woman  Pena, whose husband beats her ,in Corpus , her children that can,t figure out why the church failed them, to the children in Africa that call their pastors daddy, to the lady that has been enamoured by Jehovah’s Witness , to the young ladies in India trying to find their way, To the young man in New Delhi that is in a wheel chair, Joshua is listening. To my sons, and their children, keep on the path of Zion the only King that does not need a statue 5000 thousands of years later.


Well it is time for me to go. The Spirit of the Joshua left me. The Lord comes in my visions and tells me what He wants me to write, the handwriting on the  wall, I am just a messenger.  To the young pastor that started all this a couple of weeks ago, you were complaining of not having enough clothes for your wife. Suggest you go down across the border into Mexico and tell me how tough it has been for you.  All you did was regurgitate the same old mantra , tithing, which is not in the New Testament.  Come out here with the meek and smell the stench of death, you are nothing more than a punk of Satan. 

Joshua loves you and wants you to come home. Maybe it is time for you to build your Ark. To escape the flood that man has created across your body.

Little long-winded today but Joshua weighed on my heart. Special prayer to Michelle, Mary Pena and her daughters that have lost their way and to the young ladies in India that are searching for Joshua. May the Father, the King of Kings, visit your doorstep and grant you Salvation in Truth.

See you tomorow in Jerusalem 33AD. 






The Lord’s Supper V addendum I

To the watchmen, the women, children that travel back to Jerusalem with the Ark of the covenant.  We have been traveling from Babylon for a couple of months now and a couple of days ago we left the city of Mari. As usual we set up camp for the night and the elders told us , What was, what is, what will be.  After the fires died down everyone returned to their tents, tomorrow would be another exciting journey, carrying the covenant of the Ark.

I fell asleep in my tent and the spirit of the Lord came upon me in a vision.  He spoke, “Arise my Son and speak to the bones of the gentiles and they will arise; those that can hear and those that can see“, a parchment flared out before my eyes ; the Lord told me to read the Words therein.  I have seen the parchment many times before but did not understand the words it contained. Speak these Words.

Lies always hides behind a veil and lurks in the darkness like a slithering snake, coiled, ready to strike the weak. Lions tracking their prey will always attack the weakest of the images (3)flock, separate them from the watchmen, and kill them.  Satan comes to you as vision of imagesbeauty to draw you into his claws.  Like the Roman centurion that thrust the spear into Christ heart.  Your spirit will drain from your flesh and the lion will devour you with all her cubs.  Far to long the priests of the heathens have led the children of the gentiles astray and fed them to the Lions and her cubs.

When we were led in exile to Babylon, after the fall of the first temple, in 605 BC.  The first thing we noticed in the city was a temple called, the Temple of Belus, we knew it as the


Tower of Babel. This was the Babylonians high goddess, the queen of heaven.  Inanna the goddess of love, beauty, sex, desire, fertility, war, combat, justice, and political power.  She was a Sumerian goddess brought to Babylon where she became known as Ishtar. She produced every deviant sexual ritual that man could come up with.  Homosexuality, transvestite, homosexual transvestite priests, masturbation, oral sex and sacred prostitutes that would at times walk around the city naked.  They venerated her in rock, the queen of the heavens, her name changed years later to Mary.  Rome also knew her as Venus. This is what John’s vision in REV. 17 & 18 concerns.  

The Samaritans had their own Gods, hundreds of them and hundreds of sub-gods that they venerated.  Their fertility god was also Inanna. That is another story tomorrow on the continuing series of the Last Supper VI.

You remember hearing stories of Noah and the Great Flood that swept across the known world. The Lord told him to build an Ark, protect his family and all clean animals ect. Remember the story being told when you were younger?

You are like the Ark, just look at your stature, we are all shaped like a rectangle, you have a front, a back, and walls, at the center of our bosom lies the living quarters, where the spirit of the Lord resides. The tablets inside the Ark are the Ten Commandments.  The Lord put the  Ark of the Covenant on the walls of your heart.  imagesOnly those that are righteous can enter your living quarters.  As Jeremiah spoke, Jer. 3, There will come a time when you will not see the Ark no more. When Christ spoke to Peter, On this rock I will build my church, that is your heart, Christ lives in your heart where no one can see.

For the Holy Roman Empire to claim they are the only church is bogus and a lie. My church lies in my heart, Christ is my rock of salvation.  The Jews never built a statue to venerate their God. We worship in faith.  They built symbols ie, The covenant of the Ark, a faceless object to signify the greatness of an unseen King of KIngs.

Ishtar (Inanna) is still alive with her dominions. The culture of deviant sex has been around for thousands of years starting with the Greeks.  That belief continued well into 2db34b6a2008620a0fb91dfc236bb60athe 18th century. If you look across the land she is still alive in the hearts of men. I hear all the time that god created homosexuals, transvestite’s, cross dressers, transgender, lesbians ect. That is true, the goddess of Ishtar created these unclean animals thousands of year ago. She loves them so does Satan. Unclean animals are not to be allowed in your Ark. You will fall into the downloadabyss of desolation and darkness the bosom of Ishtar into the heart of Satan. Ishtar ,the Queen of the Heavens, changed her looks and got a facelift.  The shepherds of the flock allowed this in order to lead the flock astray from truth of Christ.  Christ overturned the merchants in the temple because the shepherds of Israel allowed the gods and goddesses to reveal themselves to the flock to devour them.

So if you feel the need to worship a statue anywhere in the world, remember they were created in the minds of men to justify their power. Reminds me of the mantra’s of the 60’s, Sex, drugs and rock n roll and the party goes on forever.  Like the song say’s, ” Ride captain ride to the land of El Dorado”.

Me I hear the voice of an unseen Creator, “on this rock I will build my church”. Be still and you will hear the voice of our Creator through the His Son, Christ. God love’s you and wants you to come home out of the wilderness where you have been lost.  He hears your cries and see’s your wounds buried in your heart.

Tomorrow we make our way to Samaria located in the kingdom of Israel. So pack up and let us journey back to Zion back to Jerusalem the Last Supper with Christ.





The Last Supper V


To the watchmen of the Word that guard the body an essence of Christ. We have been traveling with the Jewish people since their exile in Babylon. We made the ancient city of Mari and marveled at the ruins. Everytime you leave the Lord judgement will follow.  This is true about the city of Mari. Over the course of time the city had been destroyed three times, never to be rebuilt.  However with the mercy of our Lord the Temple will be destroyed twice and then rebuilt in your heart.  Do you build or do you go to the fields of half-truths?  I suspect the latter is true.  Only a remnant are grafted into the branch of Judea.

We packed up and started our journey to Canaan to drop off the shepherds and tillers of the field. This part of the journey will take about a month to get to the upper parts of the Jordan river.  Just like ever morning after the elders conferred with the priest and discussions took place with the Lord, we were ready to leave.  The priest carrying the Ark, then the elders and the rest of us.

The lands of Israel and Judea have always been considered holy since before the time of King David, 1000 BC.  However the land has always been called Palestine. No one knows who gave the land this name.  If you look at the map, that small slice of land is known as Philistine. They think the people who came and settled in Philistine named the land. If you remember King David waged a war against them and they were vanquished from the history books.

We proceeded on our trek that day knowing full well what lay ahead of us.  The upper end of the Jordan river region was a mountainous area. That ran rampant with thieves, robbers and tribal chiefs. Once we got out of the mountains, the lands flowed into lush valley’s and plains.  The sloping hills were great for grazing sheep, planting vineyards, fig tree’s and the golden oil, olive oil. This was Canaan, “the land of milk and honey”, as noted in our teachings.  This is where part of our caravan would stay and till the land, so as to fill the warehouses to support the building ,of the temple, the poor, the widow and the orphan. The four precepts of the Lord for all eternity.

We finished our march that day with no major problems.  We had to stop once because one of the ladies born a son unto our Lord. This was a glorious event because we had heard of a certain woman who was going to bear a Son called Jesus, that would rebuild the third Temple in three days in the spirit, in our heart  and mind.

That night when we were sitting around the table, at the Last Supper, the talk centered around the mercy and grace of our Lord for providing us a safe trip. One of the elders told us about a saying, “If anyone that wishes to be rich, let him go north; if he wants to be wise let him go south”.  The material wealth of Galilee was well-known in lore and the supremacy for academics that lay with Judea. Some have purpose to tend to the fields and some have a purpose to build.  I know that to be my purpose, to build a church, in the hearts of the elect. 

My son asked one of the elders why we observed the Last Supper? He knew that it was prophesied that the Messiah would be with His disciples before events began to unfold the next day.  Why do we celebrate now? An elder stood up and spoke, We observe the Last Supper to become acquainted with the Lord, to understand the trails and tribulations that may come upon us. To have His blessings and mercy to steer us to Jerusalem where the Temple will be built within us.

At the time my son did not understand what the elder had said but I knew what it meant.  The fires died down and everyone went to rest with the Lord in the tents and the watchmen protected us. Could hardly sleep the excitement was building.  The Lord was going to send His only Son to save me and love me.

Tomorrow we reach the city of Shiloh and the tillers of the flock will depart for the fields an plains “in the land of milk and honey”.  From there it is only a short  journey to Jerusalem.

We went to sleep with this prayer;   Esther4:14  “For if thou altogether holdest thy peace at this time, [then] shall their enlargement and deliverance arise to the Jews from another place; but thou and thy father’s house shall be destroyed: and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for  [such] a time as this”?

Ask Christ into your heart and rebuild your Temple as a dwelling for the Lord.

Pray; Lord I am a sinner, I’ve done things in my life that I am not proud of forgive. Help me rebuild my house to honour your Love. Forgive those who have brought harm against me in the past and guided me down the thorny path of desolation and despair. Heal my heart, and mind, and body. 

I believe at this juncture in your life your Temple will be reborn in your heart.

Well this is the weekend so I will see everyone Monday as we get the first look of Jerusalem. Celebrate the Lords Supper before you go to sleep at night.

The Little Girls

images (3)

To the watchmen of America the carpenters the engineers the people who build cities.  For too long there has been an absence of builders in America.  If you have been following my series on the Last Supper IV, there is a difference between those that plant seeds and those that build the Temple. I am in the later, I like to create and build. This is dedicated to the young ladies in Florida that think they know how to be a mother.

So this is directed against Emma Gonzalez and Cameron Kasky of the Stone Mason High School.  This is the shooting that left 17 children dead.  You rail against DANA LOESCH,a conservative Bible believing woman.  Questioning her ability as a mom and a parent?

She will be a better mother then you will every be. She was raised on the milk of Christ where as you have been raised on the breast of Saul Alinsky , diversity, multiculturalism and other assorted B. S.  You obviously like the taste of that milk. 

The murder rates in Florida are outstanding. According to a study done. The three most sinful states in the union are Florida, California and Nevada. So for these children to tell me how to parent is baloney.  Or for that fact to tell Dana Loesch they can parent better is B.S. Depending on who you talk to , I was a bad parent but my sons and grand sons and great grand sons are going to better than I every could attain. Me and my wife broke the generational sin so our children could excel. That is our greatest accomplishment for the Lord. I have taken my stripes and the wounds and the bloodletting so my family could live.

These young ladies do not have a clue of the bloodletting, the wounds our the loss of life. They are reacting to the meals that have been served them. Which is nothing more than slop.

One young lady has her hair shaved off. What is she butch? I don’t care about that ? She want’s to fight let her go in combat and lose 900 hundred soldiers then see what she has to say.  The children will not stand up for America they do not have the wisdom or knowledge or the maturity to stand up straight.  The illegals do not have the will to defend this country. They feed off the breast of entitlement.

I was privileged a long time ago to visit Auschwitz the German concentration camp.  I saw the gas chambers, the meat hooks and the graves. It was a moving experience.  One I will never forget. I always wonder why the Jews did not fight back ? Over the years I realized that most of the folks were old and that the German Government took away the guns.  The only Jews that tried to fight the Germans occurred in Warsaw.

To long the churches in America have down played our history in Judaism, to long have they told you half-truths.  Just like Hitler they are leading you to the gas chambers. This is why I will fight the churches of America.  We have lost our culture, our values, our morality and the principles that this country was built on. To be a carpenter like Christ requires a sense of responsibility. Nobody is entitled to anything. Christ gave us the rules and the churches have pushed them aside. They do not believe in Christ bottom line. From the Catholic church to mainline Christianity.

If you want to be led to the gas chambers so be it.  To those young ladies, meet me at the wall and see if you can figure out how much blood was let for your insolence mouth. To your parents I would put you across my knee. Your fools raising fools. To the church you are leading everyone to the gas chambers that is the bottom line. It is one thing see Christ but another  thing  to live it. Responsibility overrides socialism.

You want to die then listen to your learned folks and take a number to the gas chambers.

To the young girls in Florida may our Lord spare your soul.

Last Supper IV

Morning to the goodmen and goodwomen that guard the Temple of Christ.  We are on a journey to rebuild the second Temple of Christ. A journey through the land of Canaan,” the land of milk and honey”. This is the upper parts of the river Jordan noted for its lush valleys and slopes and agriculture paradise.  

Historical note:

A hundred and fifty years before King Cyrus birth, the prophet Isaiah foretold of the birth and the task that the Lord had predetermined for him to accomplish.  King Cyrus  was an extremely important person, because God destroyed the Babylon empire and brought to close a 70 year punishment of the Jews for rebellion against the Lord. This started the 70 week prophecy about the Messiah’s death and resurrection and the end of human rule.  King Cyrus tomb can be visited in Iran to this day. (Ish.45:1)

King Cyrus made the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem in 538 BC possible–he replaced the old Assyro-Babylonian policy of transportation( the intercourse of deities across the empire) by a policy of toleration. To allow the Jews to resuscitate their …religious institutions.  Inspired by Jehovah, he returns to the Jewish people their golden vessels which had been carried off by king Nebuchadnezzar.  This happened when Nebuchadnezzar laid waste to Jerusalem and destroyed the first Temple.

Last note the Babylon’s in addition to the tower of Babel they also had a temple called the Temple of Sin. They worshiped a moon-god that was tied to the months concerning a womans fertility.  The Babylonian women created medicines that prevented conception. Interesting fact hmmmm…..

We finally made our way to the ruins of the city of Mari,


Between 3000 BCE and 2900 BCE, an unidentified, but well-organised, complex society selected an inhospitable area near a bend in the Euphrates River to build their new capital. They likely wished to corner the market in trade and metal goods production in Northern Mesopotamia. After digging a canal to connect two bends of the river, they used the earth from this to raise a perfectly circular area that would form the heart of their new city and through which this canal passed, making the uninhabitable location habitable. Fortifications were constructed, and a grand capital enclosed within two concentric circles took shape, a design it would retain for its entire 1,200-year history.

We made camp around the ruins of the city.  Throughout the thousands of years this city has been rebuilt and destroyed three times. Reminds me of our Temple been destroyed once now and we are going to rebuild it, the second time.  The third time the Messiah is going to rebuild the Temple in our hearts in three days. No one could see that.

Anyway we set up camp, the watchmen were posted, the fires were lit, supper was made and as always we sat around with the elders and listened to the stories of long ago, now  and into the future.  What fascinated me was that a certain someone was traveling with us to Jerusalem. The elders told us that the prophet Daniel was going with us to Jerusalem. How awesome is that. I have read his prophecies and it just blows my mind.  The elders also told us that parts of the caravan , the shepherds and the farmers would stay in the land of Canaan and the carpenters would go on to Jerusalem.  Reminded me of Christ , he was a carpenter Hmmmmmm……….

 Anyway according to the map we should make Canaan in about a month drop off some of the folks and then on to Jerusalem.  The beauty of all this we were the vanguard of the seventy weeks that Daniel spoke about .  We would become part of history.  
Seventy years , seventy weeks no one knew exactly when the Messiah was coming back.  We all hope it would be in our lifetime.  The fires drifted up to the Lord as a sweet smell in His nostrils. The watchmen were set, tomorrow we head south to Canaan. We all broke bread had wine said our prayers and drifted back to our sleeping quarters, tomorrow was a big day . The Last Supper of the night with the Lord.
When you sit, as a Christian with the Lord  at His supper this is an awesome event.  You have chosen to follow Him and break bread with Him.  Instead of following the ways of the world and servitude to the many deities that float around your mind.  You’ve turned your life over to Christ an not some ordained religion. This is a personal decision for only you to make. Drown out the voices in your ears and listen to the sweet voice of the Lord. Only Christ can save you from the trails and tribulations of your corner of the foreign land you live in.  We are all strangers in this world.
 To the women that are abused by a drunk husband, to the abusive relationship perpetuated by a so-called Doctor. To the affairs because you are looking for attention. To the women that have carried the stench of death all their lives inside their hearts.  If I can see it how much more can the Father see ?
Come into the bosom of Christ and your life will change perhaps not overnight but become the Daughter, the Church your Father wants for you.  Take your place at the table in the throne room and dine with Christ and the council of elders.  You will dine with the Lamb clothed in the righteousness of the saints. Your choices live or die.
 Ask the Christ into your heart, Just say, I’m a sinner forgive me and forgive those who have sinned against me. Help me lift the burdens from my shoulders and straighten up my walk. I ask Father you cast out the demons that surround me in my house and make me a vassal of your delight. Amen
I believe at this point you are born again but like a baby you have to relearn how to walk. That is being reborn from the womb in the spirit a second time.Tomorrow we pack up and travel “to the land of milk and honey, Canaan”, then the carpenters go on to Jerusalem for the Last Supper to be with Christ.
Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Christ a carpenter? ………Hmmmmmmm

Follow along