archangel-michael-swordTo the elect saints and ladies that live across this land.  Hope everyone had a blessed weekend and prospered in the knowledge of the Lord.  We left off in the book of Jude, verse 9.  Where we see that as Christians we cannot judge a person but we can judge the institutions that created the person.  Our Lord in all his majesty is the only one who can judge a person’s heart as we see in Jude 9.

woman-touches-clothes-of-jesusTo the elect saints and ladies, the first coming of Christ is when you truly accept Christ into your heart.  There will come a time when the angel of the Lord will come down and call out the bones of the saints that have been scattered across the land.  Those that have followed Christ as best they could and the preserved.  You will rise up out of your graves and meet the Lord in the Throne room and Christ will Advocate your cause before your Father.  That is the second coming of Christ.cropped-79caaf092e05bbf816e71b54b194a399.jpg

The second Judgement is for those that have blasphemed against the Holy Spirit.  Those that continued their fornication [worship idols] and sexual immorality against the Word.  They will have no Advocate and they will be thrown into the burning lake to vanish for eternity.


We start another week with the second posting of the series Michael the Archangel.  He shows up in today’s post, Daniel 10: 5- 21.

Michael the archangel came down from the heavens in the image of a man.  He was dressed in fine linen and spoke to Daniel.  When he touched Daniel, it brought him to his palms and knees.  This is the second time that the angel had spoken to Daniel.  When the angel of the Lord comes upon you, it will cause you to bow, because of the power, and the glory of the Lord will be upon you.

Daniel 10:13 “But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me one and twenty days: but, lo,  Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me; and I remained there with the kings of Persia.”

The prince of Persia was hindering the building of a temple in the land.  So the Lord sent  Daniel a vision to show him what would befall the people, For the vision [is] for [many] days to come. Till Christ returns for the Church”.  The saints would be protected till the second coming of Christ and the Lord will protect the saints until times, times and a half.  We will suffer many persecutions, trials, and tribulations in the end times.  The Lords love for you will protect you.

Cesari, Giuseppe, 1568-1640; The Archangel Michael and the Rebel Angels

Michael left Daniel and went to mete out judgment against the king of Persia, the king of Alexander and the other kings of Persia for their fornications and blasphemies against the Lord.  Make a note, if the Lord wanted to destroy a kingdom, Michael could do it.  They all fell to their knees and their kingdoms vanished from history at the will of our Lord.

In Daniel 5: 25, this is the writing on the wall;


This means weight, weight,  measure to divide in half.  The Lord has appointed a term for all kingdoms and they will have a miserable end.

The analogy of this; [Mark 3:25]

  • The Roman Ceasers are gone and the Catholic church is in power for a time.
  • The Reformation came about in the 1600s or so, a breakaway from the Vatican.
  • The Reformation has faded away and replaced with fornications against the saints.
  • Old Testament Law is being mixed with New Testament Grace for a time.
  • America is divided, America will fall in time.
  • Life and death

Israel disappeared in 70AD and was reborn in 1948.  The appointed time of the Lord is near and judgment is coming.  Take the time to ask Christ Jesus in your heart before the Angels come with judgment across the land.

Look at Christ and tell him, I am a sinner, I want to follow you, forgive me for my sins and the sins of those committed against me.  I believe at that point you are reborn and Christ will advocate for you in the Throne room.

Tomorrow we continue with Michael the archangel in Daniel 12.  Remember to dine in the Throne room with your Father, ask questions and say your prayers.  If you do not know Christ, ask Him into your life.