To the elect saints and ladies across the land, may the angels of the Lord guide you in all things and prick your spirit to clothe you in righteousness.  May they also prosper you in knowledge and wisdom for the rest of your days.
I have spent the last couple of days pondering what Jude verse 9 means. What does it point to?  “Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee”. [ durst means dare]
Points to remember:  Angels are lower than men and Angels bring messages of Truth to the elect from the Lord our God.  Truth is always wrapped in the judgment of the Father for you to listen to and pay attention to.
The Lord called Moses and Aaron before Him and to bring their staff with them.  God told them to gather the congregation.  He told them to speak to the rock and water would gush forth so the people and livestock would have water to drink.  In turn, Moses struck the rock twice, [rock refers to the elect that hear the word of the Lord] and water [Truth] poured out.  [Num.20:6-12]
Because Moses did not believe the Lords word, the congregation was not sanctified and they did not enter the promised land.  The same will happen across this land and the bones will be scattered around the altars of Babylon.  Like rocks parched and scattered in the sunbleached deserts.  The institutions of the elect children are leading them astray and their journey will take them through the deserts.
In Jude 9, Satan wanted Moses’ body, soul, and spirit, however, Michael the archangel told Satan, ” The Lord rebuke thee! “.  The Lord created all of us including Satan who is now a fallen angel; only the Lord knows what it is in our hearts.  It must be noted that Moses did great things for the Lord and went on to be with Him.
If you ever read the book of Job you will notice that Satan wanted Job’s spiritual life and the Lord told Satan that he (Satan) could do whatever he wanted to Job, but he couldn’t take Job’s spiritual life; obedience to the Lord.  The Lord knew ahead of time what was in Job’s heart as He knows what is in the hearts of the elect saints and ladies.
In the book of Jude, you will read words to the servants of Christ.  We cannot judge the heart of the elect but we can pray against men and the institutions that have led the elect astray.  We will see what happens when the rock (people or institutions) leads people astray in Rev. 18 and 19 next week.
Michael the Arch Angel simply stated a simple Truth, that the measure of one’s heart is in the hands of the Lord.  It is not for us to measure but we do measure the Truth spoken by what is written in the Word.
To the angels over the elect saints and ladies guide their thoughts to the Lord; lead them to the promise land. Walk into the throne room and dine with your Father and ask questions, ponder about your spiritual life and always say prayers after you leave the throne room.
See you Monday have a great weekend where ever you are.