Progressive White Pastors

Again the church never fails to amaze me. I have been reading over the last couple of days blogs from various children from around America. These so-called clergies have found a new way to market their Church.

All of a sudden they had a revelation from the Lord they are to include minorities into their church. Really!!!!! When Christ was resurrected, I do not recall a color, black, brown, yellow or whatever.  He was a spirit there is no color. Christ is a composite image of all men.  Eve is a composite image of all women. Christ is a composite image of all mankind.

Father created us in whatever color across the world and after he was crucified the Holy Spirit came across the true believers of Christ to be able to speak in other tongues. So that the message of Redemption and Salvation was preached across the known world.

These children of the Gentiles have figured out a new way to market the Word of Christ.  Like the merchants in the Temple 2000 yrs ago.  The children of Noah’s descendants are building a tower to the heavens. The tower of Babel, a new mousetrap has been created.


Eziekel spoke to the children of Israel, the bones of your children will be spread around the altars you have created.  Only the remnant of the elect will rise out of the grave when Christ comes back to the first judgment.  It is you men of the Gentiles that will bear the burden of your children’s arrogance.  Their blood will be on your shoulders. Their bones will litter the altar of pagan idols that you have created.

I am reminded of a church up north that spent a 100 thousand dollars of your tithes to build a fish aquarium that you walk under to get to the sanctuary.  They put a cross in it and somehow that glorifies Christ.  It cost 6000 dollars a month to staff that fish bowel. Somehow that goes against the precept of Christ and the Mosiac Law.  At least you know that your money is taken away from the poor, widowed and orphan.  Reconcile that with your Creator.

It does not matter to me what color I am.  Father created me in his image that is all I need to know.  That is all you need to know.  I do not apologize for how my Creator breathed life into me, he did not breathe color.

Next time you children go to the Crucifixion look at Christ blood dripping on the ground. If I am not mistaken it is red. It tells me we all bleed red.  You will be like the thief on the left you serve Mammon and not Christ. The same message that Paul wrote to the church of Corinthians.

When you stand before Christ; He is going to ask you if you knew Him. You’re going to tell Christ that  Father spoke to you in a vision to make a fishbowl,  include minorities, or command the angels to increase your wealth.  In reality, Satan told you to increase your frivolous pursuits instead of using your increase to help the widow, poor and the orphan.  Christ is not going to defend you on that.  People can easily die of physical famine as well as spiritual famine.

So enjoy your feel-good theology with all its vile.  Christ is going to overturn your life and judgment will come upon you. Belief in Christ is a social responsibility on the believer not some progressive feel good deception. Judgement will come upon you.the-horsemen-of-revelation-the-black-horse-of-famine_0

Food for thought; Gentiles in the Hebrew means heathen.

So clothe yourself in righteousness and not some feel-good theology, that will return you back to the grave where you never rose from.

Like the tower of Babel, you keep circling the Truth, you keep upping the ante of lies until you run out of ideas. Marketing Christ always has a judgment. The truth will tear your tower down into dust and your bones will litter the altars.  Only a remnant will rise from their graves to meet the Lord in heaven. [Ezek:37]


Ask Christ into your temple and wash the sins of man that have stained you and the sins that you have committed. Rebirth yourself in Christ’s blood and He will look down at you and tell you; ” This day you will be in paradise”.  Or you can build a better mousetrap to catch the flock.  Maybe you need a new fishbowl.  The choice is yours.



Talk to your Father, always ask questions, and read your Bible.