A disciple of Christ to the elect across the country. We are going to take a look at the fall of a nation. We go back to the visions of Daniel second chapter.  Instead of King Nebuchadnezzar put the image of America there.
America grew up on the ideals of a belief in Christ that was being suppressed by the feudal Kings of Europe and the Catholic Church.  Like Daniels vision, a great tree of Life grew in the heart of America and reached unto the heavens. It’s covering provided shade, shelter, and food for all the birds of the air and for man , it provided manna. The children had plenty to eat amid the hardships of life in the late 1700’s.
Sidebar; for those that hate the color white, it was the white Protestant Christians that ended slavery in the South. Only 2% of slave owners were white.
Fast forward to the 60’s a time that the Churches started twisting the word they all wanted a great revival in America.
In 1962-63 they took prayer out of the schools. This caused 5 major developments;
  1.  Academic achievement has plummeted, including SAT scores.
  2. Increased rate of out of wedlock births.
  3. Increase in juvenile crime.
  4. Deterioration of school behavior
John F Kennedy was assassinated in late 1963 and before his body was back in Washington. Acting President Johnson signed a directive increasing troop involvement in Vietnam.
Woman were shamed into going to work neglecting their duties to their children.  The church neglected the family allowing morality to falter and began to serve mammon from the alters.
The late 60’s saw the great sexual revolution its motto was ” sex, drugs and rock n roll”. Women were encouraged to take up the cross and burn their bras to display their sexual independence. Christ was replaced with secularism.
The colleges taught on Saul Alinsky who wrote a book in 1971 ” Rules for Radicals”, he was a communist.
In 1973 abortion was made legal in America since then about 53 million babies have been murdered.
Nations fall for three reasons;
  1. Rule of Law is distorted
  2. Belief systems are distorted.
  3. Economic systems are distorted.
Although there were a lot of cross currents affecting the family in the 60’s. When the church allowed secularism to creep into the altars of America.  The children became unruly and they blasphemed the Holy Spirit closing the pages of morality.  King Nebuchadnezzar found out the hard way you blaspheme the Holy Spirit and there is a retribution to be paid.  As it is written;“Let his heart be changed from man’s, and let a beast’s heart be given unto him; let seven times pass over”. He became an animal.


Sex within the context of the Word is a covenant between man and women under the covering of  Christ. To go outside that responsibility then there is a judgment to be paid. If you look at the story of Sodom(y) and Gomorrah the men wanted to rape the messenger’s in Lot’s house.  Men have been raping (male or female) since the dawn of the ancients. From this Animalistic sex was birthed a long time ago and has caused human carnage across the centuries.  There is no turning back now, sin has to play out its hand.  America, I believe, will fall in the next 60 years and only the elect will be around to hold on to the hem of Christ.
From an elder to the elect ladies and children of the land. Cover your door with the blood of the lamb and the Angel of Death will pass you by in the night.  The church has failed you like the Levitical priesthood failed the Jewish people and their children.
We made it to Friday, and to the elect ladies cover yourself with the blood of the Lamb, come back to the Garden, Paradise, where you came from. Talk with your Father, children ask questions and let Christ into your house, say your prayers.cf2ab7567649752e149653c18be50f11


See ya Monday have a great weekend.  A disciple of Christ.