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Memphis pastor gets standing ovation after acknowledging ‘sexual incident’ with teen

This pastor is 42 years old and he sexually assaulted a young lady 22 years ago. The young lady sent an email recently to this pastor and asked him if he remembered the incident. On Sunday, Savage said he took responsibility but believed it was “dealt with in Texas.”“Until now, I did not know there was unfinished business with Jules,” Savage said. “Jules, I am deeply sorry for my actions 20 years ago. I remain committed to cooperate with you toward forgiveness and healing.”Following his speech, the churchgoers gave Savage a standing ovation, which lasted about 20 seconds. Chris Conlee, the megachurch’s lead pastor, told the crowd Savage was “hurt by the ripple effect of the consequences of that sin.”
Like in the Garden man uncovered women’s nakedness and let her remain naked for 22yrs. Nowhere in this article does it state that the associate pastor went to the young lady and asked for forgiveness instead he asked the congregation. This young lady’s sexual identity was stolen, she went through depression, suicidal thoughts and her ability to love others was stolen.  The dirt and shame she has been living with all these years, crying alone in the wilderness and no-one heard her cries.
A couple of things wrong with this picture:
  1. Nothing was said about the ripple effect of sin in this young lady’s spirit, the dirt and shame all these years embedded in her soul (mind).
  2. This lead pastor does not know Christ and he is teaching his congregation the same thing.  Like my blog on salvation, a lot of people are going to stand before the Father and He is going to tell them to depart.  The lead pastor is more concerned about his assc. pastor then the young Lady.  They will burn in the fires of hell together.  It is the Associate pastors responsibility to go to this young Lady directly and ask for forgiveness.  If he does not Father will not hear his prayers or those of the mega-church.
  3. This Church worships mammon and not Christ, that is a given.
  4. Rest assured the assc. pastor has sexually assaulted more than one young lady.
So if you think Father is not hearing your prayers it is because you do not know who Christ is and who you are in Christ.  This church gets a thumb’s down.


The women out there when you are looking at the Cruxification take another look at it.  The Cross in the Heb. lang. is female gender.  The thorns that pricked Christ’s head are the unseen wounds in your mind, the shame, the dirt, the guilt, and the desire just to be loved.  The bloodletting, wounds and the stains on the Cross are the hands of men that have committed these sins against you.  That is why you see two men on either side of Christ being crucified; thieves.
Christ represents the sins of men committed against the Church, men against the women, that stole their sexuality and feminine identity.
Remember when Christ rose and the disciple put his hand through the body of Christ?  Satan is a spiritual being also, so he uses the hands of men to carry out his carnage against the women; through sexual assault, verbal abuse, and other means.
The snake in the Garden is the evil side of man the side satan resides in.  Like men everywhere, we are both good and evil and satan exploits the weak.  Like Paul said, I fight every day against sin.
cf2ab7567649752e149653c18be50f11From an elder to the elect ladies of the world. Father knows the guilt and condemnation that swirls around in the darkness of your soul. Reach out and touch the hem of Christ’s robe and let His blood wash away your guilt and shame.  Pontius Pilate (mind) at the hands of men convicted you and sent you down the Via Dolorosa (Path of Sorrow). Ask Christ into your life and let Him cover you with His blood to cover your nakedness. Like Noah when he fell down drunk his sons walked backwards and covered him with a blanket so as not to see his nakedness.  Christ does not see your nakedness but His bride the Church.  Just say Father forgive me of my sins and the sins of men committed against me and heal me of my wounds.  Teach me how to love again my womb is barren and let life spring from me again. Amen.
To the Church noted above and that the churches that teach a false doctrine, ” Wherefore I say unto to you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost will not be forgiven unto men”, Matt.12:31.
From the elder to the elect Ladies and her children, read your Bible, ask questions and meditate with your Father.
Side note: The Via Dolorosa is female gender in Latin.  This is how I know you are the cross bride and Church in the body of Christ. Your home is your sanctuary. Have a great day look forward to your comments.