Salvation and Half-Truths

Years ago I knew a man that was in the United States Army, his primary job was in Military Intelligence. He said they would listen to the enemy radio traffic, pinpointed enemy strength and whatever assets they could gather. They were given a military object and also instructed to find out everything they possibly could about the enemy otherwise soldiers would be going into battle without the information that was needed to save their lives. One particular mission that comes to mind is when they were assigned to take out the enemy’s site. They would get information, sometimes from the intelligence agencies or other assets. After information was collected, the green light would be given to go in, the first troops in would be by air assault but because of faulty intel, many soldiers were lost in battle.

Your Salvation is along the same lines. Many Christians will lose their lives along the road to Jerusalem. If you are not given the Truth about what the scripture is talking about, you stand the chance of not living with Christ for the rest of eternity. He is going to open the books and look at your record and say ( I am now paraphrasing), I never knew you, depart from me you workers of iniquity.

Precept upon precept with the Law of Moses is still in effect until this day. Read Ps. 119. The only difference is that we are under Grace the tablets are engrained in our hearts.

The pastor that started this thread on tithing, I ask him who his wife was in the Word. He gave me an answer, he did not know. That in itself is bad. That goes back to what I have I have been writing on Tithing the last couple of days. The fires are burning in Sodom and Gomorrah and the smoke reaches into the heavens. The pastors are lying to you. This is why I am careful to write words cause If I cause you to sin your blood will be on my shoulders. The blood will also be on your shoulders because you did not ask questions as simple as that. My punishment will be double yours if I lead you astray. The church from the Old Testament to the New Testament has always been corrupt.

The Catholic Church tells you that they built the cornerstone of the Church on Peter. Correct me if I am wrong but Peter denied Christ three times. The cornerstone of the Church is Christ. Our Father in Heaven overseas the family. The Pope decided in the 1500,s they were the Church. In the spirit that is false, the women in Christ is the true Church. I will prove that in the next couple of days. When Peter was crucified he asked to be hung upside down because he was not worthy. When the Father comes to take me home, which will be soon, I ‘m going to tell my Father, I am your son and Christ is my Brother simple as that.

The Reformed Christian Church falls into the same category on tithing and other issues. I heard a Pastor the other day tell you to command the angels to bring you prosperity. Really! He had a Gulf Stream jet that needed some equipment, a runway etc. He was going to command the angels to get these things for him. Really!!!!!! Father is the only one that dispatches His will by messengers man does not command them.

When you talk to the Father in the Throne room and make your petitions. He hears you in His right hand which Is Christ ( he is your attorney) and pleads your case to the Father. The Father weighs the evidence and if it is will. He will dispatch the messengers to you. His judgment is always the left hand.

Angels are lower than man. Why would I ask an angel when I should be asking the Father.

I could go on forever but the point is (male or female) live and breathe and walk in the shoes of Christ. Live it and breathe it 24/7. Apply the Word to your lives and understand the precepts and the commandments as it pertains to Christ.

To the young pastor that started this series, I pray the Father has mercy on your soul. Get away from your college books and immerse yourself in the blood of Christ or you will burn in the fires of Sodom and Gomorrah.

I had a Lt. one time tells to sit in front of his 4.2 mortar, a range of 4000 meters, live fire, about 800 meters in front of his position and correct the rounds that struct to the target. This was live fire, people could get killed, he was book learned. I refused the order whereupon he took me 20 miles back to post and stood me before my Commander and told him I refused a direct order. The Commander looked at me and asked if this was true. I answered it was true but to ask the Lt. the circumstances. He looked and ask the Lt. to explain. He explained the same circumstances to my Commander, he looked at me and told me to leave the room.

The point being, ask me questions raise your hand, ask the Pope or your priest questions or your pastor this simple question? The Father commands us under the Mosaic Law we as Saints are to care for the poor, widowed and the orphans. Why are you asking for a runway for a private jet? Or you are telling your people that money is important to the Church. The real Church is the Women and the Saint is the man who lives and breathes Christ the High Priest is Christ and the Father is your Father simple as that.

Live and breathe Christ, walk in his footsteps, walk into the Throne Room and present your petitions to the Father but not in long salutations. You have no power to command the angels only the Father does. Be still an hear his voice in your mind. Recognize that He is your true Father. If you do not know if your sins are washed away again talk to your Father.

The charlatans of the world will burn in the fires of Sodom an Gomorrah and the smoke will reach into the Heavens.