In the Hands of the Jury

cf2ab7567649752e149653c18be50f11Summation of  Facts

I commented on an article blogged in cyberspace, in which there was a statement made, “What if the Church tithed”?  The person also presented this statement, “In fact, Jesus talks about money more than any other subject.” ( Refer to Pastors Half-Truths.)


  1. Jesus was still under the Mosaic Law.
  2. Money under the Mosiac Law was used as punishment if you could not get your fruits of the land to the storehouse or if you refused to pay your portion of the fruits of your land, then you had to pay a 5% redemption tax on top of the fine that was assessed on you.
  3. The Lord assigned a priesthood under the Mosaic Law (Levities) to facilitate the distribution of food to the children of Isreal. The Levites gave all their possessions away and were given a portion of the goods in the warehouse and they still had to tithe a portion of their allotment.(Num 18:21-28)
  4. Before Christ was crucified He never appointed a priesthood ( Pope, pastors etc. Catholic, Non-denominational, Lutheran and the list goes on).  Christ is the High Priest.  Precept upon precept, from the Old Testament to the New Testament, so under Grace; Christ is your High Priest.
  5. The first High Priest (Christ) was the image of  Melchizedek, king of Salem as previously noted. King, in this case, is always lower-case foreshadowing the coming of Christ.
  6. In the 1500’s the Pope assigned a 10 percent tax on everything you produced, paid in money to the church. (refer to,“Dantes Inferno Pastors Half-Truths exhibit C.)

Prosecutor:  A learned pastor

He presented evidence in the form of scriptures, but not the facts:

  1. Witness 1:  2 Corinthians 9:7, talk’s about giving I do not have a problem with that.
  2. Witness 2:  Acts 2: 44-47, talking about equality.  refer to (The Devil is in the detail)
  3.  Witness 3:  Matt: 6: 19-24, this is the Lord talking in the last sentence vs 24, “Ye cannot serve God and mammon”.  refer to: ( Dantes Inferno Pastor’s Half-Truths)

4. Witness 4:  Mark 12: 41-44,  This concerns the widow’s mite, she had two mites and gave them to the temple.  Fact check: a mite was worth less than a penny. Christ was not pointing to the monetary value but the act of giving which was a foreshadow of Grace and not the Law. He pointed this out to the Apostles that in her faith she did not worry about food, shelter, and a bed to sleep in. We help the widows the poor. Remember they were still under the Mosiac Law.  When Christ died and was resurrected, that is when we came under Grace.  Nowhere does it say we give money 52 Sunday’s a year.

In conclusion:  I presented the facts correctly nowhere does it say we are to give money to the church.  Man created that Law disregarding the Laws of the Word spoken by God through Moses.  We lay up our treasures in our warehouse to help the poor, widow and orphans.  We under Grace are not penalized for given money to the poor, but we also supply food or whatever to meet their needs in whatever capacity we can but not to burden ourselves to help someone else.  This is you as an individual giving to another that has needs, not to organized religion that spends money on themselves.  The average median salary for a priest in the United States is 93 thousand dollars a year.  You either serve Christ or you serve money, not both.

Show me the chosen priesthood in the New Testament that Christ spoke of, he never did.  The priesthood went to the saints, to the head of household.  Christ is the High Priest of all.79caaf092e05bbf816e71b54b194a399

Remember read your Bible, ask questions and raise your hand. Tomorrow I will write a blog on Salvation before I start a series on who is the Church and who are the saints.