Daniels Vision

I was sitting outside on the patio drinking coffee and looking up at the Heavens meditating on the Lord.  Images and visions came over me and I wondered what it all meant.

In the middle of the land was an enormous tree whose height reached to the heavens. The tree was large and strong and was visible throughout the land.  It had 12 large branches that covered the land.  The leaves of the tree were golden and it’s fruit plentiful and there was enough food for everyone.  The birds of the air lived amongst its leaves.  The beast of the field found shelter and every creature was fed from it.  This reminded me of the Tree of Life in the Garden and the Cruxification of our Saviour.

Then an angel of the Highest came down from Heaven and I could hear a rush of wind swirling around me and in a loud voice, the angel told me to cut down the tree to the stump; the stump was not to be harmed. This was the verdict from the messengers so that the living may know the Most High.  The cornerstone of the church has become a den of thieves feeding on the mammon, like the blades of grass.  Neglecting the children of the land.

Men will be given dew from Heaven and will eat the plants of the earth.  His mind was to become the mind of an animal till 7 times pass….  This was to show the land the verdict was announced by the messengers from our Father.  So that the living may know that the Highest is King of all the land and gives to any man he wishes.

At the end of time, the living will be restored and the fruit of the land will be plentiful, enough to feed everyone and they will know their Savior is just.

The Lord will protect you and calm the waters before you.

Remember to read your Bible, ask questions and say your prayers.