The Devils in the Details

A History of Tithing 

When you start throwing scripture out to the audience give an explanation of what it means or it becomes blah blah blah to the ears.  We will explore the concept of tithing under the Rabbinical Law, the Levities. Then push it into the New Testament and the precepts of giving.

Tithing is a very ancient custom going back to Gen.14:20,   Abraham gave Melchizedek” tithes of all”.  Although Melchizedek king of Salem, is shrouded in mystery it is generally agreed that he was an image of Christ.  He had no father, no mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life; but made in the image of the Son of God; abideth a priest continually.

In the Hebrew language Salem = Peace, most Jewish commentators agree that it is the same as Jerusalem, king of Jerusalem.

( Melchizedek ) “he humanely and hospitably brought out bread and wine for the weary victors, and blessed Abraham, and blessed God for granting him the victory. In acknowledgment of this friendly blessing, Abraham “gave him tithes of all,” i.e. of all the spoils.” (Melchizedek7. 1). There are a lot of images in this narrative.




Therefore there is no God chosen priesthood to be supported by Tithes.  That is what you are seeing in the above narrative.  Christ lineage goes to Melchizedek. In fact, when Christ died they were still under the Law of Moses.  There was no more priesthood assigned. Keep in mind what you just read so far.

Accordingly to the Law of Moses what was produced by the land such as fruit, corn grain, wheat and the firstborn of your animals constituted the tithes.  God had one reason for the tithe one distinct purpose, to provide for Aaron and the Levite priests because they were given no inheritance from God.  There was money involved under the Law I will present that evidence tomorrow.

This is a court hearing that takes place in the Throne room of the Father. I represent the council of elders. I am an attorney for the Truth.

The prosecutor is a pastor that presented his evidence, refer to Pastor’s Satans Workers blog about 2 days ago. He presented his evidence: His opening statement: ” In fact, Jesus talks about money more than any other subject”.

You are the jury (again Christians) that were chosen by the Father and the end of my evidence you will be required to render a verdict.

Read the Bible (KJK or Geneva Bible 1599) and ask yourself questions or you can ask the Father.  See you tomorrow Court convenes until tomorrow afternoon.