My Name is of no Importance


I was born over 2,000 yrs ago near Jerusalem.  My name could have been Jennifer, Carol, Bob or Robert it really does not matter. For the sake of austerity, I will call myself Mason, (male or female).  Anyway, conditions in the first century were extremely bad. We had a house and our everyday life took place in one room and the animals had their own room adjacent to the living room.  The stench was unbareable.  The smell of death was everywhere.

Life was tough because we were under the yoke of the Roman Caesar, Augustus.  He had all these gods we were supposed to pay homage to.  Then you had the Saducees and the Pharisees that dictated your life as a Jew.  Death was a common occurence in those days, life was expendable.  Sort of like your society today with abortion.  Anyway early in my childhood satan stole my identity (male or female).  I grew up with shame and guilt in my heart and could not get rid of it.  To prove myself worthy I took up stealing just to hide my shame and guilt it, this is called false self-edification by today’s terms.

I remember one day the sun was hot, I stopped by the temple to take a rest and I heard men talking about a man who called himself Jesus; how His words were comforting to the soul.  I did not pay attention at the time.  The words of this man called Jesus went in one ear and out the other.

The next day however the authorities came for me, I was caught stealing, trying to regain my identity by whatever means I thought best.  I was sentenced to die, by cruxification, by a man called Pontius Pilate (your mind). No one could see the pain that I carried on the inside.  It must be noted that the church at the time did not care or hear my cries.  I carried my Cross (shame and dirt) down a path called the “Via Dolorosa”; which means “Path of Sorrow”, this seemed to fit me to a tee.

I remember there were three of us. I was on the right and there was someone else on the left.  I remember the nails going into my hands and feet, it hurt very much, but my guilt and my shame hurt even more.  I looked up at the man next to me, at first I thought He was crazy, He was looking up talking to someone that I could not see because when you are lost, you can not see God.  I kept listening and it seemed as if He was talking to His Father.  The man had a crown of thorns, it was  cutting into His forehead and His body was bleeding profuesly.  I relised that He was in greater pain than I had even experienced. There was a calmness about Him, so I started listening to Him.  After awhile I looked up to Him for I felt that He was a just man and He had done nothing wrong.  Then I asked Jesus, remember me when You come into your kingdom.  Jesus then anwered me, “I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in Paradise”. NIV

I remember waking up in Paradise and standing next to this man Jesus, my Lord and Savior.  I was finally at peace and would never be angry or lonely ever again.  I had been made whole.  When you give your life to The Lord (willingly), He will give you eternal peace and love; something that can never be experienced in this life without Him.

Remember to read your Bible and feel free to ask questions.  We never stop learning.