Serfdom is a person in servitude , required to render services to a Lord (Kings, Dictators,Emperors  ect.).  The synonym for serfdom is slavery.  All nations basically have three things in common a rule of law, religious structure an a economic structure. This has been the essence of a nation since the days of the ancients to the present age.  The Trinity of life for the individual mess with anyone structure you will disrupt the orderly process of life .  Good example of this is the current protest in Iran this week.  The people are struggling to survive economically while the government squanders their money.

The reason I highlighted the word Trinity is because if you start to understand the word it becomes easier to understand the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost.  We are body , soul (mind) and spirit (heart) again the Trinity.  It is the educated elites of religion that want to keep this word (Trinity) a mystery to the layperson.

This is a follow up discord to the post yesterday.  As I pointed out the Roman Emperors consolidated their power over the religious structure of society.  You wore required to pay homage to multiple gods, adhere to their brand of law and work in servitude to the emperor.  When the Roman empire fell around 471 AD .  The Roman Catholic church took over the power vacuum around 530 AD. They instituted their rule of law, religious structure and economic structure over society predominantly across Europe.  Islam is no different they came into power around 580 AD in Mecca and exert their form of the Trinity across the middle east and elsewhere into the present age.

Reformed Christianity came into being around the 1500’s AD. This was a break away from the Catholic church the Pope. They saw the Pope as a demi-god no different than the Roman Caesars of old.  They held onto the tenets of the Mosaic Law, you need a priest to absolve your sins (confessions), all your monies was given to the church (tithes). this  was your sacrifice to God to guarantee your salvation.

The Reformed movement understood that Christ Crucifixion was the sacrifice of all of our sins washed by His blood.  This is our Father sacrificing His Son for the advancement of mankind’s spirit ushering in Grace. Redemption, Salvation does not require monies or sacrifice just a freewill of Faith under the new covenant of  Grace to believe in Christ.

The present day Church still abides by the Mosaic Law of sacrifice ( a tenth of your earnings, tithe).  There is nowhere in the New Testament that tells you a tenth. However if you look at 2 Cor. 8: 12-14, paraphrasing ; You have a willing mind to help others,  you have an abundance that you can help others. Then in the 13th verse it states; “For I mean not that other men be eased, and ye be burdened”.  This pretty well self-explanatory I do not see sacrifice but a willing heart to help others.  Your abundance does not have a percentage point attached to it (10th).

Serfdom will always be around ,to the rule of Law or the economics of a country. Your spiritual beliefs, you should be a slave to Christ not some ideology (Christianity or Catholicism).  If you want to know what Church you belong to look at Rev. 2 and 3.

I do not claim to be Holier than thou , I sin every day but not the sins of my childhood. It is my Faith in Christ not my sacrifice that has become my mentor and hero.  We all like hero’s to mimic so why not mimic the Son of God. Take a spiritual communion and let the Father feed you bread (knowledge and wisdom) washed with the Blood of Christ (wine).

Wine is red and blood is red just a thought.  Ask questions, ask me questions, commune with your Father ask Him questions. The Father likes to hear from His children.

The new Emperor  (ideology) is socialism under the guise of multiculturalism.  The power of which will come from Rome fits in with Rev. 17.