I want the followers of Christ to read this paragraph from a pastor from the fruited plains of America. The title is If the Church tithed?

The Church in America is not so great at giving. What would happen if that changed? What would happen if all Christians in the US tithed?
Now, I know the tithe, a 10% offering, is not mandated in the New Testament. I have been hearing that argument for years. And it’s true it’s not mentioned. However, if you use that as your excuse as to why you don’t give you might what to go check your heart and your reason for not giving. While the 10% is not mentioned, giving is talked about over and over again in 2 Corinthians 9:7Acts 2:44-47Matthew 6:19-24, and Mark 12:41-44. In fact, Jesus talks about money more than any other subject. The tithe is no longer required, but generosity is. 

Can you see the discrepancy in this first paragraph? Between tithing and generosity. Christ talks about money Really. Then ask yourself why He overturned the merchants of the temple.  Christ talks about money this is a lie of the Devil.