New Year Walk

Well we are starting a New Year and this is the time to reflect on your walk in Christ.  I try to teach a common sense approach to the Word of Christ to make one think  about their position in Christ.  If you follow me you know that I rail against the Roman Catholic Church as well as Reformed Christianity.  Today I am going to point out some missteps, some positions that the Pope as taken against Israel.

President Trump recently declared that Jerusalem was the capital of the Jews.  This set a firestorm around the world that there would never be any peace in the middle east. The Pope went on to state that there should be a two state solution.  Really?  Does he know biblical history?  Does he not know that our Lord promised the land of Israel (to the Jewish people) thousands of years ago.

Let’s look at some facts concerning the Jews:

  1. Christ’s lineage comes from the Jews.
  2. Jews are the chosen people from the Old Testament.
  3. The land of Israel has been promised to the Jews for thousands of years.
  4. Jerusalem has always been the capital of the Jews before 1st century BC.
  5. The Crucifixion took place between AD 30 and AD 36. When Christ died the Church also died. The monotheistic belief of one God centered in Jerusalem vanished.
  6. It was 70 AD when the Roman Empire destroyed Jerusalem and instituted a polytheistic religion that was practiced during the time of the Babylonians.
  7. It has been prophesied  from the Old Testament to Revelations that Christ was coming back to Jerusalem and rebuild the Church.
  8. Constantine the Great (306-337 AD) instituted a form of Christianity where the emperor was the liaison between the Church and god.  What god was that?
  9. Around 530 AD Catholicism spread across Europe controlling every aspect of one’s life.   Catholicism became the emperor of Christianity;  the liaison between the Pope and God, another tower of Babel.
  10. Islam came into power around 580 AD.  One of the tenets of Islam is that any country conquered and/or lost still belongs to the Islam.  That is important to remember.
  11. The nation of Jerusalem was created by a UN resolution in 1948.
  12. The Arab nations; Egypt, Jordan, and Syria attacked Israel in 1967.  Israel captured the Sinai peninsula, East Jerusalem, and the Golan heights,  captured legally according to international law.  The land belongs to Israel no question about it.

After the 1967 war, the Arabs started the narrative that Israel was occupying lands that do not belong to them.   There will never be peace in the region because the Arabs will never concede to a two state solution.

Ask yourself, why would the Pope want a two state solution?  He does not recognize Israel’s right to existence.  The emperor wishes to control the major religions of the world with the seat of power in Rome.  Jerusalem’s rebirth as a capital was recognised by the United States.  The rebirth of Jerusalem has been prophesied for thousands of years in both the Old and New Testaments.  He also went as far as to tell the President of the United States that he was not a Christian.  Really!  The only person that can tell what is in a person’s heart is Christ.

The Roman Emperors created the idea that only they had the power to communicate to the gods and the common people did not.  The Pope became the christian emperor controlling the lives of the people.  This is representative of a Demigod.  If you live by man’s law then you die by man’s law.  If we are to be a slave then we should chose to be a slave for Christ by our own free will.  The Church does not have the right to browbeat, intimidate or to put you on a guilt trip concerning your salvation.  You do not absolve your sins by going through a priest.  That is Old Testament law, the Mosaic law.  Your sins are absolved by accepting Christ as your Lord and Savior, not by talking it over with a priest.

Take time this year to reflect on your walk with Christ; listen to your conscience and to your heart.  Labour with your Father and you will find the answers.  Read your bible and never be afraid to ask questions.