Tower of Babel

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There is historical evidence for the tower of Babel in ancient Babylon  that is not in dispute.   The dispute comes when scholars try to figure out the theme of the story concluding that the worlds diversity of languages comes from Babylon.

If you read Gen. 11: 1-9 it tells  of the descendants of Noah that were united by one divine  language (belief in the Lord) with a divine command to replenish the earth. So the language was an inheritance and obiedience to the will of the Lord.  So in man’s arrogance he decided to build a tower to reach the heavens to be co-equal with the Lord to preach their own version of the Lord’s will.  Quote; ” a tower whose top may reach unto heaven”, this is a common figurative expressions of great height.  This is man’s ability and proposensity to cross boundaries and of the Lord’s endeavor to halt such behavior.   God’s word has no boundaries and people searching for the truth should be allowed to cross into the Kingdom without hindrance.

The divine command to repopulate the world picks up in the New Testament. Where we as Christians are to tell the truth of the Word to others.  So to repopulate is also a figurative expression to preach the Truth of the Word  under Grace to others .  In the narrative of Babel it never states that God destroyed the tower.  What do you think this means to you ?

The tower has always existed since the time of the ancients to present day.  Man’s arrogance is still prevalent in the temples.  There are preachers that claim they  preach the Truth better than the other preachers down the road.  They keep trying to reinvent the mousetrap, to put a hook in your nose( so to speak), and lead you around.  They all have one thing in common, they all serve you milk, half truths and watered down gospels.  Learn to raise your hand and ask questions if something strikes you wrong.

I remember being in a church one year and the pastor was preaching about lust in a man’s eye.  The whole time he was preaching he was making eye contact with all the males in the pews.  However his premise was that, since he was a godly man, such things did not exist in his eyes (mind).  If that were true that would put him on the same plane as Christ.  Like Paul states that we sin everyday and that we should  to be on guard.  I ask the pastor that question concerning lust in his eyes after the service.  Needless to say, he kicked me out of the church.

So like the Jews wandering in the desert for 40 yrs.  Me and my wife have wandered in the desert (church to church, town to town) looking for the promised land, which is the truth.  The journey for us is coming to an end and we are approaching the promised land in the near future, the city of Jerusalem.

Study the Word on your own, ask questions , drown out the noise of the world and approach the Throne of your Father with boldness and confidence.  If something does not sound right be quick to raise your hand and ask questions.