Faith vs Works

Surfing the blog last night and I came across the old age question of Faith vs Works.  What I saw was a statement by a young christian that Faith is inseparable from Works. He went into a long line of scriptures to bolster his statement.   Yes we are to do good works. I have no question about that. How does that work ? Faith and Works ?

Let’s look at Faith. What is the requirement for Faith?  The person believes in the preeminence of Christ, that he rose from the dead and died for our sins . Simple enough would you not say. Our Redemption and Salvation lies in our free will to believe what is true by the Word of Christ.  Nothing there to indicate that works enhances our Faith.

So now what is Works?  Works is simple the outpouring of empathy of our love for others.  We cannot love someone else if we do not love ourselves. If you take empathy out of the equation then your works are meaningless. You are only fooling yourselves to appease the Father and the temples you go to. You can see this in the Book of Romans when Paul writes you cannot teach anyone unless you have experienced it .  I have been molested at a early age therefore I can be empathetic to your guilt and shame I can counsel you on that  because I have been there and done that.  Could I counsel a alcoholic ? No, because I have never walked those shoes.  Do I drink ? Yes very rarely, but I am not an alcoholic because it does not control me. So in retrospect my counsel would be ineffective.  Molestation however to this day floats around my mind and in the minds  of a lot off women.  That is a given.

So if you take the premise that Faith and Works are inseparable. Then you have to rewrite the Crucifixion.  I will paraphrase for the intellectuals out here.  There were two thieves on the Cross, one did not believe in Christ  and one did.  If you remember the thief that said paraphrasing; I want to be with you and Christ told him from this day forward you will be in Paradise.  The other thief died.  There was  no indication of Works. Begs the question, How are they inseparable, Faith and Works ?

Can you have Faith without Works ? Yes. Paul wrote on this to the church in Corinthians. They believed in Christ but they were not empathetic to the need of the poor around them.  The Romans enslaved the people and the church ignored there cries.

Can you have Works without Faith? Yes, even atheist do good works. So to say that Faith and Works are conjoined is a half truth.

When Christ performed his healings it was only done on the Faith of the person nothing else.   Read your scriptures carefully.

Like the term ,”Shock and Awe” do not let the clergy intimidate you with their college degrees . Raise  your hand up and ask questions about your salvation.  This is nothing more then common sense theology.  Christ and His disciples never hung out a shingle that stated their educational qualities or college degrees.  Correct me if I am wrong.

Christ was teaching the common folks, the poor with the Truth. The Truth of Christ will heal the lame, the dead, the blind, and the deaf by Truth. Your greatest treasure in Christ is your knowledge of Truth sprinkled with  a dose of common sense. With this you can also heal the blind, the lame, the dead and the deaf. Truth is your weapon. To lay hands on someone does not mean a darn thing.  That is self-edifying it means nothing.

So Monday when you look at the birth of Christ ask yourself these questions. Why did they not bring money to elevated the circumstances of Mary and Joseph? They brought  things that sustain life, the perfume of the Truth and the acknowledgement of life with the Father.  That is the beauty of Christ wrapped up in Truth.  Magi


I can quote scriptures all day long but it does nothing if you do not raise your hand and ask questions.  Do not get intimidated because someone has a college degree. It means nothing go with your instincts your conscience.  The Holy Spirit will guide you.

To the Women of the World my instinct tells me 95% of you have been molested that is a given. I do not care where you live. When you look at the birth of Christ in your dreams Monday know that your Father is aware of your plight. Just ask Christ in your heart and let the dirt rinse from your spirit and be reborn.  I know what it is to be raped and I am a man. Adam in the Garden burned us and you. Satan is only as powerful as you let him. That is a given.  Free will is your enemy satan knows this.

So to the women of the world do not cry anymore but bathe yourself in the Truth of Christ and remove the filth and dirt.

Let us all rejoice in the birth of Christ wherever you are in the world. Christs second coming is when you accept Christ in your heart. Amen.

See ya,ll Wednesday, have a Merry Christmas.

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